Mystery Continue Chapter 2

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This story is about four friends, who goes out to for a picnic and one of the friends gets killed and becomes a ghost.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mystery Continue Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: A Normal day at home

As Oliva got up from a good night sleep, she went to make tea for herself and Fiona.

It was a very Bright Morning as Fiona was yet asleep. Olivia was sitting outside and having Fresh air while watching the view, When Suddenly her Phone Rang, so she quickly went and answered her Phone.

“Hi Isabella, Its Bernard here, Good Morning hope you had a good night sleep." Bernard asked.

“Yes Bernard, Fiona is asleep, Whets going on?" She asked him

“I decided Few Places more to go after our midterm, so are you coming for the Prom tonight?” He asked Fiona.

“Yes, I will be coming" She said.

“Olivia, I will pick you all up and then we can decide" Bernard said.

“Alright" Said Isabella


As she Kept the phone down, She Went to see Whether Fiona was awake, So that she could tell that Bernard called. She drank her tea and kept the mug inside the Kitchen as she went to Fiona room, she slowly opened her door to see, Fiona was trying to get up, but she couldn’t, she was trying to keep her legs on the floor, as she was too lazy to get up.

Olivia closed the door and thought that she should go have a shower and prepare some lovely breakfast before Fiona wakes up, so she went to her room and thought what to wear, she was a very confuse person, But she decided to wear a skirt and a blouse at home, and  then she wore her bathrobe and went inside the shower, to have a good shower.


Meanwhile Fiona got up and was half asleep, But when she looked at the time, it was ten o clock, she quickly jumped and ran into the toilet and brushed her teeth and washed her face. She ran and went to the kitchen, she saw that her tea was ready, and while drinking her tea, she went to check “What is Olivia doing?"


But to check that Olivia was having a shower, so Fiona went straight to the kitchen, and started to prepare breakfast, she was really excited about the book, so she thought to keep that book. By the time she was per pairing breakfast, Olivia was coming towards the kitchen to drink her juice, and she saw Fiona making Breakfast.


“Good Morning Fiona, had a good sleep ha?" Olivia said and smiled at her.

“Good morning Olivia, Oh yes, what about you?” Fiona asked.

“Yes I had, Oh by the way, Bernard called and he said that he will come and pick us up and we could decide about our annual trip where to go". Olivia said, and they were both making breakfast.

It was time that Fiona had to go and have a shower and take out her clothes of what she is going to wear for the prom night.

“Olivia, I am going to take a shower, if anyone rings the bell, just see that it is and open okay."  Fiona said.

“Laurite Fiona". Olivia was screaming.


Fiona went to her room, and arranged her bed, made sure that everything was clean. She took out her clothes for the prom night, and on the geezer, she opened her hair and it was long and silky, she looked just like a Barbie doll.

 She changed into her bathrobe and went inside the bathroom. It was really silent, Olivia was preparing Breakfast and keeping everything ready, so that she and Fiona can eat and go out for some shopping.


It was Eleven thirty and still Fiona was inside her room, finished having her shower and now drying her hair and making sure that her hair will stand good tonight. Olivia was waiting for Fiona, but she could not wait any longer, So Olivia started eating her Cornflakes and toast, which she made the same for Fiona.


Suddenly, While Fiona was coming down the Door bell rang.

“Olivia, please go and check who is it?" Fiona said.


Olivia knew it was Isabella who is ringing the bell, so she ran, and opened the door, and saw it was Isabella right there frowning at her that why did she get late to open.


“Oh my god, I was ringing the bell, why didn’t you open it?" Isabella asked and looked at her very angry.

“Isabella I was having my Breakfast and Just now Fiona Finished having a shower." Olivia said.

Isabella Looked at Olivia in a very angry way, but Olivia did not care; while Isabella and Olivia were Inside They say Fiona looking at Jacob Photo and Thinking Why did he have to Go Leaving her all alone.

Olivia and Isabella went Next to Fiona and Tried to calm her.

 “Isabella, Lets go out, we shall go for shopping, since I don’t have a shoe to match with my Prom Dress tonight."  Olivia said.

“Oh that is a good Idea, Right Fiona." Isabella Asked Fiona.

Fiona was silent for a moment.

“Fiooona" Isabella called her name.

“Yes Isabella, I am not in a mood to go now, but I want to get that book ". Fiona said and her face looked very dull.


