Jake Harvey: Mom and Dad's Rescue Mission

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter 11

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Submitted: December 14, 2011






After introducing myself, we finally ate our breakfast. Some were talking. Some were showing their stuff and some, just eating normally. I was just eating breakfast right next to Tory who was reading his book.

By the way, there was no one who served the food. We were the ones who made our food. Well, obviously, most of the kids aren’t fond of cooking, I realized that, in school, we had this some sort of ability to produce food by imagining what food we want and it just appeared in front of us, on the table.

I had hotdogs, eggs and milk. I never knew what I could get. Some had giant burritos, tortillas, potato chips, sodas and other unhealthy junks. Tory just had a plain biscuit and some coffee. The three boys had Mexican food and the girls had ice cream.

We were enjoying breakfast. Mr. Perseus was enjoying his, too. Andrea sat next to him like she was his daddy’s girl. Jenny, Andrea’s best friend, I supposed, sat next to Andrea, as best friends usually do. Jenny was admiring the boy in front of her who was Dylan. Dylan, on the other hand, was eating his burrito like he was in this big burrito challenge. James and Bill joined his party. Ms. Jane star was eating her vanilla coated candy ice cream. I even couldn’t imagine how she created that stuff. Joyce had the time of her life, too. There was this girl named Eugene who took her meal seriously. He had some sanitary liquids, tissues, vitamins and whatever. She’s so clean. Well, over-clean and the arrogant boy was the opposite. He was eating chocolates as if it was his last. His face was covered with chocolate. I wasn't even sure if it was chocolate but it looked disgusting. If the two were together, they would really make a great chemistry.

“Tooot!” the horn hooted as if the breakfast was over. We got up from our table and the party had just begun.

Mr. Perseus vanished as if he was just my imagination, the table dissolved into thin air, everybody dissolved into thin air until I found myself seating on a desk in a classroom.

There was Matthew, sitting right next to me. There were also some other students. I guess we all had the same ages.

I saw Andrea near the front, then Bill and Dylan near Matthew, Joyce and Jane near Helen, Helen was there two and the rest from other dormitories. We were about twenty two, I guess. It was not so bad at all. Not too many and not too few.

The teacher just arrived. She had long white robes, white skin, golden brown hair, she almost looked like a goddess. She looked at me and said.

“Oh, I guess we had a new student.”

I smiled not because she noticed me but because she was beautiful.

“And so are you, handsome.” He glanced at Matthew.

I was a bit jealous about that. Anything that involves his handsomeness is a thing I get jealous of. I didn't mind it after Ms. Teacher Goddess here introduced herself.

“I am Andromeda, daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia. You’re astrology teacher.”

I was stunned. I thought she was a goddess but yet, she was just a princess. Thanks to Mr. Perseus, she is living safe and sound. Back to our divinations class, I was playing with a weird kind of paper. Anything you write on it, it doesn’t erase but you can still modify it with your mind. Well, it goes like this, you write Jericho Harvey on the paper and you can still change the word Jericho into Jake. I was enjoying the school alright so, I thought. “Isn’t this school so awesome?”

Ms. Andromeda jerked his view towards me. “Are you listening Mr. Harvey?” she doubted.

“Of course, Ms. Andromeda.” I lied but I listened right after she warned.

She was discussing about the stars on how they can interact with each other to form happenings of the future.

“Every constellations…” she said. “gives a clue to what will happen these days. ”

I nodded invisibly as if I agreed about my visions. Ms. Andromeda was still discussing her stuff. I never knew why I was not paying attention. I was just drawing something and then, I had the biggest embarrassment ever.

In my boredom, I draw an ‘I miss you Dad’ note because I was worried about him and because the paper was tricky, it turned to an ‘I Y you Helen’ note. If I didn’t mention, the class’ ceiling had stars. It was day but the room was not. We were like at the outdoor night campfire but we had desks and the room had narrow walls  and a door. That was really odd. Back to the story, I saw the note changed and didn't react much. The embarrassing thing was, the stars started to resemble my note and Ms. Andromeda noticed it.

“Someone is not paying attention.” she announced. Her face turned towards the ceiling. Followed by my other classmates. Their eyes widened. Someone started to chuckle then all of them started laughing.

“I think someone here starts to admire Mr. Orion’s princess.” Ms. Andromeda jested.

