Jake Harvey: Mom and Dad's Rescue Mission

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Chapter 15

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I had a dream. We were traveling along the road in the day. I saw a restaurant so we stopped by. We entered it. It wasn’t so abnormal. It looked like a typical American fast food restaurant. I was feeling a bit hungry and so were my company. We took our seats. I sat in front Andrea and beside me was Patroclus. Beside Andrea was Alex and the others were in their respective tables. Well, we don’t have to visualize our meals to eat but we ordered some of their specialties. On the glass screen, I saw a man in a black hood. His face was unclear. There came pedestrians and vehicles. Popped out from somewhere. I forgot to notice, the man was already gone.

“What’s wrong?” Andrea asked.

I blinked my eyes twice to recover from that unusual thought.

“Oh. Nothing.” I lied.

Then, the restaurant door closed and the metal sliding windows went down and closed all the possible exits. We got trapped. The lights went out. It was a complete darkness. Suddenly, there were rocks falling on the roof, then, followed by a giant one that the ceiling was almost destroyed. I got startled and I woke up.

There were red hails falling on the bus roof. It also went into the windshield. I remembered. This was like my dream. My premonition. All of it. This whole night. It was coming true.

All of them were panicking while I was in a complete state of calmness.

“Stay calm.” I yelled. “It won’t destroy anything.”

“How do you know?” said Dylan.

“I dreamed about this. I dreamed about all of this.”

Then, the hails stopped falling.

“See?” I said.

“What was that?” asked Alex.

“Something in my dream.” I replied.

The bus went calm. Some started to rest while some was in a temporary trauma. I was sleepy so I went back to sleep.

I woke up and it was already morning. We were in a middle of nowhere. The bus was still driving. Andrea was already up. She wasn’t in my shoulders anymore. She went on the backseat doing something. I was not yet ready to get up but I stood up. I went to Alex because he was alone in his seat. I asked him a few questions.

“How did you know we needed you, I mean, how did you have a big bus and rescue us on time?”

“No, it wasn’t in our plan, actually. We weren’t expecting you to be there.”

“So, how did you…”

“Well, I just came from school and I rode our school bus, Hamilton University bus. And while I was riding the bus, it stopped and the bus driver went out. Just in seconds, Patrick was there and he went inside and drove off. The driver would have possibly surprised seeing his bus working alone. Then, I had no idea why Patrick drove the school bus. He was like saving me from something I couldn’t understand. Then, while we were driving, we saw you. All of you.”

“What about Helen?” I said.

“Mr. Orion told me to take care of her when we first came to Katasterismoi, your school.” he smiled.

Then, suddenly, the bus stopped.

“Breakfast, anybody?” said Patrick.

Somehow, I remember the restaurant. It looked so familiar. It was on my dream. It was exactly as it is. I had a huge doubt about it so I stopped them.

“No!” I protested. “No one’s gonna go to that place. I warn you, something bad’s gonna happen.”

Everybody gasped and murmured except for some.

“We’re hungry Jake. What do you expect us to do?” responded Dylan.

“No. No one’s leaving this bus.” I demanded.

“You’re not the boss of us. You’re not gonna tell us what to do.” said James.

“We’re starving.” said Bill.

The trio went outside the bus and headed to the restaurant. While I saw them walk across the road, I saw the man in a black hood and in just a blink of an eye, he vanished. The bus was still stuck around the road. The trio was halfway across the road when a car just popped out along with many vehicles and pedestrians from nowhere. They were startled to death. The three sprinted back to the bus. They went inside panting.

“That was close.” said James.

“Told ya!” I said.

Helen chuckled.

The three boys went back to their seats and we continued the drive.

I noticed Dylan was giving me an uncomfortable frown. He was staring at me as if he was thinking about something odd. I didn’t mind it. It was just normal. No one would ever easily believe to anyone who claims that they know everything. I never stared back at Dylan. He probably had been tired of staring, he didn’t manage to stay much longer.

