In The Light 1

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Sorry I had to re-publish this! Quizilla wasn't letting me edit the original for some reason, so if u favorited it, then this is the same thing but with a couple slight changes in the wording in a few places. Also, the title is Part I chapter 1 instead of just Chapter I, since I'm planning on making this longer than I had originally planned. All u really need to know about me in this intro is that I am COMPLETELY, UTTERLY, AND ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with Ghirahim!!! Or, as some of you might call him, Debbie

Chapter 1 (v.1) - In The Light 1

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In The Light 1


\"Congratulations on winning the race, Link!\" I say. After Link and Zelda got back from doing the ritual, they asked me if I wanted to go flying with them. It was obvious that it was Link's idea, but Zelda seemed okay with it. I got the feeling that she was forcing herself to look that way, though. I'm sure she wanted some alone time with Link. He looked like he would have been really upset if I said no from how jumpy he was acting though, so here I am, flying through the clouds with Link on my left and Zelda on my right.

\"Thanks!\" Link beams. \"I hope it was fun for you guys to watch.\"

\"Of course it was!\" I reply. \"But I can't believe that Groose and his flunkies were throwing eggs at you. Especially after the headmaster specifically said - twice - that interfering with the other contestants was strictly prohibited!

\"I know!\" Link replies. \"But it's so ironic that even though they cheated, I still won!\" I laugh, and glance over at Zelda, who's looking down like she's disappointed.

\"What's wrong, Zelda?\" I ask her. She looks up, and immediately changes her expression to upbeat.

\"Oh nothing,\" she says with a small smile. \"I was just spacing out.\" I nod. I've been doing the same thing lately. I keep hearing this voice call out to me, and I'm really starting to get superstitious. Zelda leans in next to me and says softly enough so that Link can't hear,

\"Hey Emily, do you think you could fly on ahead? I need a second alone with Link.\" I sigh, but not loud enough so that she can hear me. She has such a huge crush on Link, but he only likes her as a close friend, so she feels like every second of her time needs to be spent winning him over. Which means that my time with her is limited. Way too limited. And the worst part is that Link has a huge crush on me, but I don't like him like that!

The thing is, even though I do kind of envy Link for how much Zelda cares about him, I still want them to get together. I mean, maybe if Zelda wins him over finally, she won't need to devote all of her time to making him like her, and she'll start hanging out with me more. And stop resenting me because she knows Link likes me. I really wish he didn't, though. It's really impacting my friendship with Zelda. For now, the best I can do is try to act like I haven't caught on that Link likes me yet in front of him, and support Zelda's crush on him as best as I can. So I smile and say,

\"Sure. You go get him!\" She laughs and looks at me greatfully.

\"Thanks, Emily,\" she says with a smile. Then I turn back.

\"Hey Link!\" I exclaim. \"I'm going to fly on ahead, ok? My Loftwing needs more exercise!\"

\"You're the fastest flyer in Skyloft. You're Loftwing has had plenty of exercise!\"

\"Well, I haven't done the patrol today, so my bird is stiff. And he's used to flying fast, so he needs more exercise than most birds to.\"

\"You did the patrol this morni-\"

\"Great! See ya!\" I cut him off, because what he was about to say was true, and zoom away. I really hope I didn't offend him, but I'm determined to get him together with Zelda so that we might still have a friendship and hang out like we did when we were 10. I know that sounds childish, but ever since we became teenagers (before that, actually) Zelda and every other girl in Skyloft has been obsessed with boys. I've lost quite a few friends because I'm the most talented (and from what I've been told, most beautiful, but I disagree) girl on the island, which means that boys flock to me like you wouldn't believe. But I get the feeling that only three quarters of my admirers really like me, the other quarter just wants me because I'm so popular. And I don't like a single one of them. But I do wish for someone special in my life. It would be nice to have someone I care about as much as Zelda cares for Link.

Suddenly, a flash of light appears in front of me, and I turn away so as not to get blinded. When I turn back, a huge black tornado has appeared.

