helena warrior queen daughterb of xena and hercules

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is my fanfiction for xena and hercules the storyline here is kinda close to my story axelia

Chapter 1 (v.1) - helena warrior queen daughter of xena and hercules

Submitted: January 19, 2008

Reads: 1713

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Submitted: January 19, 2008



have in her life and destiny. A destiny she can not escape it’s in her blood to follow her mother and father’s footsteps. It’s her destiny to became greater than her parents. Her destiny to unify Greece and peace. Who is this special child? Her name is Helena bringer of peace.


HER NAME WAS HELENA warrior queen.

What if the son of Zeus and the warrior princess shared a child. A child that Hercules never knew existed, a child that Xena thought was dead, a daughter. What if that child could save the world and bring peace to the earth? What that child is the last hope of the gods of the world? What if she is the last hope of the newly founded religion of Christianity? What does that mean for Hercules and Xena and all the people they were in contact with. And will the old enemies of Xena and Hercules go after their daughter? And what has happen with Virgil Joxer’s son, Evander Ares and Nemesis’ son and Hercules’ nephew, Eve Xena’s daughter, Sarah Gabrielle’s niece, Brigit Morgan’s daughter what role will they have in her life and destiny.


Helena: daughter of Xena and Hercules. She was raised by Athena and Artemis. She is a prophecy in herself. She is to unite Greece and the Amazon tribes. The fates foretold in their darkest hour the Olympian race will either perish or survive by her actions. She also fight for religious freedom.

Virgil: son of Joxer and Meg. He is a poet and a writer and a warrior and believes in Helena’s cause.

Sarah: daughter of Lila and niece of Gabrielle. She is beautiful and knows the dangers of evil.

Evander: son of Ares and Nemesis and nephew of Hercules. He’s a half god and has the power to create anything that he likes. He now follows the way of love and peace but will fight to defend his mother and family. He wants to know about his father despite Nemesis and Hercules’ warnings.

Eve: daughter of Xena. She was once Livia Rome’s bitch. She is an excellent warrior. She is the bringer of twilight but now follows Eli’s ( her spiritual mentor) teachings and way of love and peace. She realized that she and her mother were tricked by an evil god who pretended to be the God of light and love in other words he pretended to be the Christian god so he could destroy all the pantheons of the world. He has given the power to kill gods to his followers. And his followers are killing and enslaving the followers of the Christian god and the followers of the many gods of the world. He is trying to prevent the Christian god from becoming the only god worshiped in the world. Now Eve must balance her warrior skills and her beliefs to help her sister and stop the persecution of innocence people although Helena resents her for her part in Athena’s and Artemis’ deaths.

Brigit: daughter of Morgan and is a half god. The Celtic gods are being killed and she must join the fight and make alliances around the world.

Kerrie: daughter of morgan and Hercules

Jasmine: daughter of Iolaus and nebula, queen ofsumeria

Varia: queen of the amazons knows if she doesn’t join the fight the Amazon nation would be in as much danger as the rest of the world.

Alexander: a Macedonian prince who grew up with Helena and is in love with her. He believes in her cause. He himself is a prophecy. He will rule a vast empire with Helena extending from Greece to Britain to Persia to India. But would die young and his empire would be destroy with Helena only ruling Greece and Macedonia.

Francis: a young man from the land of the Norse ( Norway, Sweden Denmark , Iceland ) the son of the Norse god Thor and grandson of Odin he is a half god and now follows the way of love and peace. He is appalled about his family and the other gods of the world being killed.

Xenon: the son of Ephiny queen of the amazons and a centaur leader. His wife and son was killed by Qurinus and he has join the battle to avenge the death of his family.

Other characters: these characters can be divided into the allies, the enemies and the gods.

The allies:

Gabrielle: a couple of years after Xena’s final death in Japan. She comes to a much different and darker Greece. Now she must join the battle for religious freedom in Greece. Giving Xena’s charkam to Helena Gabrielle now commands all of Ares forces. She fights for peace in Greece.

Hercules: the son of Zeus and Alceme. He is the ultimate hero so when he heard Qurinus the evil god whose trying rule the world was going to destroy Corinth. He took his aging buddy Iolaus and stashed him in neighbour village and went and charged in to save the day only to be captured and almost killed if Aphrodite, Eve, Gabby and Helena didn’t save him. Recovered from terrible burns thanks to a portion Ares found in Athena’s library. Hercules joins the fight for peace and religious freedom but his humanity to all people is a definite liability in this post twilight world.

