Chapter 1: Vampire Hunter: Prophecy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 1

Going on with this charade is so tiring. Pretending to be a normal nineteen year old girl is just so exhausting. Going to school and interacting with kids that are no more then infants. Most of the girls around me are worried about either what the boy next to her thinks of her or what color nail polish to wear tomorrow. Just these little things bore me about humans. I use to take pleasure in killing them but these days interacting with them was my new way of fun. Knowing with just one push of my mind I can make them do as I please.
Like the teacher of this class, Mr. Tremor. He was a pretty attractive guy, tall around 6'1 short dark brown hair and very nice clothes for a teacher salary.  Most the girls in this class have little fantasies of what it would be like to have him take them on his desk.  I find it funny how this generation is focused more on sex then love. In my day love was key in a romance even in the late 1700's girls had some kind of dignity when they were forced to marry nobles or men with land that they would inherit from their fathers when they perished.
I glanced at the clock waiting for class to start and to have this day go by quickly. You’re probably wandering why I even bother with going to school at all. You have to know that people in this generation are more suspicious if a girl my age or should I say looks, isn’t in school. When people look at me all they see is this pretty nineteen year old human girl. Well I’m no such thing. I’m over three hundred years old and don’t look a day over nineteen since that was the age I was when I was changed into an immortal soul.

The day I was killed dates weren’t really marked back then, but I do know it was the summer of 1776. I was with my brother Mason at one of the many balls thrown by the people back then. He was my escort and would only let men with money near me. I was known as the prettiest lady in the area back then, every man wanted me but I was very picky at whom I let near. I was snobby as people say these days but I was more selective. But when I saw this man from across the room standing there looking amazing and rich I rushed my brother to go get him and bring him to me. Which Mason did without a word.
I had stood there watching my brother approach him and gesture toward me. The man had smiled and bowed his head to me. He was with me the whole night, we danced and drank the night away. There had been this mysterious way to him and he was oddly cold, but I payed it no mind.
“Come with me” he had whispered in my ear, sending a chill through my body.
I took his extended arm and he lead me through the house of a rich countess that was throwing this party for her husbands return.  I was more then glad to follow him even if it was frowned upon being alone with a man.
He lead me through a huge garden that wrapped around a pond it was sort of like a maze and it was beautiful. We had talked for hours but we could still hear the party going in high swing. But as we started to talk about life and death he had gotten serious and he had this dark look in his eyes that sent a chill through my body. This wasn’t like the one when we were inside this one made me shake in fear.
“Do you believe in immortality?” he whispered in my ear.
“I don’t understand.”
“Have you ever heard of a vampire?”
I pulled back from him in shock. This man was completely insane. “Vampires aren’t real.”
“Aren’t they my lady. They are more real then the setting sun,” he had spoke as he stroked my neck.
“Do you know any vampires?”
“I am a vampire.”He laughed lightly.
I jumped up from my seat and ran. My dress was slowing me down but I had to keep running. I picked up the hem off the ground and kept glancing back to see if he was following. I didn’t see him but that didn’t stop me either. I seen the house and my brother stood by the front door searching for me. I got ready to scream for him when a cold hand clasped around my mouth and I was brought back into the shadows of the maze. I had tried to scream but it was no use.
“You wanted me my lady now you have me,” he chuckled in my ear. “You will look lovely when you have went through the change. Even more beautiful then you are now.”
He titled my head to the side. I could feel his breath on my throat and felt a sudden rush of pain that was soon replaced by this tingling sensation that went through my whole body. It was a feeling I’ve never felt before, almost like I was on some kind of high. Soon after he had pulled away from me and turned me towards him. He held all my weight as my legs felt like they had turned into noodles. He ordered me to drink from him. I didn’t understand till I seen the line of blood on his neck. I pushed away from him but he pulled me tight to him and forced my lips to his neck. I hesitantly drank from him and woke up days later an immortal soul.