While we were traveling, the man with the hood stood on the sidewalk of the highway. He extended his arm and the bus suddenly stopped. I didn’t know the man and so was everybody until he removed his hood. It was Mr. Perseus.

“Dad!” shouted Andrea.

“Uncle!” shouted Helen.

“My princess.” responded Mr. Perseus.

He gave Andrea a warm hug. All of us were mystified. We didn’t expect Mr. Perseus would show up, not even in a middle of the road of nowhere. After the Jackson hug booth, Mr. Perseus went to me. He discussed something about his escape and Apollo and a key.

“Child.” He said. “You do not speak anything of this I am telling you.”

I nodded hastily.

“You are a key of Apollo. Asclepius is after you. But do not worry. Apollo gave me a gift that is right for your bravery and knowledge.”

He handed me a golden fancy slingshot which looked awesome.

“This, I tell you…” holding the slingshot. “is the Katistera. Use this in times of danger.”

“A slingshot. Cool!” I held it and I was amazed.

“This, my boy is not an ordinary slingshot. This could be fatal in the wrong hands.”

I gave him an assuring grin. “I will never let you down, sir.”

I received the slingshot, I mean, the Kas-was-ever. I couldn’t even pronounce it. I put it inside my jacket. By the way, I was wearing a jacket. A bluish black one. And a green hoody. I sat with Alex while Mr. Perseus sat with Andrea in the backseat.

It was already 10 A. M. We still didn’t eat anything. In other words, starving. The bus was driving. I could see Patrick flickering his eyes slowly and slowly. He looked sleepy. Well, he was probably sleepy. He still didn’t sleep for the night.

Before I could even attempt to request for Patrick to stop, Mr. Perseus made it so. He asked Patrick to stop. Patrick had a comfortable rest. He was not snoring so loudly  but it was recognizable. Mr. Perseus asked us to visualize what food do we want. Then, in just a blink of an eye, there it was.

“How did you do that, Mr. Perseus?” asked Paul and Cody.

“The schools power is not of its own. It was from ours. The immortal ones.” He responded.

I was so hungry, I finished my meal in just split seconds. Everyone was having a good time. I couldn’t blame everybody for eating so much because we had gone through a lot moments ago. It wasn’t as usual as it was happening in every day. Well, after the feast, we got our strength back.

While we were traveling, James asked where we were. Patrick was a good GPS system, he totally answered that question without a doubt..

“We are already in Vancouver, British Columbia.”

“That was fast.” I said.

“Good!” said Mr. Perseus. “We are going to Orpheus Academia.”

“Yes!” Andrea and Helen smiled.

“Right! Sir.” said Patrick.

I’ve never heard of that. I didn’t even know what that was. But it seemed to be a great place. We could use a break from a very long travel. Well, I wasn’t so excited. Just neutral.

The bus slowed down. We must be near the place.

“We’re here.” Patrick announced.

Oh, we’re here. I never realized the bus was so fast. I sneaked on my window. I saw a big shining castle. It looked like a giant silk white mansion. We were at its gate. As soon as we approached the gate, it opened. We went inside it. Each side of the road in the gate were two beautiful garden with a wide pond that was connected on each side. There was a bridge few yards away from the gate and to the castle. We reached the castle. There were no people there. Probably, inside the castle. We stopped in front of it. The castle looked deserted. Each of us got out of the bus. I almost missed the sweet scent of fresh air. There was a big door on the castle. About fifteen feet in height.  As soon as we all got out of the bus, it drove off and went outside the gate.

“I always wanted to go to this school.” said Helen.

“Me, too.” responded Andrea.