Michael: the archangel realizing that he was tricked by the evil Qurinus to help Xena to bring the twilight of the gods and realizing it was not his god’s will for the Olympians to be killed. He must now help to save this post twilight world that he helped to create.

Kao Hsin: daughter of Lao Ma is the good child and has gain the powers of her mother and rules Chin.

Jason: former king of Corinth and friend of Hercules

Melissa: a self-centred princess who is now queen who Herc changed

Cassandra: the psychic who Herc saved from Atlantis

Morgan: Qurinus has his followers killing the Celtic gods and now the druid of justice is in desperate of help.

Autolycus : the king of thieves has also joined the fight to help Gabby and Herc.

Xena the warrior princess: is only second to Hercules. Is guarding the 40,000 souls but could see what’s happening in the land of the living. She will show herself to her friends and family to help and show them the way. And even in death she is still a force to be reckoned with.

The enemies:

Qurinus: the evil ,ambitious and powerful god who tricked Xena and Eve into bringing the death of most of the council of Olympians (Athena ,Poseidon , Hades, Artemis, Demos, Discord and Hephaestus). He wants nothing but destruction and darkness in the world. And has given his followers the power to kill gods. He started with the Greek gods because there are the only ones powerful enough to stop him.

Hope: daughter of Gabby and Dahok. Her father’s death at the hands of Hercules and Iolaus has left her powerless and her death at Xena and Gabby’s death has made her just another soul in hell. But after a long time in hell she’s gain some new found clarity. Don’t be surprised if she escapes hell.

Sin: a powerful demon. She was the middleman between Tartarus and hell when souls were too evil for Tartarus . She disguised herself as Serena Hercules deceased wife so she could turn Herc demonic but although she failed in her mission to turn Hercules evil. Like all demons she wants power and has allied herself with Qurinus.

Lucifer/ Satan: king of hell he was an archangel and now is competing with the Christian god for the world souls. He wants revenge against Xena for part in turning him the king of hell. He wants nothing but darkness and destruction in the world. He is more powerful than Qurinus and prefers Qurinus and Sin to do his dirty work.

Velassaca: was the queen of the amazons who wanted Gabby dead she was thrown in the lava pit for eternity and is now freed and is out for revenge. She has allied herself with Qurinus.

Narjara : Xena’s nemesis who has now woken up from her long coma. And is hearing the genii again and is out for revenge

Pao Ssu: daughter of Xena’s spiritual mentor Lao Ma wants to rule the world although she’s dead she is still powerful

Ming T’ien : son of Lao Ma is evil man who killed his mother he and his sister even though they are dead allied themselves with Qurinus.

The gods:

Ares: son of Zeus and Hera. God of war has now find himself fighting for the survival of his family. He gave Gabrielle the best friend of the only woman who he ever loved command of all his forces to save the rest of Olympians.

Aphrodite: the once fun loving goddess of love and beauty. Now lives in fear on Olympus because of Qurinus’ evil plans to destroy the gods . she has locked herself in her rooms on Olympus.

Apollo: son of Zeus and Hera. God of sunlight is the most handsome of the Olympians. But his looks often covers a cruel and carefree personality. The twilight has made him a little more careful but his cruel nature still persists. He and Helena hated each other but now she’s successful in life he’s turn on and wants a shot at that success and wants her to be his wife. Helena is appalled by this and wouldn’t give him the time of day. But when has that ever stop an Olympian god?

Thor: the Norse god of war and thunder

Odin: the Norse king of the gods.

Frigg: the Norse queen of the gods

Freya: the Norse goddess of love and beauty.

Frey: the Norse god of justice.

Isis: the Egyptian queen of gods

And many other gods and goddesses.

The council of Olympus: these were the gods who made all the decisions they were Zeus, Hera , Hades, Athena,Artemis,Demos, Discord, Hephaetus, Poseidon, Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, Demeter and Hesita. Out of these only five survived. These are Ares , Aphrodite, Apollo, Demeter and Hesita.

Thantoes: son of Hades and Persephone. Heir to the Greek underworld watched in horror when the knights of darkness murdered his mother and grandmother. Helena arrive just in time to survive him because she realize it was really him that Qurinus wanted dead. He spends his time between Helena and Celesta goddess of death and Hades’ sister who he miracoulsly touch without dying.


1; who the heck is Helena?

