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Onya is a Christian living on a plantation in the lovely Caribbean island of St,Lucia, believing that the devil has gotten his hooks on the plantation she falls in love in English Earl Philip, who the devil wants for himself because of his God given destiny. Can Philip and Onya survived the evil of Satan, his demons, the manipulations of Philip's stepmother and slavery to be together. Can love conquer it all

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A DARK LOVE

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In  the  beautiful  islandof Saint Lucia,  not  everything and  everyone  isparadise.  It  is  notsun and  beach aseveryone  would  like to  think but  in  this  beautiful islandthe land  of  magic,  religion and  fantasy  comes  into  play.Every islander  have  heard of  the  stories  of  Papa Bois,  Ladijabless,  ti bolon andevery  Caribbean folklore and  mythological  creature .  Can  true lovehappen  between  a  slave andEnglish noble  man. Will  evil  succeed  in  destroying  the  happiness and  them  in the  process.



land atlas! i couldn't stay any longer on sea" Philip was exhausted and tired from the trip from the caribbean to the island of the St.Lucia. he didn't want come but his friend Pierre Jacques convinced him

the earl turned around as he spoke. Pierre Jacques gave a little cry of disbelief.

"oh no ! philip it was not that bad . i'm glad you came with me" pierre jacques said

philip just shook his said and started walking away from the Castries harbour and said" i cannot wait to get back to England. i think i will leave in a week"

pierre looked very upset because he really wanted the earl to stay on the island because it was really beautiful.

"you can't leave for England yet"

philip smiled at his french friend and replied

" i have a very pretty countess for my fiancee waiting in Norfolk for me".

the two european men walked around the town of castries , looking at how different castries was different to london and paris. the city had this unique way of luring you to vist and love it.

philip wanted to get away from his step mother elizabeth who had arranged his marriage to maia the countess. philip just wanted elizabeth off his back.

pierre couldn't understand his friend's decision to marry maia. he thouht philip had enough time to find a suitable wife and knew he had to convince his friend to break off the enagement.

"but philip you don't love maia" he said

" i know but a promise is a promise and besides she's gorgerous" the earl replied.

the two men thenwent into their carriage and rode to the town of souferie.

"the harbour is very nice"? philip said as he looked back

"wait until you see the pitions, the gardens, the sulphur and hot springs, it will be liked the garden of eden." pierre smiled as he said that.

" garden of eden! pierre jacques i'll be the judge of that. " philip said

now soufriere is on the west coast of the island a major trading and planation town. the french made soufriere a town in 1746 and it was the captial of the island for a short time.

even though St.Lucia finallybecame a british terriority in 18 15 most of the island kept the french culture and characterstics it was more so in Soufriere were the planation owners, tradespeople who were europeans were of french descent and the africans slaves and multatoes though English became the official language spoke french creole.

soufrierewith it's rich french culture and it's exotic landscapecould put a spell on you and philip was about to be put under a spell not by the town but a woman.

the carriage took about an hour and half to reach the planation.

meanwhile on the harbour there was a beautiful , young , mulattoe woman, she had this mysterious look about her, like she was totally not of this world. this mulattoe woman's name was Aimee, and she had her sights on the earl ,she was definenty going to bring him to the dark side and to her master Papa Bois( the devil in disguise).

as beautiful aimee was there was something wrong with her ,not wrong because she was not off this world but a human would not be able to tell if they didn't look at her foot. yes her foot. her foot was not like any other foot, she had one human foot and the other foot was a cow's foot. aimee was a lajables (french creole for a evil female spirit). yes she was a lajables an evil spirit that seduces men and then kills them. she was also the devil's wife and she didn't want to kill philip she wanted him for her husband, philip was too valuable to kill.

before aimee could get him too the dark side she had to get him into her bed, and now she plann to follow him to Souferiere her domian.

philip and jacques had arrived to the souferriere planation. looking around the two european men cou;dn't believe their eyes. they were shock

philip: oh Lord Jesus ! JACQUES are sure this is the right estate?

jacques: yes it is ! but i haven't been here in years

philip : this place looks like a ghostly estate

the planation was rundown, it looked like it wasn't occupied in decades, the houses and huts were falling apart, there was rats everywhere. it was unbeliebvable.