Meanwhile, Fiona, Isabella and Olivia were excited about Tonight and they made their Appointment for the salon, so they quickly arranged the house and, wore their shows, and ran towards the door. Fiona made sure everything was Locked and they went Running towards the car, As they got Inside, Fiona forgot her phone, so she ran And Opened the door and Got her phone On the Table, and ran again and locked the door, and went Towards the car.

Olivia Started the Engine and drove towards the main street.

It was Twelve In the afternoon, Fiona Was seeing the weather, again it is getting very Gloomy and dark, she started to wonder why the weather is like this.  As they were about to reach the salon, and got down from the vehicle, the wind was blowing so much and trees were shaking, People started Running, and no one was on the road.


Fiona got really scared; she quickly took Isabella and Olivia and ran inside.

“Girls, see the weather, People are running and I feel A storm is about to come" Fiona said.

While they were doing their hair, Fiona was Just thinking where to get that book.

And suddenly the lady in the salon was

“Alright madam, your hair is done."

Fiona was so happy about her hair, so she kept Checking the mirror whether her hairstyle was good or not.  The Mirror was facing the balcony, as soon as Fiona got up and looked at The Balcony to see how the weather was. She suddenly saw Jacob standing there and smiling at her. Fiona quickly Turned and Pinched herself, to think it was a dream, But he was standing there as a ghost, Looking at her. She turned back and her legs could not Move. Again she turned Towards the Balcony and saw, He will still standing. She turned back and started to Shiver, Her body was Trembling, Her hair of the hands were standing.

Isabella and Olivia got up and came to her, and asked her

“What happened" Olivia Asked Fiona

Fiona could Not talk, as she was Seeing Jacob Face Again and again.

Her Eyes were red, As if she was about to cry, Her hands were cold as ice, Her Body was shivering, Olivia and Isabella made her sit down on the Couch , Fiona Looked at them and

“I saw Jacob Right next to me." Fiona Stammered.

She did not know what to do. As she looked out again, it was really dark, she saw his eyes.

“Olivia I can see him, Please do something" Fiona said as if she was about to cry.

“Olivia, it’s better to go out of here" Isabella said

“Yes, Its better" Olivia said.

As they both got up and went to get their bags. Fiona could not Move.


“Excuse me, Please can you get me a glass of water" Fiona said to the person who is working in the salon.  So that person went to get the glass of water, Fiona was sitting still, while Olivia and Isabella Finished their hair and paid the bill.

Olivia went next to Fiona, made her get up, suddenly she said:

“I don’t want to go out," Fiona said

“Why Fiona, can you see him now" Olivia asked

“Yes, I can, he is waiting outside" Fiona said


Isabella went outside and saw there was no one there, the wind was really bad, and she came with a Furious look and said

" Fiona there is no one there, Come on lets go, As the day went, They got out from the salon, The wind was blowing, As they could not go towards the car, they were stuck for half an hour, Suddenly there was this guy who came to the girls and said

“Come on Girls, I have an Umbrella; I can take you towards your car" The man said.

 Isabella looked at the guy and said

“Oh thanks a lot, you have done a great help" Said Isabella.


The man took The Umbrella and opened it and took the three girls towards the car.

Fiona was shivering, and Olivia asked her

“Fiona is you okay?" Olivia asked.

Fiona did not talk for a moment as she was looking around.

“Isabella, Let me get into the car First" Fiona said.  As Fiona got inside the car, she could not believe that she saw Jacob right next to her, her feet could not move and her body started to tremble. Suddenly, while she was in the car, Her Phone started Ringing; she took out her phone from the bag and answered it.

“Hello," In a low Voice.

“Hi fine, Gerry here, Guess what?" Gerry said

“What is it Gerry?" Fiona asked.

“I got your Book", Gerry said

“Oh really, Are you serious?"

“Yes, well when you come for the Prom night, I will give it to you" Gerry said.

“Laurite" Said Fiona.

As she Hung up, Olivia and Isabella Looked at Fiona and really started to get worried of her.

 It was  Four o clock In the evening, Fiona was Inside the car , while Olivia and Isabella Were shopping Looking For shows To wear for the Night.


The wind was Really Blowing hard ,  there No one On the road, There was heavy Traffic, Cars were not even Moving.  Fiona was really scared. As she looked back she saw a shadow, she was wondering, and her Fingers started to get cold, and she nearly started to cry.

As she Looked Front, she saw Jacob waving his hands and Giving A flying Kiss, Fiona did not know what to do. She was thinking whether to get out from the Vehicle, But she could not move, her Feet was in one place.