2: how is Helena bringer of peace different from Hercules the legendary journeys and Xena warrior princess?

3: when does Herc find out about Helena?

4: didn’t Hercules kill Zeus and Xena killed the other gods?

5: is Xena coming back from the dead?

6: on the last season of Xena after she killed the gods it didn’t look like the world was in darkness so why does Helena have to bring peace?

7: Hercules and Xena left a lot of unanswered questions will this series answer these questions?

8: did Xena know about her?

9:if Helena was suppose to save her immortal family why when Xena was killing the gods she was no where to be found?

10: if she was raised by Athena and Artemis and she was born just after Xena turned good wouldn’t Hera know that she was Herc’s daughter and why didn’t Zeus tell Hercules?

11: and finally what is Helena bringer of peace is all about?


1: Helena is the daughter of Xena and Hercules. All Hercules and Xena fans know that the two heroes slept together on the Hercules episode of unchained heart. So Helena was born sometime between unchained heart and sins of the past. Xena knowing that she still had a very bad reputation and that she still had enemies knew she couldn’t raise this child so she went to an old friend queen Olympia of Macedonia , wife of king Philip and mother of Alexander to raise the baby but Ares caused a great fire in the palace making Xena believe that the whole royal family and Helena had died and thought there was no need to tell Hercules. But as it turned out no died because of Athena and Artemis decided to take the child and raise their as her own. She was trained by Athena.

2: Helena bringer of peace is different from the latter series because 1: it is much darker than the two latter series, 2: it deals with the younger generation of heroes,3: the good guys don’t always win, 4: it is not in black and white whose evil or good because some of the characters will switch sides, it is in shades of grey, 5: although the older heroes will be in the picture they will slowly fade away and 6: the dead stay dead.

3: Hercules finds out about her in the series opener.

4: yes Hercules killed Zeus , Zeus killed Hera on the Xena episode of God fearing child and Xena killed Athena, Artemis, Poseidon, Hades, Demos, discord and Hephaetus living only Ares and Aphrodite alive on the Xena episode of Motherhood. But many of the gods were unaccounted for.

5: no Xena is not coming back from the dead like I said the dead stay dead.

6: yes it’s true on the last season of Xena the world didn’t look like it was in darkness because it wasn’t very long after she killed the gods she died. And it wasn’t focusing the state of the world without the major Greek gods it was focusing on Xena’s last battles.

7: yes to many fans who watched both shows know that the two series who did very well in wrapping up left many unanswered questions and yes this will answer most of them.

8: yes Xena knew about her.

9: well when Xena was killing the gods Helena was in Britain freeing the tribes from the Romans. Aphrodite was the one who told her about their deaths.

10: well no you see the two goddesses who loved their brother Hercules and they were keeping a close eye on Xena refused put Helena in danger and Ares who was fond of Xena decided not to say a word. Zeus did know because Athena told him and he knew about the prophecy that she’ll save them but didn’t wanted to tell Hercules fearing Hera would find out and kill another of his mortal grandchildren.

10: well Helena bringer of peace is about the daughter of two greatest heroes who save the pantheons of the world. Save the newly founded religion of Christianity and bring order and peace to the world.

season one

twilight aftermath series opener: after gabby returns to greece, hercules, gabs eve, ares, helena, alexander and kerrie team up to stop the knights of darkness from destroying the city of cornith.

twilight aftermath part two: hercules brother king iphicles of corinth is murdered by the knights of darkness and guess who\'s his heir. helena is found out to be herc\'s daughter with xena.

the black death: greece is overrun with black rats and people are dying with the rats disease . helena, olympia, kerrie, hercules, eve , and gabby and asceipieus the god of healing must put a stop to this.

blood bath: the hestial temple in argos was destroyed by the knights of darkness and so were the virgins were raped and killed and now their going after hesita. helena, hercules, alexander, olympia and eve must now rush to save the goddess.

panathena: helena and alexander bring their 8 year old daughter roxanne to the festival of athena in athens together with plutus hades and persephone\'s 10 year old son but their\'s trouble

battle of the bards: virgil comes to the festival in athens to take part in the bard competition only to find out the knights of darknessis after him.

the battle begins

Episode one

Twilight aftermath


Gabby who has arrive back in Greece with Xena’s ashes. It is summer time

Gabrielle: oh Xena I forgot how beautiful Greece is in the summer.