\"What is that?!\" I hear Zelda exclaim from behind me. I try my best to get control of my bird, but by now it's all I can do to stay on him. Finally, my hands slip, and I topple off my bird into a circular free-fall motion inside the tornado.

\"Emily! I'll save you!\" I hear Link yell. I look up to see him and Zelda flying to the rescue. I decide not to reply to that sentance, so as not to upset either of them.

\"Save yourselves!\" I yell instead. They both try to nose-dive into the tornado, but only Zelda gets swept in while Link slamms into it like it's a wall, and is knocked across the sky.


Finally, I run out of breath for screaming and decide to concentrate on not feeling nausious. I'm falling at about 90 miles per hour through the air in the tornado, which seems to be fading away, but I'm still falling just as fast. Zelda was also falling, but she had been falling a lot slower for some reason, and some sort of silvery wind had been carrying her in the opposite direction, so now she's gone. I can't see below me, because it's hard to turn over when you're falling at 90 miles per hour (Ever done that? You know what I mean) so I stare upward, even though the sky looks like a blur because of how fast I'm falling.

Suddenly, my fall stops abruptly. I haven't hit the ground, and I can see the tops of trees (they were blury since my vision was still messed up) so I can tell that I'm still in the air. As my senses adjust, I realize that someone's holding me. Did they catch me? How is that possible?! I look up, and my vision focuses extremely handsome man. He has short, sleek white hair, greyish skin, and a red cape. He smiles at me and I gasp. His smile is wonderful. Playful and mischievious, but also somewhat dark. He licks his lips, and I notice that his tounge is abnormally long. For some reason, though, I find this strongly attractive.

\"I see you're not unconsious,\" he says. \"But I would expect no less from a strong goddess like you.\"

\"What do you mean?\" I ask hesitantly. \"Who are you? What is this place? Do you know where that tornado came from?\" He floats down to the ground, still holding me. It's obvious we're in a forest, since there's so many trees and colorful mushrooms. Gee...he must be magical or something, to be able to float like this and catch me the way he did. But what did he mean by \"strong goddess?\"

\"This is Faron Woods, a region of my domain, the surface,\" he replies. \"And about the tornado...well, I sent it. I'm afraid I just had to capture you. My name is Ghirahim, although I much prefer my full title: Lord Ghirahim. With most people.\" He bends his head down and licks my neck. I catch my breath. Oh my gosh, what is this feeling? Is! I'm dreading the moment when he stops, but he doesn't.

\"My name is Emily,\" I say softly. He removes his tongue from my neck just long enough to say,

\" is a pleasure. An enormous pleasure.\" He licks me again, shorter this time, and I let out a squeak. I'm glad he's still holding me in his arms.

\"So, what do you need me so much for?\" I ask, deciding to start playing with him. He catches on and gives me another smile like the one he did earlier.

\"I need you for a ritual,\" he replies. Suddenly, his eyes widen, as if he just realized something terrible. He sets me down. Darn.

\"Um...ritual?\" I ask.

\"I...was going to...use you as a sacrifice.\" He says the words like he can't believe they're coming out of his mouth. Apparently, he forgot. I realize too late that what I do next is not what I want to or should do, but I can't believe I've been led on by him.

\"No!\" I exclaim. \"I'm sorry, Lord Ghirahim. I'm very attracted to you, but I can't let you sacrifice me!\" And with that, I run off, but I look back just in time to see the shock on Lord Ghirahim's face, and I think he hollers,



I am furious. What kind of little old lady saves you from a tornado but then just throws you some clothes to change into and practically shoves you out the door? And she was acting like Emily is the more important one, even though I'm needed as a sacrifice for some sort of ritual. It's always about Emily. It's always been about Emily since we were kids. I was just happy being friends with her until we became teenagers, and she suddenly had EVERYTHING. She had millions of friends, girls and guys. All the guys on Skyloft loved her, including Link, which makes me REALLY mad.

