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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011






Chapter three

One of Satan’s demons who were keeping an eye on the group went back to Lucifer telling him that onya and lajables to seduce Philip and send one of his maji nwe(someone who uses blackmagic to sexually abuse women at nights) after onya and if that didn't work Satan had other plans to destroy any plans God had for them.

The sulphur springs was part of st.lucia's volcano. Way back before God created man on earth, this area erupted with terrible force. This explosion left behind a crater many miles wide, from its molten floor, raised two huge plugs of lava. They cooled eventual and became the pitons and too far away hot gases bubbled up through the thin crust, filling the air with clouds of the stream. This became the sulphur springs.

As the pair walked towards the springs which was a 30 minute walk from father Dubois' house Philip took a smell which was sinking

He asked" what in God's name is that smell

It’s the springs onya replied

Good grace is it poisonous?

No it isn't, it's very healthy and has healing powers


Yes really, the water in the bubbling pools is full of minerals. The ground around them sparkles with crystals of minerals such as sulphur. And it's sulphur they say that gives the horrible smell of rotten egg

So you except me to believe this water have healing powers?

It does, the Amerindians thought this was a frightening place with its boiling cauldrons and smelly steam filled air. They called qualibu (the place of death) she said

Those Amerindians had sense then

but they were wrong when they French came , they understood the healing waters powers king louisxvi ordered baths to be built on diamond estate but we will go to diamond estate some other time, right now we are going near the volcano

This is a nice, cool walk as the walk past coco trees, pineapples trees, hibiscus flowers, roses

This is beautiful Pierre was right this island is beautiful

We are finally here Onya said

The rotten egg smell got worst as they near the springs

They were many pools and Philip saw that the water was dark

Onya then took off her clothes in front of Philip

The earl couldn't help himself but he needed to look at her

He never thought Negroes were so beautiful and had appealing bodies

He then told her are you mad?

But she didn't seem to hear him and jump into the water

Onya then told him. Why don't you join me Philip?

I don't think so he said placing his hand in the sulphur water it was hot as fire

Why don't you tell me about yourself he said

There’s nothing to tell she said onya then swarm towards the rock he was standing upon

There is like now you do you are.... niggas, i mean black people speak proper English

What did you just say? Onya was clearly offended

Did you just call me a nigga?

No I didn't mean it to be a racist comment Philip quickly said

Oh I’m suppose to believe this I thought you were different

Look onya I’m different I didn't mean it to offend I just don't know how to act around you

Philip we are human beings too she said

I know I’m sorry

Ok apology accepted she replied realizing he was truly sorry

Come and join me she said

I still don't think I should he said placing his hand yet again in the springs

Onya then came near him and pulled him into the water

Oh my god he said you are definitely mad. He yelled

All onya could do was laugh

Philip couldn't take the very hot water in the springs and try to get out but onyx pulled him and ducked him under the water

And kept on giggling

Oh Philip just relax and you'll get use to it

Ok I’ll will but you are going to get some new clothes and you are going to get ducked

Onya tries to swim away but Philip pulls her and ducks her

They giggle and laugh and splash the water at each other

Philip then grabs her to duck her again but she doesn't let him instead she kisses him

But suddenly they a scream.

Oh my god what was that onya said as she pull away from Philip

I’ll check it out. Stay here he said

Ok be careful

I will

And Philip left to look for the screaming woman

as Philip let to find the screaming woman the ti bolom (unborn baby) appears to onya

Onya who was coming out of the water when she saw the ti bolon, onya was frightened all she could do was to stay still and looked at this dead unborn baby.

The bolon had this big head too big for his small little body.

Onya then got out of her fright and asked the bolon what he wanted

The bolon came closer to her and made shrieking sound like a cat which was scary to Onya.

What do you want bolon she said trying not to sound scared.

“ I want to be born and the devil promise me that I will be born if destroy you and Philip”

Onya came closer to the being frighten but at the same time brave if there was ever a feeling like that. She began praying to herself and then all the sudden the Ti bolon started shrieking and screaming and Onya realizes that her prayers are affecting the spirit. It could contuined to shriek and all the sudden a flood of rain came together with the flash of lightening and sound of thunder and then it disappeared but the rain countuine.

“Praise God” she said with a sign of relief. Onya was frighten but she decided she needed to look for Philip to get out of springs and head back to the church. She put back on her clothes and went looking for the earl.

Philip not knowing what Onya went through contuined to follow the screams of the mysterious woman and all sudden the woman’s screams stopped and then he saw on a rock Aimee , her clothes torn and she was badly injured and heard her crying. He then walked towards her and placed his hand gently on her and she jumped back and was ready to hit Philip but saw it was him ( all this part of her plan to seduce him and to get him on dark side) and then said to him “ I didn’t see you coming Philip” she said apolagotically.

“ it’s alright, what happen to you Aimee?” he asked

“Some one attacked me” replied Aimee

“let’s get you out of here”he said

Then they suddenly heard Onya’s voice

“Philip, Philip” she called

And all of the sudden Onya’s figure began to show and Philip went towards her and Aimee’s plan to seduce Philip was cut off for now and she disapperared without Philip noticing her because Philip was more concern about Onya.

“Onya why did u leave the springs it’s too dangerous out here” he said

The Ti bolon came after me and after I prayed it left and decided to look for you she said frantically

“well head back to church after I helped this injured woman” he said

“what injured woman” Onya asked I don’t see anyone

On the rock Philip replied and he turn towards where Aimee was sitting and realize Aimee was gone.

“are you sure there was a woman on this rock” Onya asked walking towards the rock and sensing that there was some evil there and she got scared as she got closer to the rock and decided they needed to get out of there.

“Philip let’s get back to the church” she said frantically

Philip seeing that Onya was frighten decided to forget about Aimee and take Onya back to the church.

“Alright let’s go” he said turning back to the rock and they left back to the church.

Laying on their separate beds in different rooms Philip and Onya could not believe the night they had, they thought about the strange things that has been happening. Onya believed that this night confirmed what she thought all along that evil was getting stronger but Philip just grew more confused about the things that have been happening including Aimee’s rapid disaperance when she was injured so badly. He was really confuse but that would change over the process of time

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