Gabrielle walks off the ship and unto land

Gabrielle: oh how I wish you were here you didn’t have to die I don’t care what Akemi says. Gabrielle starts crying uncontrollable and fells on the grass.

Gabrielle: I know you were evil but you changed and you didn’t kill those 40,000 souls on purpose. It was an accident. Accidents happen all the time.

She then gets a grip on herself

Gabrielle: but you had to die save those souls. It was the only way you could have gotten redemption. You sacrifice yourself to save the others that’s who you were and I understand. Although I miss you very much.

Suddenly a quick blue flash of light and it was Ares

Ares: I know how much you miss her I miss her too.

Gabrielle: Ares what do you want and why are sympathetic to me?

Ares: I loved Xena and the side of her that you never appreciated.

And he said that very angrily

Gabrielle : Ares I am sorry I know you loved Xena but that still doesn’t explain why you here.

Ares started to talk very nervously: I need your help.

Gabrielle starts laughing and says sarcastically : you need my help

Ares pissed off says: yeah I need your help if you want to save your precious Elijians and their friends the Christians.

Gabrielle: you are going to destroy the Elijians.

Ares: as much as I would love that I need those peace lovers and Qurinus is the one who wants to destroy the Elijians. Do you still think that this new order is best?

Gabrielle ignoring Ares’ question asked: who is this Qurinus?

Ares: Qurinus is the god who tricked you , Xena ,Michael and Eve by pretending to be the Elijians and the Christians God and bringing the death of MY relatives.

Gabrielle: I don’t believe you and who those Christians?

Ares: ok remember the time you had a donkey and while you were walking you gave it to a couple a pregnant woman and a man.

Gabrielle flashing back to the episode of A Solstice Carol nods her head

Ares continues: Iolaus and two other men witness the baby’s birth.

We see flash backs of the Hercules episode of A Star To Guide Them.

Ares: well this baby was no ordinary baby he was the son of the Elijians and Christian God and was crucified by the Romans just before you and Xena woke up from your 25 year sleep. He performed miracles and the Christians and the Elijians believe he raise up from the dead. So his followers are spreading his word and converting people and that is bothering Qurinus. Any way they preach peace and love but will fight in self defence and to save their friends and family.

Gabrielle: ok that explains the Christians but I still don’t believe you.

Ares: alright Qurinus has given his followers the power to kill gods they even took a swipe at my half god brother Hercules. And how he’s recovering in Athens.

Gabrielle: I have to check with Hercules on this.

Ares: ok I deserve that.

Ares then lifts up Gabby

Gabby: Ares put me down

Ares teleports her to a hospital in Athens.



At the hospital where Hercules is

A young woman enters Hercules room

Maia: sir how are you doing? A nice man like you should be surrounded by friends and family.

She gives him a drink of water

Hercules: don’t call me sir call me Hercules.

Maia: ok s… Hercules you have visitors a woman who says she’s your friend and man who says he’s your brother.

Hercules: send them in

Maia leaves the room and Gabrielle enters the room

Gabby rushes towards Hercules and hugs him and says : I heard what happen are you alright?

Hercules: I am doing ok but can you let go of me you hurting me.

Gabby: oh sorry and she lets go

Hercules: my nurse said that my brother was here where’s Iphicles?

Gabby: Iphicles is here. Gabby was obviously confused

Ares enters the room and says: wrong brother.

Hercules: what are you doing here?

Ares: I need a witness so that Gabrielle over here can believe me

Hercules: ok Gabrielle Ares is a liar and doesn’t know the truth if he hears it.

Gabrielle: that’s good enough for me

And starts leaving

Ares: hold it! Tell her about Qurinus and his followers!

Hercules: he and his followers want to erase everything about the gods and the Christians and since I was a half god they try to kill me by burning me up on a funeral pyre until Aphrodite saved me. She risk her life for mine.

Ares: dite has always been a sucker for family

Gabby: so when you tried to save her from Caligula when you were mortal that wasn’t being a sucker for family?

Ares: that was for purely selfish reasons would you have liked to live in a world were that Roman loser was a god?

Gabby: right

Hercules: where’s Xena

Gabby: Aphrodite didn’t tell you

Hercules: tell me what

Ares: sis locked herself in her rooms on Olympus after she saved Hercules because what’s been happening. I would drag her out myself but we have bigger problems.

Hercules who is hates being ignored says: can someone tell me where Xena is?

Gabrielle and Ares looked at each other trying to find a way to break the news to him. All three of them loved Xena very much in their own way.