While I've been thinking about all of this, I realize I've wandered into the forest. I sit down under a tree and try to focus. That old lady told me to go to the Skyview Temple, but I have no idea how to get there. I remember had been jumping for joy when Grannie told me that I was a goddess. I thought maybe, when Link found out, he would finally like me! Then the old girl had ruined it by saying (casually, no less) that Emily was a goddess too. According to her, I'm the goddess of the day and Emily is the goddess of the night. Hair color-wise, that's fitting. Personality-wise...not so much. As much as I hate to say it, Emily is a really good person. I feel bad for being so jealous of her, but I can't help it. I've liked Link for around 9 years, and he's liked Emily just as long. Yet she's been my best friend even longer than that, and I think I'm starting to hurt her feelings by neglecting her for Link all the time. I start sobbing. This is all terribly wrong.

\"What's wrong, kee-koo?\" I hear a squeaky female voice say. I look up, and a strange animal is standing in front of me. That must be one of those kikwis that Grannie was talking about. I wipe my eyes and stand up. I'm not going to get anywhere feeling sorry for myself, and this creature might know where the temple is.

\"I need to find the Skyview Temple,\" I said. \"Take me there.\" the kikwi doesn't look happy.

\"That place is crawling with monsters, kwee!\" it exclaims. \"You should just drop the idea.\"

\"I can't,\" I reply. \"Just lead me there, and if we're attacked by monsters, they'll want me more, so you can flee.\"


Arg! I can't believe I said that! Why had I told her I was going to SACRIFICE her?! I don't blame her for running off. Now I'm perched on a ledge near the ceiling of the Skyview Temple, my thoughts on nothing but Emily. When she had fallen into my tornado, Link had yelled \"Emily! I'll save you!\" Ha, yeah. Great job so far, pal. She's. MINE! Why can't he just hook up with that blonde goddess, Hylia? MY goddess he can't have. Wait, why am I calling her mine? I'm the one who chased her off, for god's sake! And a demon lord like me...why would I fall in love in the first place? I'm so confused now that I lick my lips unhappily, longing for bloodshed.

Suddenly, I look down and see Emily with an h-shaped key to the door right in front of her. Oh my god! She's here! I lick my lips again. No way am I going to make the same mistake I did last time. Now's my chance! Forgetting all my mixed feelings from just a minute ago, I jump down from my perch and land silently behind her. I put my hands gently on her shoulders as she walks in the room, and she gasps in surprise.

\"I've found you,\" I say. I hear her breathing slow down as she realizes who it is.

\"I thought I'd never see you again,\" she says softly. \"Listen...Lord Ghirahim. I...shouldn't have run from you.\" I extend my tongue perilously close to her face for a minute before retracting it, and saying,

\"Don't worry. I will never sacrifice you. I've got someone else in mind.\" I decide not to mention that that someone is Hylia, her friend. I wonder if she'll ask, but she just nods silently. I bend down excitedly and lick her neck, this time realizing she tastes like a mixture of sugar and flower nectar. Mm...wonderful. I continue moving my tongue along her skin, but I don't lick her like a dog might your hand. No, I do it slowly, and without removing my tongue from her skin. Instead, I move it around her neck (which means I need to walk at the same time), then up to her cheek, her forehead, her other cheek.

Suddenly, I realize something. I've completely given way to a human emotion and fallen in love with the goddess of the stars. Does she even know who she is? Aside from how I called her a goddess when we met, I mean. Ha! If those dammed agents of the goddess haven't gotten to her yet, I don't have to save her from any manipulation she's suffered. Just from any she might suffer in the future. I'll never let the agents take her from me. And since I only need one goddess for my ritual, I'll just use Hylia, which means I'll have to continue my search for her.

Suddenly, I hear a voice from the other side of the door. I hear a muffled voice say,

\"Hey, why is the door unlocked?\" I scoop Emily up in my arms, just as Hylia walks in the room.

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