After about an Hour, she saw Isabella and Fiona Heading towards the car, so she was relived.

Olivia and Isabella asked Fiona,

“Fiona, do you want Coffee?" Isabella asked her.

“Oh yes, I think I need that" Fiona said.

Olivia went inside the restaurant and told that Person to give a cup of coffee Immediately, The Person In the restaurant was tall and smart, Olivia smiled at him, but he just gave a nasty look...


Olivia was sitting down and waiting till the coffee came.

After about a while, the man came with the hot cup of Coffee and gave it to her. She took it and walked straight towards the car, while she was walking, she looked at the time, and it was Six O clock.

Isabella Hurried Towards the car, and Got inside

“We are Late" Isabella said. And Drove Home, It was raining very heavily as cars were Not moving.


As the day passed by, Isabella, Fiona and Olivia went home in the bad weather and were just chilling, till Bernard and Gerry came to pick them up.


It was a nice Cold Breezy night while, Fiona and Isabella were Outside, Watching the beach and taking some fresh, and drinking soft drinks.

Olivia and Isabella started Talking.

“What Happened to Fiona?" Isabella asked Olivia

“She must be Missing Jacob" Olivia said.

“Yes, She truly Loved him, She cannot ever Forget Him, It will be hard for her" Isabella said.

Fiona were overhearing their Conversation of . It was really hard For Fiona; So Fiona went towards where Isabella and Olivia were.

“Fiona, come and Join us" Olivia Said.

Fiona was looking really dull and down. She did not want to sit, she knew that Jacob was following her but she did not move. As the time went by, Fiona went up to her room, and took out her clothes and got on her Bathrobe, and went straight to the bathroom to have a shower.

Isabella went to Fiona room, to see where Fiona was, but she was in the bathroom having a Nice Shower. Meanwhile Isabella Wanted to Iron her Clothes, so she on the iron, and waited for two Minutes to start Ironing.


While Isabella was Ironing, She Suddenly heard the doorbell, she was Wondering, But Olivia went to see, When Olivia went to See, It was Gerry and Bernard Who came.

Olivia opened the gate and saw Bernard and Gerry they were Wearing Suits, Bernard Looks really handsome and cute, Isabella Thought. Gerry asked for Fiona

“Olivia where Is Fiona" Gerry asked.

“Oh Fiona is having a shower" Olivia said.

As Gerry and Bernard went Inside, Isabella came down and got really scared to see Bernard and Gerry are here Early. So they both went to the Living Room and sat down, and waited till Fiona came to ask her whiter she is laurite.


After a while, Fiona came down and Saw Bernard and Gerry, Fiona looked really beautiful.

“Hey Gerry" Fiona said.

“Hey Fiona, Hope you are doing Laurite" Gerry Asked.

“Yes, Yes, I am, It’s Just that Jacob is always on my mind “Fiona said.

“Oh fine, Don’t Be upset, Past is past, Oh here is the Book."

Fiona was really happy to get that book, so she went Close to Gerry and gave Him a hug.

And Said

“Thanks a lot, you are a great friend".

“No Problem, Why are we friends, No thanks to nothing laurite Fiona?" Gerry said.

“Oh Gerry, That really sweet." Fiona said

As they were all ready to go, Fiona really wished that Jacob is in Front of her, He would be really happy to see her wearing That Long Dress what he got for her during their two years Anniversary.

Olivia, Isabella, Gerry and Bernard were deciding when to go, and Bernard Gave the list of Places, For the Girls to see and decide.

Suddenly Fiona Hears Someone Plays the Piano, She Went around to see, who it was, but she could hear that the song was for Jacob what is sang for him.

“My delight, My Tantrums, Crazy fellow, I am scattered All over.

“Why do you fear, come, savor me. What else do I say to you?"

Happy- go - Lucky!

“Bitter Gaze on a sweet Poison, We both are happy- go Lucky!"

Slowly, you fell for me.

“As If this road, that road, all the roads, turned Towards My Street."

“I fell for you, the first time I saw you".

“Whether you accept or deny,

“We have been Bonded Together."

“From within you, slowly, something happens to you, too".

“I know It, You know it, and everyone knows it."

“Even then, why do you Feel Shy?"

“I am a girl, Afraid of you; don’t tease me, everyone watching."

“I smiled a Little and Got Trapped, I swear. You are too smart!”

Happy- Go- Lucky!

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