jaques:oh sweet mother of God. what has my brother done to this place?

philip: well let's find out.

they walk towards the planation door when out of no where aimmee appeared from no where.

aimee: boswe (good evening) mwe pedi{i'm lost)

philip surprised to this lovely lady there asked jaqcques to translete for him

jaqcques: she said good night and she's lost.

aimme: yes that's what i said

both men : you could speak english

aimee: i'm looking for the planation of michael pierre, do you know where it is?

jacques: it's right here michael is my brother.

aimee looks around and saw how horrible it looked and took it as her opening

aimee: oh lord jesus the stories are true!

jaques: what stories?

aimme: the devil is collecting his payment from your brother.

philip: what does that mean

aimee five years ago michael fell in love with a beautiful woman but he didn't know she was married to the devil.

when satan found out he wanted to kill michael but michael begged for his life and gave satan everything of his including his estate.

satan accepted but he wanted michael's favourite slave onya who was a strong christian. michael accepted and now the devil owns him and the planation.

philip: what about onya?

aimee: she's satan's sex slave. she cann't not be saved

oh my God philip i think we better get back on the next ship to europe . jacques said obviously looking frightened.

we cann't not leave your brother and that slave girl for lucifer. there must be a way to save them philip replied

they cann't be saved they belong to lucifer now he's very powerful. aimee said

yes but there's one more powerful than him. i'm not leaving

jacques my friend let's go inside and the two men walk into the planation house leaving aimee behind feeling well please with her self. her plan was in action

fools you'll be lucifer's by the next full moon.

little did philip and jacques know that the full moon would be in a month and they had no idea what they getting into


in a 12th century medevial castle in Norwich Norfolk Philip's stepmother Elizabeth Vanderbilt was staring at herself at a mirror. elizabeth was a beautiful woman in her late 30's with dark blonde hair and ocean blue eyes., she was of medium height yet slender.she had this royal look about her that made her servants respect her. her beauty and artistorcy look is what made william philip's father fall in love with her but that beauty covers a vain and cruel nature.

" don't i lookpretty today" she said looking at the round mirror. elizabeth then went to her jewllery box opening to see exotic diamonds the ones william bought from india for her. thinking of india made her think of her stepson philip who traveled to the caribbean with his french friend jacques. in order for philp to get the earldom. he had to marry by his twenty eight birthday if not he had to marry a woman of elizabeth choice and elizabeth would have a say in running the earldom.

philip had realize he was not getting married soon before his 28th birthday so he promised to marry maia an italian countess but jacques didn't agree with his decision. elizabeth knew that he had a very strong influence on philip. with phiilp in the caribbean and out of her control , she was beginning to worry that he might fall for a goveronor's daughter or some creole girl.

elizabeth started to reminacised the last conversation she had with her stepson

"you can not go to st.lucia. screamed elizabeth

you can not tell mewhere to go. replied philip

i demand you to tell why are you going to the island

you can demand all you want . that's none of your business. i go where i please

remember you promise to marry maia. you better marry her philip

or what who knows i just might marry some creole girl whiles i'm in the island . it will sure get you back to germany to your pathetic family or worse on the streets of london begging. he said with much venom

and at time elizabeth slapped him. he was shocked. he grabbed her ready to hit her

but philip remembered himself, and remembered he was not going to be like this father and hit a woman no matter how evil elizabeth was

elizabeth was surprised herself that he didn't hit her but she was relieved

philip then told her: don't push me elizabeth or you might get what you not asking for. and then he walked off angrily

coming back to the present elizabeth couldn't help think at that moment philip almost became his father , but she couldn't worry about that. all she wanted was for him to marry maia.

and at that thought maia walked in to her room

elizabeth why did you tell me philip went to the caribbean?

because he did not want any one to know maia

but i'm his fiancee why wouldn't you tell me. what if he marries someone else whiles he's there. we both know he does not love me at least not the way i love him

he'll grow to love you maia

oh how i wish i could go to saint- lucia and be with him

that's when elizabeth got an idea

you can go to st- lucia take jacques sister with you

elizabeth what are you talking about

you going to st-lucia. philip would not be able to break his promise to you

but elizabeth did not know what she was getting maia into or herself. she was looking for trouble and she was going to get it

elizabeth i don't think philip would want me to follow him

maia if you want philip to love you , you must be in his face.

