Encountering a Memory Piece

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Skye was someone who can see a fragment of the future,in other words,she was special.Until one day,she went for a walk and got on an accident.She was in the hospital and realized that she lost all her memories but when she got out of the hospital,day by day,she could encounter a memory piece and didn't tell anyone except for her best friend,Maddie.She wishes to gain all her memories by encountering a memory piece from a person she recognizes.From a help of her best friend who told someone named,Orion which would change her whole life into a fantasy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Encountering a Memory Piece

Submitted: January 19, 2013

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Submitted: January 19, 2013



"Hey,Skye!It's time for school,get up already!"

Maddie said.

It was the first day of school at Titanium academy.

Skye was nervous since she lost her memories and doesn't know anyone.

"Orion,wake up Skye.She's getting late."

Orion stepped into Skye's room and woke up Skye.


"Hey sleepyhead,wake up already.Aren't you supposed to go to

school?Besides,i'm going with you,there's nothing

to be nervous about." Orion said, giving a wink to Skye with a 


Skye hid in her blanket."Really?But........I don't know anyone besides 

you.I think i'd just be a loner."Skye said with a sad look on 

her face.Orion  raised Skye's head."Don't worry!I'm 

gonna introduce you to someone you might want to meet!"


"Really?Thanks!I wonder who's that someone."

Orion picked up Skye's meal.He digged the food into

the spoon.Orion smiled."Here,say "Aah!".Isn't it delicious?

Just you wait and see the person,Skye..........."

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