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Chapter 11

When I woke up again it was only five minutes later. Sam had already picked me up and placed me on the bed and had healers over me already. When my eyes opened I met Sam’s worried green ones and I half smiled at him in reassurance.
“He’s gone. How is she?” I heard Asher’s voice ask coming into the room through the window.
“Fine.” Sam’s mother answered. “A few cuts and bruises but their both fine.”
“Anna what the hell happened?” Asher asked coming into view. “What did you mean about something was wrong with you.”
Everyone’s eyes were on me then. I asked for Sam to help me sit up and I was sure I had at least a few bruises on my back that they hadn’t seen yet and my body felt sore.
“Anna?” Sam prompted.
“My strength is gone.”
“What?” They both asked confused.
“I tried to hit him. To get him off me and I just ended up hurting myself. He was able to hurt me easily. Look at me” I said holding up my arms where there were visible bruise marks from where his hands had been. “He didn’t even use all this strength to do that. Not even that should have bruised me. You both know that. There’s something wrong with me. I can’t defend myself anymore. I- I’m powerless.”
“Anna maybe your just feeling weak. You’re under a lot of stress.” Sam tried to sooth.
“No it’s not that. It’s the baby. Alex even said that we had no idea how weak I am because of him.”
“So what you think the baby is taking your powers away?” Asher asked confused. “But I can still read your mind and yours mine.”
“Yeah but you were projecting to me you could do that with anyone. You could do that with Blaise before she was human right?”
“Right” he sighed even more confused. “But how is that possible?”
“How am I suppose to know. I just know that whatever is happening to me has to be because of him.”
“Wait” Ivy spoke up. “I’ve been here what three days?”
“Yeah so?” Blaise questioned.
“Not once have I seen her drink blood. You guys need to feed every day right?”
“Not always but generally yes.” Blaise answered with a shrug. She wasn’t getting where she was going with this but I was.
“Ivy has a point” I noted. “I haven’t been craving it at all. All I’ve wanted was human food.”
“So what your saying the baby is turning you human?” Asher questioned.
“That or he’s projecting his human side to me. It’s a stretch but it’s possible.”
“Mother you haven’t seen anything?” Sam questioned.
“Nothing. I would have said something if I had. The only thing I’ve seen is the birth again. But it’s cut off right after the baby is out of her.”
“I know one thing for curtain.” I sighed laying back. “I’m human till this baby is out of me. Meaning I can’t defend myself. I guess we need another strategy plan for when this big battle comes around.”
“Of course.” Sam sighed standing from the bed and is commander side took over. “Anna is going to need to be under 24/7 guard. We can’t afford to leave her by herself anymore. We can’t afford another attack like this. So we’re going to have to work in shifts. At least two vampires on watch or at least one hunter and one vampire at all times.” They all murmured agreements. “I’ll take the night shift since I’ll be closes to her anyways.”
“I will too” Asher spoke up.
“No you need to be with Blaise. You two are stronger together. With your connection you use your powers together.”
“I’ll watch with you” Ivy offered. “I know I’m not as strong as the others but I’ll protect her with everything I go.”
“Okay. The rest of you will take day shifts and we’ll figure out alterations so Ivy doesn’t have to be outside the door every night. She’s human after all they need their sleep.” I could hear the teasing tone in Sam’s voice and seen Ivy’s response. She stuck out her tongue at him like a five year old and we all laughed.
“Then Blaise and I will watch her during the day. We’ll watch her every day. Sorry to say it boys but Blaise and I are the strongest vampires here next to Sam.” Asher shrugged eying the other vamps.
“Conceded” I teased. Asher grinned.
“If you guys are all done. I suggest clearing the room. Anna needs her rest.”
Sam looked down at me and I must have looked more tired then I thought because at once he ordered everyone out. He leaned down and kissed my cheek because apparently the guarding was starting now. “Asher will be staying with you. Of course unless you want Blaise in the room. Of course it’s day time so they both could stay.”
“Well they both can I guess. I’ll be sleeping anyways so that gives them someone to talk too” I laughed.
“Alright” Sam smiled and kissed me one last time before he talked to Asher and Blaise and I was disturbed about how I could barely make out their whispers. I guess my hearings gone too.
I snuggled back into the bed and laid down and closed my eyes. I wasn’t going to waste my time making small talk with the two love birds when I know they were just going to have a silent conversation anyways. But soon I was pulled into sleep and I was out like a light.

The dream started as just a flash of light then I was standing before a boy with lushes blond hair like gold and he stared at me with deep green eyes. He was dressed in black jeans and a white fitted shirt with bare feet. He smiled at me and reached out too take my hand. I was over joyed to see this boy as was he too see me. We didn’t speak a word to each other as we walked through what looked like a park that was lined with a river bank. The boy stopped us just at the edge and he bent down and ran his fingers through the water before looking up at me and smiling. His smile was perfect His perfect white teeth shown behind his pink lips and I caught sight of the fangs behind them. This boy was a vampire like myself. But somehow I knew this already. But who was he?
“I don’t want you to fear.” He spoked with a velvety voice as he stood and took my hand.
“Why would I fear?” I asked confused as I stared into his deep green eyes. It felt like I could get lost in those eyes. They were so much like Sam’s.
“I know your afraid of what’s happening to your body. But I promise it will soon be clear to you why the changes are happening.” He explained but still left me confused.
“What do you mean. And who are you?”
He smiled and kissed my cheek. They were cold but warm at the same time. “I’m the one making all the changes.”
“You? Your?” My eyes opened wide as I took in the boys looks again.
“Yes.” He grinned. “I will protect you as much as I can from where I am. I know I wasn’t there today. But I had no idea how to connect with you.”
“How is this possible.” I asked confused.
“How are vampires possible” he laughed. “But don’t fear like I said I’ll protect you as will Asher. He is the one you need to put all your trust in. He will be able to protect you more then you know. Your bond is stronger then his and Blaise’s bond. You may not be lovers but your family. Ask him who his great grandfather was on his mothers side and you’ll know what I mean.” He released many hand that he still held in his and started to walk away from me.
“Wait. What’s your name?” I asked reaching out to him in a panic. I didn’t want him to go. Not yet. Not when he just got here. When I just got here.
He smiled. “You have yet to give me one mother.”
And I was pulled into the darkness with his last words echoing in my mind. 

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