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As Jackson walked out of the room, I noticed that something fell out of his pocket. I couldn't tell what it was. I tried to reach for it, no good. Jackson had hand-cuffed my right ankle to the end bed-post.

Ah! If only I could get that thing. That would be great, I could defend myself.

I scooted all the way back, so i could leap forward, to get the thing.

This is it one chance, if you don't get it now I won't get my chance again.

I leaped forward...and...i got it! This is great, I finally have something to defend myself with. I had just gotten back to my "spot'' and had hidden the object(which I saw was a pocket knife) under the bed, when Jackson walked in. I guessed he had just gotten out of the shower, because he was all wet, and he only had a towel on.

"Are you ready?" Jackson said.

" For what?" I asked confused. I had guessed what he had in mind.

"I think you know. I 'm going to un-cuff your foot, then i'm going to lay you down on your back, and cuff your wrist to the bed post. then we are going to have sex."

"We? Why can't you get it in your thick skull, that I DON'T WANT to have sex with you."

Crap! I shouldn't have said that. Hopefully, he doesn't want to kill me, even though i think he does.

With no surprise he hit me. But this time it was different, I felt more hurt in his hit, like he got hurt when I said that.

"I don't care if you want to or not, we are going to have sex tonight...until I get tired."

"It's not called sex when I don't want's called rape."

" Fine. But its still going to happen, so get ready for the best dang night of your life."

"The best dang night is when I get away from you." I whispered.

"What was that?"


"Yeah, I bet."

The next 5 hours were kind of a blur. One hour he was on top of me, the next he pulled me on top of him, then he would lay next to me, then he got on top of me again, and the whole time I was begging him to stop, to give me a little bit of mercy, to ive me break from all of this. But he never stopped. Then, he got off of me. He walked over to the mirror, and started fixing his hair, I guess he saw me staring at him, casue he came back over at laid on top of me, I knew that he was about to start the whole thing over again so I reached up to grabbed the knife.

Come on, get the knife and you'll be safe again.

I suppose I moved to slow because he saw me and grabbed my wrist, he was squeezing so hard i had to let out a scream. He looked at it.

"I knew you were going to grab this." he said leerily.

" Huh?" I asked.

" I purposely 'dropped' this out of my pocket to see if I could trust you or not. I obviously cannot trust you, there for you get a punishment, you get to spend 48 with me, everywhere I go, you go."

Crap! I should of known.

"Wouldn't that be punishment for both of us. It would definately be punishment for me, but do you spen a full 48 hours with me?"

"Well, if you're good, I might let you off with good behavior." he said in his "sexy" voice.

He then proceeded to cuff my other wrist to the other end bed-post. So I couldn't move my upper body at all. He then proceeded to do everything to me all over again, I couldn't take anymore so I just started crying.

"NO!!! STOP!!!!" I screamed.

He stopped, then replied angrily.

"HEY! This is not the behavior that will get you off for good behavior."

I got off of me, put his clothes on, and walked out of the room. Without a word.

Note to self: Everything is a trick! Watch out!

Submitted: July 04, 2009

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