First one who went to the door was Dylan. He attempted to knock on the door but it automatically opened. The door opened in a harmonious way. Inside the castle was the greatest thing I’ve ever been. There was a wide range of music. Almost eighty percent of it were lyres. The music calmed myself. I felt like I was in paradise. I saw the twins, Paul and Cody dancing while the others were feeling the presence of great music. Mr. Perseus wasn’t making any odd reactions. Patrick was slaved by harmony. Mr. Perseus snapped his fingers and we all came back to our senses.

As we wandered along the castle hall, about eight girls descended the giant staircase along with a very beautiful maiden with dark straight hair in the middle who looked very excited.

“Uncle Perseus! Andrea! Helen!” called the girl.

“Samantha!” replied Andrea.

“Hey, cousin best friend.” greeted Helen.

The girls ran after themselves and gave each other warm hugs.

“Samantha, my dear.” greeted Mr. Perseus.

Some of us were stunned. Some probably stared at some girls in the stairs but I was listening to their conversations.

“What seemed to be the problem, Uncle?” asked Samantha.

“There is some serious trouble happening, my dear. May I ask. Where is your father?”

Samantha sighed. “He said he’ll gonna be attending a conference or something. Meeting uncle Asclepius, to be exact?”

Everyone of us gasped.

“No way.” Andrea hesitated.

“He’s actually a couple of days gone already. I find it very odd. Wait, what’s with the gasping and stuff?”

“You’re dad’s in deep trouble.” I said.

Samantha turned her eyes towards me. “Who’re you?”

“Jake.” Andrea introduced me.

“By the way…” I inserted. “Who’s his father?”

“Orpheus.” answered Mr. Perseus. “My dear, Orpheus. He must’ve went to Asclepius to retrieve his wife from the dead.”

‘Orpheus, Perseus and Asclepius. They could be a fine trio.’ I thought.

The boys except Alex where having conversations with the other girls behind Samantha.

“You must’ve had a very tiring journey, Uncle. Could I interest you something?”

“I’m fine, my dear but the others could use some of your offer.” Mr. Perseus replied.

“Alright girls…” Samantha called. “…bring everybody to your rooms. Give them whatever they want. Food, drinks, everything.”

“Everything?” Bill chuckled.

“Everything.” Samantha nodded.

“Even if I…” followed James.

“No, not everything. Come along gentlemen. Ladies, take care of them.”

Each of us except Mr. Perseus, Andrea and Helen were led by girls. I was led by a beautiful maiden with her beautiful golden brown hair. We went to her room. I was expecting her room to be more girly but instead, her room wasn’t like that at all. There were lots of books, papers and stuff. There are lots of instruments, too. Almost all of it were flutes.

I sat on a chair near her table. Her table was covered with books. Musical books, probably. I saw the girl combing her hair in front of the mirror. She had a book in front of her. She must’ve forgotten I was there.

“Erm…hi.” I greeted.

“Oh.” She noticed. “Hello. I happened not to know your name?”

“It’s Jake. Jericho, they say.” I introduced.

“Nice to meet you Jericho.”

“I prefer Jake.” I insisted.

“Jericho’s a nice name. Well, alright Jake.”

I smiled.

“Oh.” she recalled. “My name’s Melina.”

What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I must admit, this girl has charm. He likes books and not too girly. But warning, I’m not liking her or anything. I was just admiring her sense of nice interests.

Going back to the story, she asked me something she could offer me but I refuse to tell anything. I just sat down in a comfy sparkly chair. After awhile, I was getting bored. Melina started to hum. It was amazing. I never know that the voice can be so incredible as any instrument. Well, here voice was amazing. I could feel safe.

“You’re a great singer, aren’t you?” I asked.

“I actually don't accept lame jokes.” she answered.

“No, I’m not kidding or anything. It’s wonderful.”

“To you, probably, but to them, I am but the least of great singers here.” She said.

I smiled.

“So…” she sighed. “I kept on practicing on instruments especially, flutes.”

“But still, you’re great, you know.”

Then, suddenly, a trumpet sounded the whole room, probably, the whole castle, too.

“Lunch, time to go.” said Melina.

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