“It’s Jericho, Ms. Andromeda.” someone spoke.

All started laughing. I blushed. I almost felt like a melting candle. My head was burning while my body was melting. I felt ridiculous. I covered my face by sticking it on the desk. Ms. Andromeda snapped her fingers. Everybody froze. I froze. My view darkened until I was blind. Then, it came back. I couldn't remember anything. We all forgot what happened.

“Now, students…” said Ms. Andromeda. “You better pay attention to avoid any bad memories.” She smiled.


“Alright! Our class is almost over. It’s better to give you an assignment.”

Oh, assignments. I always hated assignments. I can’t sleep tight. I can’t watch television. I can’t play with my Xbox 360. I couldn’t do anything. I wasn’t excited about the assignment, anyway.

“Well class, I already know those who will and will not pass the assignments. You can either change the list and those who will get the high score will have a big surprise.”

Gosh, I almost forgot. This is a different school. Not Hamilton University. Way different than that scrawny school.

“Look unto the stars everybody.” she requested. “Try to name ten constellations. Don't’ include your parent.”

I jotted down what she had said. The notes dissolved and somehow, it stored into my head. I closed my eyes. I had a vision.

I saw a cave. A dark, creepy, scrawny and whatever bad you could imagine about a cave was in there. I saw shadow of girls. Their hair were flying around like it had lives. Wait – just being familiar, they looked like gorgons. I saw a familiar shadow being dragged. Then, I heard a voice. A very familiar voice. It said, “Help! Let me go! Let me out of here!” It was Dad’s. I was worried sick. I never knew what to do. Then, the girls screeched so loudly I almost woke up from that vision.

The horn hooted again. Recess probably. Time was fast you know. It was like two sessions a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Anyway, it was already 10 o’clock. I woke up in the schoolyard in the middle of the four dormitories under the floating castle. I was sitting right next to nobody. I saw Matthew with his new friend or probably, his girlfriend. It was Helen. Okay, I admit it. I’m a bit jealous but I don't suit Helen. So, go ahead. Let them do what they want while I’m going to sit around and do nothing.

Luckily, the three boys from my dormitory approached.

“Hey, Jericho!” called James.

“It’s actually Jake.” I insisted.

“Hey, Jake!” greeted Bill.

“What’s up?” Dylan asked.

I smiled. “Nothing?”

“Great!” they all said.

I hesitated. “What’s…up?”

“Someone told us you got those Xbox thingy?” asked Dylan.

“Yes? Who told you?”

“Someone?” grinned Bill.

“That doesn't matter…erm.” Dylan hesitated. “We’ve planned that you try to go on a date with Andrea and if you succeed, you can command us whatever you want for a day and if you fail, you’ll let us play with your Xbox gizmo.”

My eyes widened. “You want me to date Andrea?”

“Yeah?” said Bill.

“No way. No, no, no. I will never date her. I’m still young and…I don't even like her.” I complained.

“It’s just for fun and ‘like’…” uttered Dylan.  “isn’t involve here, you know.”

I still wasn't convinced. There’s no way I could date the daughter of Perseus and Andromeda.

“But there is!” Jake said. “You can use this.” He handed me a thing wrapped in purple paper.

“That’s cruel.” I commented. I inspected the thing. “What exactly can this do?”

“Celestial love.” he smiled.

I flickered my eyes. “No way! Where did you get this stuff? I thought it was just…”

“Myths?” assured Dylan. “Gosh, Jake. Do you suppose everything’s a myth?”

I frowned with hesitation.

“Are you on with the challenge?” Dylan extended his fist.

I stared at him for a second. I raised my right eyebrow. I took a closer look on his eyes. There was something about him, probably, from his eyes that made me agree.

“For heaven’s sake, Okay!” I grunted.

They all grinned evilly as if they were up to something. I sighed. I almost regretted what I’ve done. They all went away having their mission, accomplished.

Matthew called me. He approached. He sat next to where I was sitting. He was constantly smiling.

“Hi!” he greeted.

I didn’t say a thing.

“So, how’s your dormitory?” he asked.

I jerked my eyes to my dormitory and turned back to him. “Great!” I smiled hastily.

Matthew seemed to be enjoying school but I was upset. Boredom, worrisome, distress, I was experiencing all of that. I couldn’t focus to anything. My head was killing me. All of a sudden, I passed out.

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