Ares who has never had any sympathy for Hercules knew that his brother loved her in his own way broke the news to him gently.

Ares: Xena died a couple of years ago in Japan

As soon as he says this they hear a loud wail and things falling on the ground.

And we realize is Eve Gabrielle rushes towards her

and hugs and comforts her

Gabby: I thought you were in Chin

Eve: I was but when heard what was happening here I came back. Is it true

Gabby: yes she’s dead. Gabby says gently

And Eve starts crying again

Ares: look she was mortal she had to die

Gabrielle who is totally pissed off : Ares!!!

Ares who is equally pissed off: now look you! I lost both my parents, three sisters, a brother, two uncles , a nephew and the one woman that I ever loved in THOUSANDS of years just threw away her life for no good reason without a simple word of goodbye. So if I could suck up SO CAN EVE!!

Hercules: Ares have some compassion for once in your life

Ares who is still pissed off: I have been compassionate enough for one day besides we shouldn’t been grieving. our journeys with Xena hasn’t ended. She will be reincarnated so will Gabrielle, Eve, that dead idiot Joxer, Iolaus, Ephiny , Autocyulus and all Xena’s friends , family, lovers and enemies including me will be with her in her next life and you will be immortal so you will see her again also. So don’t worry she’s only gone for this life.

Gabby: Ares that was very comforting what you said I think all three of us feel better.

Ares: I didn’t mean to be comforting it’s true now we have matter to deal with

Eve: and what’s that. She said wiping her eyes.

Ares: you see have been going through Athena’s library and I found a cure to heal your burns. As much as I would love to see you suffer little brother I need you well and strong so here.

Hercules: what’s in this

Ares: it’s ambrosia broth now it will only heal your wounds and give you back your strength without taking your precious mortality.

Hercules: so if I take this potion you gave me and I’ll be healed. I don’t think so

Ares who has totally lost it: FINE ! DON’T TAKE IT I DON’T CARE! Gabrielle lets go we have world to save. Eve if you want to save your precious Elijians and the Christians feel free to tag a long. And he walks off angrily he didn’t flash out like we are used to.

Gabrielle looking Ares then at Hercules

Gabby: you know Hercules although it’s hard to believe it Ares is on the side of the greater good.

Then suddenly a woman appears in leather and everyone in the room is shocked. This is Helena.

Helena: she’s right Ares is on the side of good. And goes to Hercules and

Says: I know it’s hard to believe father.

Gabby, Eve, Hercules in unison: father!!

End of act one


Helena smiles at that

Hercules: look I am sorry but I have no living children

Helena: yes you are my father and Xena was my mother you did sleep with her.

Hercules: Xena and I never slept together and he suddenly he remembers

We flash back to the Hercules episode of unchained heart. But why didn’t she tell me?

Gabby: I would have known if Xena had another child I was her best friend.

Helena: she thought UNCLE ARES killed me but aunt Athena and aunt Artemis saved me and raised me. She didn’t think there was need for you to know since she thought I was dead.

Eve: so you my sister?

Helena: unfortunately.

Gabrielle: I am sorry that you didn’t grow up with your mother.

Helena: sorry I didn’t grow up with my mother so I could turn out to be a god killer! She said angrily

Gabby: those gods were monsters

Hercules with concern said to Gabrielle: she’s angry

Helena: you better drink that broth uncle Ares gave you. It works trust me.

Hercules obeyed and then drink it and he was fully recovered no burns and he got his full strength back.

Hercules: he healed me. He said completely shocked.

Helena: now people let’s get out of here we have a world to save.

Gabrielle, Eve and Hercules followed her out of the hospital.

The group reached the temple of the fates

Lachesis: evil is in Corinth

Helena: Qurinus is in Corinth

Gabrielle: then we must go to Corinth

Helena: wait Blondie what must we do to stop Qurinus?

Clotho: save the remainder of your immortal family

Aetrope: save the many pantheons of the world

Lachesis: fulfil your destiny be the bringer of peace

Helena: that’s all I need to know lets go folks.

Ares and Hesita appear

Ares; there’s a faster way to get to Corinth.

And the two gods teleports the heroes to Corinth

At Ares temple in Corinth.

Ares: I see the three of you met Helena.

Gabby: you knew about her Ares!!

Eve: why didn’t you tell mother?

