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He hand-cuffed me to the bed so I woulnd't get away when he went to go get one of those home pregnancy tests. It was 2 hours before he got back from his errand. When he got back to the house and walked into the room he was breathing heavily.

"What's wrong?" I asked trying to sound like I cared.

"The cops saw me and were chasing me, but I lost them and I ran the rest of the way home." Jackson replied.

He actually sounded scared for a moment, it was like he was actually human.

"Why do you think they were chasing you?" I asked.

He hid the back of my head, "Duh! It's cause of those cops that were here three months ago."

"Why haven't they come looking for you before then?"

"Because I have been hiding out here, and now it will have to be like that for at least one month."

Oh Joy!

"Did you get the test?"

Please say no! Please say no!

"Yes, I got it just in time, right after I got out of the store is when the police started chasing me."

"Did you pay with cash or credit card?"

"Credit card."

Hallelujiah! Praise the lord! If the cops are smart enough they will check the records and get the address for here, and hopefully find me.

He un cuffed me, picked me up and dragged me into the bathroom.

"Come on, get the test done, I want to know if i'm going to be a daddy or not."

Hopefully not!

"Aren't you going to get out?" I asked him.


"Why not?"

"Because, I wanna make sure you don't do anything stupid."

"Please get out. It would make me feel better."

"Who cares! Now, do it!."

Reluctantly, I sat down did the test. After waiting the alotted time, I looked at it....

Submitted: November 24, 2009

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