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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011





michael was now sitting on the floor when suddenly aimee showed up. that demon did love michael but she was married to lucifer now. aimee was sad for him he was her love.

she touched him but he pull her not recongizing her. and she hated that he did not know her.

lucifer had promise if she got philip to fall in love with her, he'll make her human and take the curse of michael.

now aimee knew what she had to do seduce philip and get her freedom and michael's it was the only way.

she knew onya was taking philip to the church a place she could not enter. she had find away to get to philip without anyone finding out she was not human.

"onya might take him to the waterfall. i'll seduce him there.

aimee then kissed michael and said

soon we'll be together my love

and she disappeared from the estate.

everyone knew that lajablesess were evil and were the devil's pawn but no one not even satan himself could have imagine that one of his pawns would fall for a human.

no one thought these she demons had souls and hearts but it looked like she did as philip would find out.

the CREATOR the one that knew all was smiling above for his plans to stop lucifer was in progress the she demon had fallen in love with one ofhis precious and dearest creation.

philip was important to the Creator he had promise all philip had to was completely give his heart. onya was the woman who will show him the way.

onya was a woman after this CREATOR'S own heart. she was a godly and righteoueus woman. and onya was praying fror freedoom and love

and little did she know one english man was going to give it to her.





philip, onya and pierre headed out of the estate to go the local catholic church for santuary. onya lead the way. the church was looked rundown and looked centuries old. you could see the old church bell was rusty. philp wasn't use to churches and cathedetherals looking like they were centuries old but he could get used to staring at onya. onya felt philp's stare and was slightly irriated but at the same time flattered. she considered europeans they enemny , never met a white man who didn't look down at a nigga but somehow she felt philip was different , so she decided to to make conversation with him.

are you a planation owner in another island sir? she asked

first call me philip and no i'm not an planation owner, i don't believe in enslaving any human being no matter what their color.

so who is the priest for this church philip replied

his name is father andrew dubois and he will tell us more about this situation

ok i hope he could really help then replied pierre

he does excorisms maybe he could do one n michael and he can tell us more about stoping the devil and all

they then went into the cathedral and onya saw father dubouis sitting to the front of the church

and call to to him

father dubois

the priest then came walking towards her

and ask her

onya did something happpened to michael

and she replied no at least not yet i want you to met two people

this philip and this pierre jacques michael's brother

and philip asked the priest now to stop the devil

and the priest replied only God knows, please lets sit

and then the four them went to sit but as they sat

they heard a shrieking voice that sound like a cat and all the sudden they wind started to blow violently and the air became freezing cold at least to them

you could hear the trees swaying and you could the wind make that errie sound

what was that asked philip

as he asked the church became clouded with darkness like there was evil near by

it's evil replied onya

the shrieking contuined and the darkness persisted until the priest decided to confont this evil

and he did

in the name of JESUS SON OF GOD





then there was an evil laugh and the shrieking stop

and out of the darkness

appeared what looked like a disformed child

OH LORD JESUS IT'S A TI BOLON ( a spirit that looks like a deformed child)

what do you want child of darkness replied the priest

i want all your souls for my master

you must leave then because you would never get it

go back to the pit of hell where you came from in the NAME OF JESUS

father duboius spinkles holy water where the bolon is standing

as the bolon then says you are just like the woman who was suppose to be my mother

she deformed me and now you are out to destroy me

then onya gets up and says what do you want bolon?

i told you already slave your souls especially philip's

how do you know my name creature philip asked

oh my master has been watching you, you're soul is very valuable

join us willing and my master is willing to spare the lives of them.

don't listen to this spirit philip

i command you evil spirit to go IN JESUS 'S NAME



then all the sudden the ti bolon disappears shrieking

philip wonders to himself aloud what does the devil want with me

then father dubois says if satan wants you you must be very important and you came to st.lucia for reason

now let's go to my house you are welcome to stay until we defeat this evil

with that said the group went to the priest's house


satan was very please with himself this night , his plan to destroy any plans that God had for philip and onya. he plan to use philip as a force for him not for God and to finally make onya his. his lajables and his ti bolon were beginning the work now it was time to send his other demons and henchmen but before he decided to pay God a vist just like he did in Job's time

satan or should we say lucifer was an angel in heaven before but his pride and rebellion led God to cast him out of heaven but satan took other angels with him who decided to believe he should rule. and from that day on lucifer's spends eternty trying to destroys the father's plan and tries to ruin mankind.

satan then appearedin heaven

heaven was certainly a paradise, there the sky was crystal blue, with clouds of all shapes,

the trees were tall and well grown, the flowers were delightful there were irises, sunflowers, roses, and other flowers of different kinds were present

the fruit trees were pleasing there were plum trees both american and local plums, there were oranges, grapefuits, mangoes of all kinds, soursops, peaches, apples rosy red and green apples, goldenapples , berries, cherries tasty fruits of all kinds

the streets of heaven were made of real gold, platieum, silver, diamonds , rubies.

as satan walked the streets he wondered whetherd he should have given this all up

but then he knew someday this might all be his, as he contuined walking he saw people from the biblical days, abel, moses, aaron, sarah, issac, ruth, abrahmn, david, rebbeca, rahab , he even saw mary the mother of jesus, the disciples peter, john ,james and apostle paul

everyone was happy and they didn't even notice their advesray satan

he soon arrived in God's palace

the palace was magnificnt

it was mucj larger than the imperial palaces on earth

the place was made out of gold and platiums with diamonds and saphirres placed into it

it was exquiste

he then arrived at God's throneroom and in there was God the father sitting on his throne a lighten shining so brightly from him was blinding satan, God the son, Jesus was standing on the right side and God the holy spirit on the left

and as satan kneeled before them , even satan knew the protocol

they asked in unionson lucifer what do you want, now all though all three spoke it sounded like it was one only who spoke to satan

and lucifer replied oh God i ask of you to grant me philip's soul because he has sinned and he's suppose to be mine

but then God the son answered why are so interested in philip lucifer?

Lord Jesus but i know you have some purpose for him ,but he doesn't want it. once i show him alll the power he could have in this world he'll never look back

then God the father spoke with authority lucifer you may show him what you want to give him

but he'll never fall for your lies

LORD GOD i ask if he refuses my gifts that i may torture him to show you that he does not want you in his life

and mighty God answerd you may do so but he'll never come to you . i also warn you lucifer take everything but not his life. i warned you again the onya is under my protection , harm will not come to her. you may leave now lucifer

satan then bowed and left heaven very please with himself and glad God gave him his blessings to do want he wants

but God sent one of his angels down to father dubois house

onya, philip, pierre and the priest were sitting down when a bright light shown upon them

the angel was beautiful, he was dressed in white with a light glowing around him

and father andre kneeled and started worshiping God and so did onya

and the angel said get the Lord God is great

and then philip bravely asked the angel

why are you here angel

the Lord sent me to warn you lucifer has dangerous plans for you

then why doesn't God just stop him? philip asked

because you haven't ask him too philip the Lord does not go against your free will. he'll be with you when you need him. just ask and pray

may the Good Lord be with you and the angel disappears.

the Lord is with us. said father andre

yes he's replied onya

father dubois i think walk to the sulphur springs and take a bath there

i'll come with said philip just in case there's danger

while father dubois and pierre decided to go to bed early

philip and onya decided to vist the sulphur springs

where they would meet trouble, it  was  going  to  beavery  long andtirigvacation  or shouldthe  word  be  trip

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