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8 hours and 18 minutes later we were in Honalulu, Hawaii. From there, we took a smaller plane to a smaller island. I felt asleep so I wasn't sure where. I woke up in a room with two beds. Jill wasn't there.

God, please let her be okay.

"Where's Jill."

"I had to let her go from my immidiate attention. She was slacking."

"What? If someone is slacking, its me."

"Don't say that, you have been very good in the area that she was slacking in."

"Which is?"

"All night activities."

He had that gleam in his eyes, and I immidiately knew what he was talking about.



"Well, because she just is slacking.."

I interrupted, " No, I mean, why did you choose me?"

"Like I told you back in Minnesota, I chose you because your special."

"But why?"

He slapped me, "Don't question me!," he continued, "Now get in the bed, I have to punish you."

Suddenly we heard a knock on the door. "Go away!" he shouted.

"Sir, its the other girl. She's escaped." Phelix told Jackson.

Oh thank god. Now hopefully she doesn't get caught.

Jackson stormed out of the room. I just sat down on the floor against the bed, and started crying, then Jackson walked in.

"Why are you crying, baby?"

"Don't call me baby! I'm not your baby, I'm just a girl you picked up and is now being held hostage."

He looked at me for a second then walked towards me....I cringed in fear. He pushed me down on the floor, started hitting me over and over, then just stopped. He got up and told Phelix to go ahead and that he would meet him later.

Oh, great.

He turned around and started taking his clothes off. "Don't scream or else i'll kill you!" Then he proceeded to stand me up so he could take my clothes off, I tried not to look at anything. Once they were off he threw me on the bed

HELP!! HELP!! Don't scream! You'll die if you do.

Somewhere around an hour later he got done and, slapped me, "That's for earlier."

I just layed there.

Note to self: No talking back.

Submitted: April 27, 2009

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this made me cringe. kinda makes you think if this was you, what you would do...hmmm, update and keep me posted! peace. Kris

Mon, April 27th, 2009 2:02am

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