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Chapter 12

I shot up from my dream gasping. Asher and Blaise where both on their feet and next to me within seconds.
“You okay?” Blaise questioned concerned.
“Yeah. I- I just had a dream.”
I looked up at Asher and looked him over. I took in his every curve of his chin and the shade of his hair and then my eyes landed on his eyes. They were looking at me curiously but as I stared at him I realized why they were always so disturbing to me. Could it be true? Could that dream have been right? Was my son talking to me?
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Asher asked confused. “Do I have something on my face.”
“Asher can I ask you something?”
“Sure” he shrugged.
“What was your great grandfathers name on your mothers side?”
“Just answer it please” I begged.
“Mason Nightingale. Why?”
If my heart had still been beating I would was sure I would have fainted our have hyperventilated or have a panic attack or something.
“Anna?” Asher asked concerned as he hinds gripped my shoulders. “Anna what’s wrong”
Then I did noticed my chest was heaving like I couldn’t breath. Why was this happening?
“ANNA!” Blaise and Asher both shouted.
I seen the door fly open and Sam was in the room within seconds. “What happened?”
“We don’t know she just asked about my great grandfather then started heaving.” Asher explained still confused.
Sam sat on the bed and took my face into his hands. “Anna calm down. Anna look at me”
And I did. I looked into his deep green eyes. Our son’s eyes and I felt myself calming. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t. Asher was my great nephew. I killed my own family. Oh god. I’m a monster.
“Anna your doing it again. Calm down. Whatever your thinking stop your making yourself panic.”
I shook my head and tried to speak. “A-Asher” I wept. And then I was crying.
Sam pulled me to his chest and I cried into his shirt soaking it. I couldn’t believe this. I killed my own niece. God I’m evil. I’m beyond evil. How didn’t I know this?
“Anna please calm down.” Sam begged rocking me.
“He’s my brother” I managed to get out between sobs.
“Asher?” Sam asked confused. “That’s impossible.”
“No.” I sniffled lifting my head and looked up at Asher who looked more confused then anyone in the room. “Mason Nightingale. I dropped the end of my name after I died. I changed it to Night.”
“Anna what are you trying to say?” Asher asked shocked. “You’re telling me that my great grandfather was- was your brother?”
“Mason.” I sniffled. “He never spoke of me I’d guess.”
“He died before I was born.” Asher said shocked as he sat down in the chair he was in before. He looked like he was going to go into shock like I did.
“He was your mothers grandfather?”
“Yes. My grandmothers father. Annabel.”
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry” I cried. “I didn’t know. I- I ne- oh god” I cried harder and was crying into Sam’s chest again.
“How did you figure it out?” Asher asked confused. “You had centaury’s. How are you just figuring this out now?”
“I- I didn’t think. I didn’t know. Your last name it was different then ours. I didn’t know he had any daughters. I only knew of his son. His oldest boy.”
“Great uncle Michael.” Asher nodded. “He died of small pocks when he was fifteen.”
“I know. I was at the funeral. In the shadows of course. But I didn’t see any girls with him.”
“Grandmother was only three when he died. You probably wouldn’t have seen her.”
“He said we were family.”
“Who did?” Sam asked confused.
“The boy in my dream.”
“Then one I woke up from. He told me our bond was greater then Asher’s and Blaise’s that family makes it stronger.”
“Who was he?” Sam asked confused.
“Our son.”
“He came to me. He- he was grown, a man. He looked like me. He had your eyes.”
“Are you sure it was real. You sure it wasn’t something Alexander’s pushing into your head.”
“No it was real. I know it. If it was Alexander how would he know of Asher being my great- great nephew he wouldn’t know that.”
“It just sounds crazy” Sam sighed.
“No not crazy” his mother spoke up. “You are my son my blood runs in your vanes so it would run in his. Maybe he posses the sight before he is even born.”
“Is that possible?” Sam asked skeptical.
“Anything is possible. Anna is proof of that.”
I seen Asher move from the chair he was in and then he was on his knees next to me. His elbows on the bed and his hands pressed together over his lips and he stared at his hands before looking up at me.
“You look like her.” He whispered.
“My grandmother. I never noticed till now. I was young when she died but I see it now. You really are her.”
“The one they always spoke of. The phantom spirit.”
I looked at him even more confused. “Phantom spirit. What’s that suppose to mean?”
“My grandmother told me stories when I was little before she died. It was something her father told her. Your brother. About a lost princess that was stolen in the night. She moved like the wind with her golden hair and skin like the great white moon. She said he always seen her running across the field behind his home. That the spirit of the lost sister was always with him.”
I grinned a little at that. I did like taking runs behind his house. I’d watch him for hours just watching him with his son and how happy he was. I longed for that feeling. I wished I could share his happiness. But I never knew Mason seen me those nights.
“I guess I am” I laughed. “I took runs behind his home. He had a huge home. My father was a very wealthy man.”
“I know” Asher grinned. “But my father never showed it. He wanted us to grow up knowing the worth of a penny.”
“Did you keep anything? From him I mean.”
“How did you know?” Asher asked shocked.
“I didn’t. I was just curious” I laughed. “What did you keep?”
I watched as Asher reached into his shirt and pulled out a necklace. I grinned when I seen the small golden coin with the small hole in it. It had a lion on it with my brothers initials on the other side.
“My grandmother always wore it. Her father gave it to her and she gave it to me.”
“Do you know who gave that to him?” I asked curiously.
“No. He never said.”
“I did. I had it custom made for him when he turned eighteen. That was the same year he met your great grandmother and also was the same year I died.”
“Well here” he pulled it off his neck and handed it to me.
“No you keep it. It should go to the men in the family.”
“Then I’ll give it to my cousin when he is born then.” Asher grinned sliding it back on.
“You don’t have too”
“But I want too. This isn’t the only thing I kept.”
“What else?”
“I’ll have to show you sometime but right now we need to figure out what he meant about our bond. What did he say exactly?
“He told me about Mason, then he said I should put all my trust in you. That you’re the one that will be able to protect me the most. That our bond is stronger then your’s is with Blaise because we’re family.”
“I don’t see how that is. I can’t feel your presence or sense your thoughts like they were my own like I can with Blaise. Or feel when your in danger like her.”
“Your not open to one another” Blaise spoke up. “You two are closed to each other. We’re not. You have to trust each other with no doubts in the others abilities.”
Well this was defiantly going to be harder then I thought. I thought I was open to him. But maybe now that I know who he is our bond with grow. I need to put my trust in my only family. I need to trust him. So I let go. To all my worries and all my blocks I had put up against him. I put down everything. Now it was his turn.

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