I was snapped back into present time when the bell rang signaling the beginning of class. I diverted my eyes to the front of the class where Mr. Tremor stood leaning against his desk reading role call.
“Anastasia Night” the teacher called my name and looked for me.
“Here as always sir” I smirked at him. He was drawn into my eyes as I pulled him in. I always like to see him squirm and his heart quicken and his blood flow quicker. But I soon let him go and he hesitantly took his eyes off me.
I will have to feed on him later if we have a moment alone. Of course I had many ways of making sure if we got caught the person wouldn’t remember. Either kill them or alter their minds to believe they seen us talking about class work.
“Class today we will be learning about World War Three, the greatest battle in history.”
I hide my smile as I thought back to World War Three. People were so frantic and crying over people they had never met. I had seen first hand when battle ship Arizona went down and the thousands of men that screamed for help, it had been and amazing sight to see. As was all the wars I had seen pass. But as they say no victory comes without sacrifice and they had gave up a lot that day.
Humans and war. I never got the point. All they want his power, power and more power. When they think a country is becoming to wealthy they target them. The United States has been a target so many times because of their so called freedom. But these people don’t seem that free to me. They have laws that put them in prison for killing or stealing or something else that they had done of their own free while. So what’s the point of saying a country is free and it obviously isn’t.
I raised my slim pale arm in the air to ask a question. I knew this simple man would not have an exact answer too. I was sure of it and I was so hopeful to make him look stupid in front of the whole class.
“Yes Ms. Night” the teacher smiled at me with a blush to his cheeks. It was hard for him to resist the attraction he feels to me. But little does he know I planted that feeling in his head earlier.
“You say Pearl Harbor was the greatest battle in U.S. history but wouldn’t you say any battle we won over the years is great. The fact we could win so many and not lose a huge amount of human life that would just go against the not great factor wouldn’t it?”
“I don’t think I understand your question,” he admits.
“You say that the battle at Pearl Harbor was great because of how many people we lost but still won in the end. Wouldn’t you say a battle that we lost less men in would be even greater? What makes the fact we lost thousands of men better then any other? What makes you think I higher death tole counts for more glory?”
“That’s not what I had meant,” he said briskly.
“Then enlighten us and tell us what you mean.” I urged as the class gave out chuckles.
“Well the battle at Pearl Harbor was great not because of death but because of the American spirit. The fact we jumped into finish that attack when all hope had seemed lost gives this battle great honor. The fact that people were able to join together white or black to fight this enemy makes this battle great. The uniting of two rases that had been at a personal war of their own for many years,” he finished smugly.
I had to admit I was shocked. I thought I would get a more stupid answer then that, but this one satisfied me. I will defiantly being keeping him after class or I should say he would be keeping me after class.
“Bravo Mr. Tremor I am impressed” I smiled sweetly and he blushed and continued with his lecture.
I stayed silent the rest of the class hour taking glances into the mind of the kids around me. They were as I expected shallow. Thinking of what they should wear to some spring dance that was coming up or what ways they could get a boy to notice them. The boys were just as shallow, they worried about the dance as well but not about clothing they were worried about what girl they would take. And when they would try to prompt sex on them.  A few of them were thinking of getting the nerve to ask me to escort them to this dance but of course I would say no. I don’t tier myself with such things as a high school dance.

The bell finally rang and students piled out of class as quickly as possible but I had stayed seated tell our good old teacher seen me sitting there. His heart rate had picked up again when he noticed me here.
“Ms. Night did you need something” he questioned coming around the desk.
“Please call me Anna” I smiled and smoothly slid out of my desk and went to the door closing and locking it.
“What are you doing?”
“Do you like teen girls?” I questioned him as I strolled up till I was in front of him.
“Anna what ever your thinking isn’t a good idea.” He spoke seriously but his blood flowed quicker in his vanes and his forehead formed with sweat.
“I’m thinking that you would like to put your hands on me.” I smiled wickedly and placed his hands on my hips.
“Shrrr” I interrupted placing my finger on his lips. “No one has to know Jason.”
I pressed my body to his. He notices my body temperature and shivered. I slid my cool hands up his neck and titled it to the side as I brought my mouth to his throat. I place my lips softly to his soft skin and he shivers in anticipation of my next move. But he had no idea what I was planning to do next. I let my mouth open and let my fangs sink into this flesh. He groaned in pain but soon turned into a moan. His body relaxes and he enjoys the sensation of his blood being taken from his body. I pull back once I hear his heart start to slow and I lick my lips before pulling his lips to mine and kissing him nice and hard. He wrapped his arms around me and keeps me there till I pull back. He has no idea what had just happened. He just knows he was in extreme pleasure like he was having sex.
“It’s been fun Jason but I must go.” I whispered as I pulled away.
“No. Stay,” he begged.
“Sorry but you have a class to teach.” I laughed and left the room leaving him there dazed and buzzed from the venom in my saliva that still pumped through his vanes.

Submitted: October 12, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Priscilla Collard. All rights reserved.


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