Ares: first of all Helena hates Xena and I loved Xena so to protect her from fighting and killing her own daughter it was best she didn’t know since Helena would have tried to kill Xena and Xena would have eventually kill her.

Helena: Uncle Ares why do you still protect a woman who killed your family?

Gabby: his family tried to kill your sister.

Helena: look! they weren’t all bad. I barely knew grandpa Zeus and grandma Hera but I knew Athena, Artemis, Hades and Hephaestus they were good gods who helped humanity and only tried to kill my dear sister Eve because they thought their lives were in danger now any one can understand that!

Gabby; trying to kill an innocent baby doesn’t justify their actions.

Helena; look you call slaughtering the major Olympians to save a not so innocent grown up baby justified ! Helena said angrily

Ares: look everyone understands where both of you are coming from. Now lets move on we have a city to save.

Hercules; for once Ares is right we do have a city to save

Ares; first we need the amazons help

Helena; I’ll go to my sisters they might let me address the council since I am Artemis’ niece and heir.

Gabrielle: she’s an Amazon?

Hercules: you gods made my daughter an Amazon?

They look to Ares for conformation.

Ares: yeah , yeah it was my turn to baby sit Helena but I had battle to attend in Thrace and Athena would have gotten on my case if I took Helena with me so I made Artemis baby sit I DIDN’T KNOW SHE WOULD HAVE TAKEN XENA’S KID AND INTIATE HER AS ONE OF HER CRAZY WARRIOR CHICKS. I thought she would have taught Helena how to hunt or howl at the moon or something.

Helena: Ares nearly skinned Artemis. I sneaked up on him in one of his temples and I attacked him. She remembers those days fondly.

Ares: it was a classic Amazon trick . you didn’t need an oracle to see that. Now lets go we have a city to save.

Helena: I go to the amazons.

Hesita: I must go and check on Aphrodite

Gabrielle: how is Aphrodite ?

Ares: not so well.

Hercules: she still hasn’t come yet

Ares: no

Hercules: maybe I should go and talk to her, maybe she will listen to me

Helena: I don’t think so she wouldn’t let anyone in her bedrooms except great aunt Hesita.

Hesita: yes that is very true now I must go I will tell her you all send your love. And she disappears.

Helena: well I must be on my way to the amazons

Gabrielle: Hercules, Eve and I will come with you

Act three

While on their way to the Amazon village Hercules, Gabrielle and eve were remembering their times with Xena. All three were very sad and miss her terribly.

Hercules thinking to him: Xena and I share a daughter, a beautiful daughter, I wonder if we had known if we would have gotten married. Xena I still love you I think I’ve always loved you but ‘it’s too late for us now because you are gone. Hercules thought sadly.

Gabrielle was in tears just thinking about Xena: oh Xena how I’m I going to tell Hercules and eve how and why you died. Hercules might understand but eve she just found you and now she’s lost you. And now Helena your daughter the one you always wished you had with Hercules, she hates you how I’m going to make her love you. Oh Xena I need you! Hercules needs you! Eve and Helena need you I wish you would come back to us

Eve was beside herself: oh mother I just found you and now you are gone. I wish we had more time to get to know and love each other. I killed Joxer one of your best friends and you forgave me. That showed me how much you love me. I just wished we had more time.

Helena was looking at her three companions and she saw the sadness and grief. And thought to herself, Xena must be really special if only I could forgive her for killing aunt Athena and artemis maybe I could learn to love her but not until I destroy qururinus . Maybe after eve and I could sort out our differences.

And as that thought came two Celtic female warriors came up to them.

As we will soon find out those warriors were Brigit Morgan’s daughter and Kerrie Morgan’s and Hercules daughter.

Brigit: excuse me can you helps we are looking for Hercules and Helena. Do you know where we could we find them?

Helena: who are you? And want do you want with them?

Kerrie: we are the daughters of the druid of justice morrigain, we’ve come for their help, and our gods are being killed by this evil god Qurinus.

Hercules then came up to the young women and said I’m Hercules, so you are morrigain’s daughter’s

And I’m Helena: the bringer of peace said

Eve: how many of your gods have been killed?

Brigit: one a minor god we not sure which one though mother wouldn’t tell us

Kerrie: one of our gods lug sent us to Greece to find help before he joined the others in hiding

Gabby finally speaks up: it’s like this Qurinus wants to wipe out all the pantheons on this earth

hercules: well we have to find a way of stoping him before he kills the world's gods.

helena:before we can go to eire, we must save the city of corinth


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