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I woke up, my body still hurting everywhere. My mother was in the room, as expected.

"Honey, your friends are still here. They were hoping that you would wake up soon, so they can talk to you. Sweetie, they 100 miles to get here, and they've been waiting around for 5 hours just to talk with you. Don't you think you could talk with them?"

"Mom, you can stop trying to make me do something, I will talk to them. I really want someone to talk to."

"Do you want them in here all at once? Or just one at a time?"

"Just bring them in all at once."

My mom went into the hall and I could hear her telling my friends that they could come into my room.

I wonder who will be here. Melanie? Haley? Adrienne?Amy?

Well, I was good at guessing because four girls walked in, and they were Melanie, Haley, Adrienne, Amy. They all came in and gave me hugs. They were all crying, they hadn't changed since they were 17. God, I missed 4 years of growing up with my friends, and sharing secrets, and going to college, and everything. I missed it all.

"Hey how are you?" Melanie asked.

Amy nudged her. "What?" Melanie asked.

"Well how do you think she feels? I mean she just escaped from a monster for God's sakes."

"Sorry." Melanie apoligized.

"It's okay," I said, "I still can't believe it either.  I mean i've missed 4 years of your guys' lives."

"Well, there's nothin new really. But you know Janet?"

"You mean the same braces Janet? Who was always teased in high school?" I asked.

"Yeah well, she's married now."

"To who?"

"Alan Johnson."

"Alan Johnson? But he hated her in high school."

"I know, but she got her braces off recently after highschool, and her dad bought her this like whole new makeover and now she's like the prettiest girl, those are the words of Alan, and he's a male model."

"Really? He used to say that I was the prettiest girl, but whatever. I dont know if I ever can interact a guy the same way ever again."

"Anyways. So there is other news," Adrienne said changing the subject, " I'm getting married!"

She shoved her hand in my face  to show me the ring. "That's great news, who's is he?"

"Oh no one you know. He moved to town 2 years ago."

"Yeah, at first she didn't like him, after the accident, she changed her mind." Haley told me.

They were all sitting on the bed, around me.

I still can't believe i'm Thank you God!

"So do you wanna tell us anything about it?" Adrienne asked hesitantly.

"It's to horrible to tell you about it," I started to cry, " that bastard got me pregnant!"

"Oh,  wow!" they pretty much all said simultaneously.

A voice came overhead, "Visiting hours are now over."

My nurse, I found out her name was Gloria, " I'm sorry girls, visiting hours are over you have to go."

"They got off of the bed, and gave me hugs, and walked out of the room. My mom and dad came in and said goodnight, my dad was going back to the motel, and my mom finally got the doctors and nurses to agree to let her stay the night. So she kissed my dad goodbye, and sat in her "bed" (chair). I fell asleep almost right away.

Submitted: March 29, 2010

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