In Love With The Leader

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - chapter 2

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"The movement of air goes from high pressure to low presure..."Mrs writer spoke while she moved around the class, I chewed on my pen, not bothering to concentrate on what she was saying for some reason Geography was boring today. I'm m not one to get bored in class but here I was finishing of my pen, I decided to looked around the class maybe they all were in the same mood that I'm in. I slowy scanned them, some had their chins on their hands, others had fallen asleep drooling over the brown wooden tables. My eyes continued to wonder when they met with someones eyes, they were brown and big yet dark and cold. I stared to choke on the air I was breathing Trevor was looking at me, his face serious and scary, I quickly looked away and pretended to read my text book but I could feel his eyes still buring a hole through the back of my head. Trevor is not a normal boy, well he used to be normal until he lost his mother at age 7 and his father left him to fend for himself because he was too wasted to look after him. He joined a group of gangsters when he turned 10 by then Harry was still the leader and when he died during a gangster fight 3 years ago Trevor became the leader. They called themselvs Red Dark Blood (RDB for short), any gangster who crossed paths with him would be dead in less then a split second and anyone who hurt his crew would also get killed in less then a split second. You would also ask yourself what a gangster would be doing in school and that my dear friends came as a shock to me too, that was one of the best ideas I have ever seen in my life, the reason why they came to school was simply because the police would never find them. I mean who has ever heard of a gangster who goes to school?You might also think that his stupid and got the lowest marks in school but surprisingly he got high marks, not higher then mine but he was still smart.

"Miss Van Wyk is there a problem?"Mrs Writers asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked at her and saw that she had a worried look on her face...I wonder why?it didn't take me long to realize that I was the only child in the class, everyone was gone, vanished like thin air. I quickly looked at my watch, jumping of the chair when I realized that it was14:05"uhhh bye Mrs Writers"I said dashing out of the class not bothering to answer her.

The sun was extra hot today thanks to global warming, my long brown hair stuck to my face some of it getting blown by the wind. I was going to be late, late late late!!, I ran down the stairs normally there would still be school children around but to my surprise it was empty, not even the genitor could be seen. I continued to run the schools gate finally coming into view...I hate how huge it was, we had about 60 class rooms here in WindHigh high school, I don't even know 44 of them. As I got closer 5 boys stood by the gate, joking around and smoking weed like their lives depended on it. I slowed down when I realized that they were looking at me,cold glares that could make it snow. Trevor stood in the middle smirking at me "Well well if it isn't our schools nerd Daisy " he said coming closer to me, I would have ran if the rest of his crew didn't have guns stuck behind their pans "uhh- actually it's Ro-Rose"I said, my voice sounding like it had hiccups. "Daisy, Rose sounds the same to me" Trevor replied, I think I had the wind knocked out of me, Daisy and Rose did not sound the same,not even one bit but I just kept quiet wouldn't wanna get killed just for correcting a guy who was the leader of the towns most ruthless gangster, nope I wanted to live,to read the latest twillight book,get parker(my dog)to stop chewing my shoes,Bianca(my little sister)to stop sleeping in my room when ever Barney showed up on TV, get a job and yes get married.

"whats the matter, Daisy?did you loose your voice or something?"Trevor asked, his voice bringing me back to the world. My heart started to beat so fast that you would swear that A heart attack was coming, i hadn't realized how close he was his warm breath hitting my forehead. "uhhh nope,ju-ju-just thi-thin-thinking"I replied stepping back, he smiled as he took a step forward"ple-please don't ki-kill m-me" I said, all of the sudden the boys high laughter broke the silence not to mention my ears. "uhh you're a funny little girl aren't you?" Trevor asked, I just shrugged nervously at them, if only they knew that i was a sucker when it came to jokes,I couldn't even tell a knock knock joke. After what felt like hours of laughing the boys finally cooled down "okay Daisy let me cut to the chase"Trevor said while he quickly wiped away a tear.

oh my crap whats he going to say, maybe he wants me to hold his gun no what if I must kill someone, oh crap, oh crap what should I do. Run?cry?...crying sounds better maybe he'll show mercy. I started to make my crying face, thinking of the worst thing that had happened to me, which was Parker licking my ice cream when I wasn't paying attention. "woahhhhh Daisy whats up with your face?did you fail your maths or something?" Trevor asked, confused written all over his cute face"no I'm trying to cry!"I shot back, I never failed maths not even once. "crying??" Marcus asked, he was Trevor's best friend though he never participated in any of the gang stuff. The boys erupted into another high picthed laugh which this time I am dead sure killed my ears. What was it with them its not as if I said the world most funniest joke.

It took them another decade for them to silence down, some of the boys were trying to get up from the floor."okay, I'm gonna talk to you about funny stuff" Trevour said now turning serious, I nodded;my heart beating fast again "so you probally heard about the police asking around about us and the other gangs.." he began, I nodded slowly not sure where the conversation was leading me"so they might come to your house and ask a few questions about our where-abouts, if you know know questions like that?" I nodded again, his gaze turned darker as he took another step towards me, all of the sudden he wrapped his arms around me and he pulled me closer to him, my body getting this weird thingle"just act normal" he said whispering in my ear, I gave him a puzzled look...act normal?for what?as if someone had heard me, Principal Johnson's car passed by us he looked a bit surprised when he saw Trevor and I"ummmm goodbye kids...stay safe"he said quickly driving away...well there goes my good reputation.

I quickly pulled away after the car had left,I was dead!he was probaly going to tell my parents about it. "Anyway as I was saying.."Trevor said, his eyes getting dark again, I swear he was a werewolf. "what?did you just call me a werewolf?"Trevor asked everyone was staring at me, how did he hear that? I was just thinking"wow she's one of those people who think out loud!"one of the boys yelled I think his name was Marvin"do not"I replied while folding my arms, #ting ting ting high picthed laugh number three...stupid boys."okay please stop it with your jokes or thoughts your killing us!" Trevor said,what joke?!I never told a peaching joke! "NOW! as I was saying, I know you know where we hang out..."thats true I thougth, making sure not to say it out loud"I want you to lie to them and if you don't...I wouldn't wanna be in your shoes"he said, WHAT! he wanted me to lie? I don't lie "but I-i can't"I protested, Trevor narrowed his eyes at me"oh my better...sorry I can't chat, I have a fight to attened, but I'm free tomorrw bye Daisy!"he said while walking to his bike, I just stood there like I was frozen yogurt. He gave me one last wave before driving off. leaving me all alone at 3 o' clock...great

first chapter!!woop woop sorry for taking so long to post but the computer died(may it rest in peace)BUT we fixed it (welcome back mah man!) comment and like please,next chap is coming up...later on.

Oh and I have decided to make the chapter summary block a recap block, so yup thats all I wanted to say, I hope it wasn't too short for you guys, if so let me know and I will make it longer...longer-ish,bye LOVES

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