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........2 years later.....

He still hasn't "promoted" me as Jill put it. Since I've been here there has been 15 other girls, but for some reason he still kept me, he hasn't killed me or anything. Something new, though, i'm in a new room. It's small and dungeon-like. He still hasn't trusted me fully since to years ago in Hawaii when I tried to stop him, and run away. He still comes to me every night, wanting everything from me. Like the other girl(s) isn't enough. I've been luclky, but unlucky. He beats me every night. He rapes me about 3 times a week, and he makes me take a test everytime after he rapes me. Sometimes I wonder why he doesn't kill me.I'm a little bigger now, he keeps me well-fed. I hope i'll be able to lose the weight before I get home...if I get home that is. He also moves me everytime he gets a new girl. So I can "talk" to them; a.k.a he wants me to tell them a rules, and my story, about how he got me and everything. I thinks he wants me to be in pain, because everytime I go into a new room I start welling up. It hurts, so much to see all those young girls, i'm 19, he has girls that are 15, he's going younger. I have to stop him or else he will will keep going younger and younger and no one(me especially) wants that.

" New girl. Are you ready?" He sounded so sincere, yet so vile and disgusting.

"No, but I guess I must. There is nothing I can do about it."

"Yes you can, if you don't want to you don't have do. Just tell me."

"Really? Thanks, it just hurts me so much to see all those girls and see them cry and everything. I start crying. So, thanks."



I walked into the room. She was tall and slim, like me when I first got here. She had brown hair, and brown eyes. Once I got in there she looked at me, she got over-whelmed and ran to me and hugged me, she stood there hugging me for 5 minutes.

"Are you the one he told me about?" she asked.

"What's your name?" I asked hastily.

"Jane. What's your name?" she replied, weakly.

"Penny. Well, Jane. I guess I am the one he told you about. He puts me in here with the new girls, so I can tell them my story, and the rules and everything."

Oh, God please keep her safe!

I sat in there for half-an-hour. I made her laugh a few times. She cried on my shoulder, I cried with her. Then, he came in...he told me...

"You know you aren't suppose to stay in here for more than 25 minutes." Jackson yelled.

He slapped me. Jane stood up, and defended me.

"Hey! Leave her alone. She was helping me."

He slapped her too, I tried to help but I wasn't strong enough. He pulled out a gun and shot her. It was the fastest I've seen one of them go. He walked out of the room, saying nothing.

Note to self: Don't help anyone, for more than 25 minutes.

Submitted: May 25, 2009

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