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Chapter 10

When the prophecy said time will not hold him, we weren’t sure what they meant until one morning not only four days after the fact we discovered I was pregnant I woke up with a visible four month along baby bump. Sam had woken me up that morning shocked and startled when his hand came across it when he was laying beside me and had moved his hand across my stomach while sleeping. We had called for his mother at once and she said things were fine. That maybe this is what was suppose to happen. She quoted the prophecy to us and we understood. He would be here sooner then we realized.
It was only a couple hours after the discovery that the other healers arrived with Blaise’s twin sister Ivy. At once they had went to work on me using all of their powers combined to heal me. It worked. The only marks I had left her faint bruises that should have went away in an instant but chose to stay. I wasn’t going to stress on that I was to busy worry about the baby for any of that. But one thing was for sure I was glad I was able to walk around again. I spent most of my time downstairs with Sam and the others. We planned or well they planned while I was sitting on the side lines not aloud to put in my input because according them I was still not going to be able to fight.
“Blaise was right you know” Ivy smiled when she sat next to me.
“You do look like me” she grinned.
“Well maybe we’re related. Have you looked in your family tree? My brother was alive when I died.”
“Wouldn’t that be amazing. You’d be like my great, great aunt or something.”
“Try four more greats and you’d have it” I laughed.
“So how does it feel? You know to be pregnant?”
I seen at least four sets of eyes flicker my direction. All female vampires.
“Strange. It’s weird to be able to feel something moving inside you, but amazing at the same time. Sometimes when I’m sleeping I dream that I’m human where I can raise my son properly and be a better mother to him then I will be.” I sighed and touched my stomach. “But I also know I want to stay the way I am. I’m stronger this way. I just hope I survive through the birth to see him.” 
“You don’t think you will?”  Ivy asked confused.
“Marigold said in her vision I was in extreme pain. As you know vampires don’t judge pain like humans. So I must have been near death to think I was in so much pain.”
“What does Sam think?”
“I think she’s strong enough to survive anything.” He spoke up from the kitchen where him and the boys were planning a hunting party tonight.
“I wish I had your confidence” I called back to him with sad eyes.
Before I could even blink he was out here and by my side holding me to his chest. “You worry to much my love. Nothing will take you from me. Especially not our son.”
I smiled and kissed his shirt covered chest and pulled back. “I hope your right.”
“I am right.” He grinned before he was gone once again.
“You two are so cute.” Ivy gushed. “Blaise and Asher just make me sick.”
“HEY” Blaise called from the other room. Well I guess it was more then just the guys in the kitchen. But Blaise and Asher are like one being now. Of course she’d be at his side in there. As I would be with Sam if it wasn’t for my current position.
“Sorry sis but you two have a serious case of the grab hands when your with each other” Ivy teased.
Laughter broke out through the house and I was momentarily grateful to Ivy and her light heartedness. We all needed a good laugh in this house. We’re always so tense. Or well I am at least. 
“I’m going to go rest.” I said standing. “Sam come talk to me before the hunt.” I called knowing just my regular voice he could hear clearly.
“Will do my love” he called back and I could almost see the smile on his face as he answered.
I went upstairs to Sam’s room and closed the door behind me. I pulled off the sweater I had on and threw it onto the chair that sat on the left side of the bed. Lately I have been affected by the slightest weather change. I felt cold now and hot. I talked to the healers about it and said it was probably the baby. “He is human after all” Savanna one of Ivy’s healers had noted. But I was still confused. How could he be effecting my body temp from inside my body. But I didn’t stress it long I just got use to putting on sweaters and taking them right back off.
I was just about to crawl onto the bed when I noticed the window open. I felt a cool breeze against my skin and went to shut it at once. But I didn’t even get it closed before someone burst through in throwing me across the room right into the opposite wall. It took a few seconds before I figured out who it was. It was Alexander. He rushed me like a bat out of he hell and picked me up and slammed my back against the wall.
So you’re the one? I should have just killed you He spoke in my head. I knew why he did this. If his voice was heard downstairs vampires would be swarming this room.
So you come to kill me then? I asked in return.
This baby can’t be born Anna. You know this. You should have killed yourself when you find out that thing was growing inside you. His mental voice hissed. His hands gripped my arms so hard I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I pushed them back. Why was this hurting so much?
I can’t kill my son.
You have no idea the changes that are happening to you. He glared.
I’ll kill you right now if you don’t let me go. I threatened.
Please by all means try, he laughed.
I grinned and lifted my hand up and slammed it right into his chest but the only one that got hurt was me. I hissed between clenched teeth and he laughed and slammed my head soundlessly against the wall. Black spots danced all along my vision before I was able to focus on his face again.
You have no idea how weak that thing inside you is making you. He grinned. Shall I show you more? He asked squeezing my arms and it felt like he was going to brake them.
I had only one last resort I looked around the room and knew there was no way I was getting out to this without a little help or well a lot of help. Knowing he thought he knew me best. The woman that never asked for help I looked to the side and screamed “SAM HELP!” So loud I was sure the hole town heard it.
With one swift move Alexander had me by the throat his back to the window as the door burst open and vampires flooded the room. Sam and Asher in the lead with Blaise and her sister and many others right behind.
“Let her go” Sam hissed.
“Why would I want to do that?”
“You won’t walk out of this room alive that’s why” Asher snarled.
“Asher how lovely it is to see you again. Of course I didn’t expect to find you here. Well with Anna still alive anyways.”
“That was the past” he hissed. “Now release her.”
“All of you are fools to think that this child won’t kill you all when it’s born. You’re all good as dead.”
“Let her go” Sam growled stepping closer. Alexanders hold on my throat tightened. Sam stopped in his tracks.
“I should do it right now.” Alexander hissed and something flashed in his free hand. I flinched when I caught sight of the silver blade. “You should have been smarter Anna. You left that fools blade just laying there after your little fight. What do you think will happen to the both of you if I stabbed it right through your stomach.”
“Don’t” I begged.
“Look at you resorted to begging and asking for help. The Anna I knew would want to defend herself.”
“I have more then myself to worry about” I breathed out.
Anna you have an opening get out of his hold Asher sent to me.
I can’t there’s something wrong with me. I sent back.
I don’t know.

“Ah are you two having a conversation I should know about?” Alexander laughed. I didn’t need to see his face to know he was looking at Asher. Because Sam glanced at him as well.
“Nothing for you to worry about” Asher shrugged. “Just old friends talking.”
“I’m sure. Now Samuel I’ll let you chose. The baby first or your lovely Anna?” He asked placing the blade over my stomach then my heart.
“You kill either one you’ll never make it out of here. I’ll make sure of that” Sam snarled.
“Well you maybe right. But this is so much fun. Seeing the worry and all your hopes just leave your eyes. God that is just the sweetest gift you idiots could give me” Alexander laughed.
“Just do it then” I growled suddenly furious. “Kill me what are you waiting for.”
“Anna” Sam said shocked.
“No Sam if he wants to kill me he’ll do it either way. But I have a feeling he won’t.”
“And why is that” Alexander questioned.
“Because as you pointed out Asher and I have been having a private conservation” And with one twist of my body Asher launched himself across the room and slammed right into Alexanders right shoulder sending them both crashing through the window while I was thrown to the ground. My head cracked against the floor and right before the black spots took over my vision I seen Blaise and two other vampires jump out the window after Asher and Alexander.

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