Mystery Continue Chapter 3

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This story is about four friends, Who goes to trips and when suddenly one friends gets killed and becomes a ghost...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mystery Continue Chapter 3

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013




Chapter 3: Prom Night

Bernard had a date in the prom night. He and I had a couple of dates throughout the year, and had Sporadic, Somewhat Intense “Crushes" oneach Other, although the timing of these Crushes was never mutual. As I remember Bernard as Extremely Intelligent, Breezed Through Physics and Calculus and such.


Bernard, Introduced His friends to Susie, Susie was a really Pretty Girl, But  she had an attitude with Bernard Friends, They were all Shocked , as they  picked her up and straight went to the prom, Bernard was Looking at Susie, He could not get his eyes away from her.


Gerry asked Fiona Slowly

“What is going on?" Gerry asked, and gave a wink

“That is His Girlfriend". She said slowly, and they both laughed.

Suddenly Isabella Turned Towards Gerry and Fiona and asked.

“What is happening Behind Guys" Isabella asked.

“Fiona why are you laughing" Olivia Asked.

“Oh it’s nothing" Fiona said.

“Oh common Guys, don’t Lie" Isabella said.

Olivia and Isabella were Wondering what is Fiona and Gerry Laughing about.

As barnyards were driving, he stopped and told, Susie to come in the front, as we are nearly close by.

So Suite Got down from Behind and went in the front. Everyone stared at Bernard and got really angry. As sissies Sat In front, Bernard Wanted to hold her hands, But He couldn’t, because the others were behind.

We Finally Arrived at Opryland Hotel and Excited. The Grand and Stately Facade of the Building gave us Hope about Our Hope. As we filled in and entered this hotel Filled with exquisite Luxury. I thought, this could actually be good. We Passed the Conservatory Several Shops and restaurants, and wound our way to the room for our prom.

It was not a big room. You could not refer it as small, per se, but it certainly was not big. Nor did it seem as any of us had imagined it would. We found a place at one of the several tables set for Dinner. The Moment I sat down, I knew I was in way over my Head.

 I stared at my place setting in bewilderment. I could not fathom that any meal required the number of forks in front of me. There was also an array of three spoons and a couple of items I still don’t know the names of. I shifted uncomfortably while repeating the one piece of dinner etiquette I recalled. Outside In, Outside in, Outside in.


“What?" Asked my date," Did you say “Side in" Just now?"


“Sorry, I said.” I thought that was on the inside. Not inside out. I mean, Just that I said outside in on the Inside. Not Side in or the Outside, Or Inside Out, which I now I now realize I already said".


She cocked her head curiously in way in which I am all too familiar fortunately, our Waiter saved me. Well, He saved me for a moment before it got really weird again.


Our Server was Dark Completed, Quite swarthy, and I guessed He came from south of the U.S. Then he spoke with an almost an almost cartoonish French accent.

“Ella, My name is Pedro and I will be your Server zips Evening." My brain Melted as he made sure which Entree each of us Ordered. Then the really Weird Moment came.


He grabbed what I thought was a table Decoration Directly in front of me, but soon  realized was a napkin after he shook it loose with flourish. He then took the new open napkin and spread it out. On my lap.


“Uh, I can get that, Thanks," I said.


“Oh no, sir," He said as he made sure there were no wrinkles in the napkin,

“This will be a full service mean". He finished with that I still hope was an imagined Flourish and pat on my thigh. At least everyone else got the same treatment (and thought it was a weird as I Did).


The dinner was Excellent, if a little high Faulting for my Tastes, and more Enjoyable than I expected. After Dessert, I folded my napkin and placed it in front of me to make sure Pedro would not again need to put his hands in my lap. I then stood and brushed Imaginary crumbs from my legs (Just in case).


It was time for our prom proper, which is when things really started downhill. We had a DJ and a dance floor. The Music was loud and there were a few lights, But, and there is no other way to put this, Our Prom was Kind of lame. It wasn’t long before many of us got bored enough to leave our small room and wander the hotel.


As we walked the hallway, we heard much better, and more Importantly, Live Music wafting from another room. We neared a realized that it was another schools prom. A much better prom, since we were dressed for the occasion, we decided to crash it.

“Not so fast," Said a large man from behind an outstretched arm.