now let's get jacques sister marie to come with us

us ! elizabeth! you are niot coming

yes i'm besides it might do me good to see more of the world. we need to get marie so we can pack and head on the ship to st-lucia.

with that said the count of surrfolk stephen burnett came into elizabeth's room

where are you going elizabeth he asked kissing her hands. oh you look gorgerous today

oh thank you stephen. she said blushing

stephen barely noticed maia, it was times like these that maia was jealous for elizabeth. men barely noticed maia. she wasn't beautiful like elizabeth or any european noble woman fo that matter. she was of average beauty. nothing to wow a man

maia was plain and pale she wasn't the girl you would want to show off to your friends

she felt odd and out of place.

elizabeth then rememembered maia and said to the count

stephen you remember maia philip's fiancee

yes i remember, it's funny i always thought philip had exquisite taste in woman

and that moment maia felt horrible and decided to leave the room

elizabeth i'm going to my bedroom we'll speak later

yes we will but remember you have to pack for our trip

yes i will and maia left the room

beth where are you going? stephen asked

to the island of st. lucia she replied heartily

wait isn't philip on that island with marie's brother? he asked

yes he is

so why are you going?

i'm going with maia to surprise philip

wait you don't want to philip to be alone on the island because you afraid he might meet some govonor's daughter or some wealthly creole girl and break off the enagement to maia.

stephen you see right through me

beth i don't think you should intervere with philip's life

if i don't make him marry maia and he marries some other girl of his choice i'll might end up back in germany or worse on the streets of london or bristol begging

it would not come to that beth philip might hate you but his not his father. he wouldn't put on the streets.

stephen sometimes i think at times he is his father's son. i'm worried he'll turn like william

but beth if you contuine to push he just might will. so do not push him my dear cuz you just might get what you are not asking for.

with that said both stephen and elizabeth shuddered at the thought of philip turning into his father.


on the souferire estate philip and jacques went inside the planation . they thought maybe inside would be better but they were wrong. as the walked into the estate they felt a feeling of dread that something bad was going to happen but the men couldn't put their finger on it

sweet mary mother of Jesus jacques said in shocked of what he was seeing. the house was dark no light, the rodents on the table spolit food on the floor. jacques could not believe his eyes but he was going to get a serious and unwanted surprise his brother

he hadn't seen his brother yet but philip saw him i couldn't believe his eyes

michael look like he was a century old, long beard, uncouthed hair, his clothes was rags and you could smell an aweful sight on him from a mile away. michael look he was in some other world

jacques i think you better look to your right

why philip ?

just look

and jacques turn and he saw his brother

oh saint paul, saint james help us all

they walked towards michael

when woman stopped them

no leave him alone you have done enough she said

go back to hell where you came from she screamed hysterically

philip then took her hand gently and said to her. calm down. we are here to help. we are from europe. i'm philip earl of east anglia, this my friend jacques pierre who's from france and that's his brother michael.

when she realized they there to help she relaxes.

i prayed to God that he'll send some help

well help is here your name? philip asked he couldn't see her because it was dark but he figured out she was the slave girl

my name is onya. i'm one of moinsieur pierre's slaves well i'm the only one left cuz the others runway after all this with the devil happened

so it's true jacques finally spoke up and your his love slave

no i'm not everyone believes that but satan cannot touch me

why can't he touch you? jacques asked

he just can't. let's get out of this place

you can leave? philip asked

yes i can i only come here to feed mosieur pierre but i stay at the church

we can go there now. so the three of them left michael in the esatate and started their way to the church. and that's where philip sees onya's beauty. she was tall, slender and had dark skin that look like rich dark chocolate, her skin too him look smooth and silky. she had exotic brown eyes. everything about her features was elegant and he thought for slave was stunning even though she dressed in rags.

onya noticed philip looking her and was flattered. she never had a white man look at her in that way. the only european man to look at her with attraction was michael and he 's now far gone and mad. she wished she could help michael but right now only God help him

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