“Which school are you all with?"

“Um, this one?" My friend tried.

“Nice try," the Bouncer (If I can call him that). Laughed.


We moved along and soon ran into a classmate that had withered slipped alcohol past or chaperons or procured some at the hotel.

“Whets up people?" She slurred at us.

She Ended up walking with us for a ways and at one point looped her arm through mine. Even though my date and I did not know each other that well ( and would in fact not see each other again after that night), She seemed None too happy about this development.

“So, Leighton," She asked, Even though she seemed to have difficulty focusing on me,

“How come, we are not at this prom Together?"

“Uh Because I have a different date."

“Well, I came by myself, we should have gone together."

“Well, we didn’t." I was getting more Uncomfortable by the moment.

“You should have asked me".


No I was in a precarious situation. I didn’t want to lie, But I didn’t want to upset my date wither. I went for the truth.


“I did ask you."

“Are you sure?"

“Pretty sure?"

“What did I say?"

“You said “No" Obviously,"

“Oh. My bad. Want to go to prom with me?"

“Little late, Dutch think?"


We extricated ourselves from the increasingly bizarre conversation. As we walked away my friend said.

“Ignore her, she is drunk."

“No, really?" I said with as much sarcasm as I could muster.


We made our way back to our prom. Oddly, it didn’t require a guard at the door (Unless it was to keep us inside).

We Looked inside and kept walking. We came to another room. In it were several men in familiar clothing.

On the whole, the evening was neither good nor bad. It was just. At the time that Greatly Bothered me, But now I am happy my senior Prom was such an Anticlimax.

I would ate to think I placed as much stock in that one night as some people I have met.


My date didn’t come to the after prom (and who could blame her). It’s not her fault, but I had more fun at the after prom, probably because I was not awkwardly trying to impress her.

We stayed up all night. I think we all really started to get that this was almost it.


I was deprived of a young girls Dream,

By the cruel force of nature from the blue.

Instead of night

Full of romance Serene

All I got was a runny nose and Asiatic Flu.


It’s raining on Prom night

My hour is a mess

Its running

All over

My taffeta Dress,

Its wilting and Quitting,

On my Maiden form.

And Mascara flows all Down My Nose.

Because of the Storm


I don’t even have my Corsage

Oh Gee

It fell down a sewer with my sisters ID.


Guess It’s Raining on prom Night

Oh my darling what can I do?

I miss you

It’s raining rain from the skies,

And it’s raining real tears from my eyes,

Over you.

Oh dear god, Make him feel the same way I do right now.

Make him want to see me again.

Oh what can I do?

It’s raining tears from my eyes over you

Raining Oooooooh

Tears From my eyes over you

Raining Oooooooh

Raining On prom night.


After the prom Night, Gerry, Isabella, Fiona and olive waited for some time. While Bernard and Susie have been Together for four months since Prom Night. After the dance Bernard had officially asked her out, their first date was at Gorgeous Italian Restaurant where they had the most Amazing meals. But Susie kept wondering how Expensive this whole night was and it Turns out that Bernard had Actually Stolen Sue Sylvester’s Credit Card and had Figured Out after this date and, well, she didn’t really complain..... After the date, Bernard took her to places that Hosted Her Favorite Entertainment: Karaoke.

God Did they have fun, One time Bernard had stolen a few Of his dads Beer bottles and had Possibly one too many  and started to sing " The best" By Tina Turner Three times in a row and he even Tried to hit the high notes!.  Susie Never had laughed so much in her entire life; shame the manager noticed his intoxicated state and kicked them both out. Bernard had trouble walking so Susie had to support him up and drive him home while he still sang to the Radio, but he didn’t leave Karaoke with shouting out.


“Baby I would rather be dead".

Their dates often turned out this way (Without the whole getting drunk, thing). But Bernard would always surprise her by taking her to the park at Twilight. He would always plan a picnic with candles and flowers and they would spend the whole time either talking or planning their future in the stars. Nothing could touch or destroy their Love.


But when it comes to young love, things always feel stronger and you think you are with your soul mate. You never meet. “The one" The first time you fall in love; they are just the first of the frogs that you have to kiss to meet your match. Susie didn’t know that but tonight is going to be one where she will come to a heart- breaking Realization.



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