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Chapter 14

My blood was key. What was that suppose to mean? But all I could hear was Gabriel’s words repeated over and over. After I sat there a good five minutes figuring out what he could mean and why he would send that I realized what he meant. I needed to make Sam drink from me. When I realized that the echoing of Gabriel’s words stopped.
“I know what to do” I said sitting up. Getting onto my knees.
“Anna?” Savanna questioned confused.
“Gabriel told me.” I said reaching for Sam’s knife that was on the table next to us.
“Anna what are you doing” Asher asked stepping forward.
“Trust me. Don’t stop me from trying” I begged and brought the blade to my wrist and slit it open and I clenched my teeth at the pain and I seen Asher’s eyes flicker feeling the pain inside himself.
I brought my wrist up to Sam’s lips and his eyes opened. “Anna?”
“Sam I need you to drink from me. Gabriel told me” I smiled. “Trust him.”
Sam looked at me a few heart beats before he opened his mouth and he sank his fangs into my wrist. I closed my eyes and laid my head on Sam’s shoulder as he drank. I knew he had to drink as much as I could handle and I didn’t protest when he sucked harder and took in more of my blood. It was when I was close to passing out that he released his hold and I just laid there next to him.
“Anna you okay?” Asher asked from beside me.
“Fine. I- I just need to rest a second.”
“I’ll get you something to eat.” Blaise spoke up from behind Asher’s shoulder.
“Thanks” I sighed and closed my eyes. “Sam?”
“Sleeping” Savanna spoke up.
“Good” I sighed and sat my head up.
Blaise handed me a few cookies and a glass of water. I thanked her politely and Asher helped me stand and sit in the love seat next to the couch. I scarfed down the cookies and water and sat there watching Sam. I could stroke his hair from where I was sitting and touch his cheek. But I just ran my fingers through his hair ever few seconds as I sat watching tv. My other hand was on my belly that was now growing even bigger in size. I looked almost six months along now. It was strange to be this far along but it was going to be even more strange when I see him growing up in front of me. I wander how long it was going to take for me to see that boy in the park in person. Days? Weeks? Months? I doubted years. Not with the way he was growing inside me now.
“Anna?” I looked up at Sam’s voice.
“Here” I said moving to his side. “How you feelin?”
“Better” he sighed. “A little sore.”
“Let me see” I pushed back the bandages Savanna had put over the wound before she left the room and I was shocked to see it was gone. The only evidence of it was a long red line that was surrounded by faint purple bruises.  “Our son is one smart cookie” I laughed.
“I’d say” Sam grinned. “So Gabriel huh. When did you decided that?”
“I didn’t know I had decided till he told me. I asked him what he wanted to be named and he said I already picked but I had to figure it out myself. Then I knew it was Gabriel.”
“You saying our son is an angel” he laughed.
“He has to be some gift from god if I’m pregnant. Wouldn’t you agree?”
He smiled. “I guess so. But how did he know about the blood?”
“I don’t know. I just heard it when I was sitting next to you.”
“I don’t know but he said he would be here when I needed him most and well I needed help to help you.”
“What did he look like?”
I smiled. “Beautiful. He has the greenest green eyes I’ve ever seen. They are so much like yours. Then his hair wow. Like gold. He’s tall too. But he dresses like Asher.” I sighed. “I’ll have to change that when he’s born.”
“There’s nothing wrong with the way I dress” We both looked up when we heard Asher’s voice. He was standing in the door way to the kitchen arms folded. “I dress pretty well.”
“Ash all you wear is black.”
“Black goes with anything. Besides I look good in black.”
“If you say so” I laughed.
“Besides the kid must have a good fashion sense to dress like me.”
“Conceded” I sighed rolling my eyes.
“Whatever” Asher laughed. “Did you two need anything?”
“Nope we’re good.” Sam spoke up. “But I could use a shirt.”
I laughed because he was laying there with nothing on but his jeans. He looked pretty sexy. I would keep him like that all the time if I could. I could just remember the first time I seen him without anything on. I was so freaking shocked at how muscular and toned he was. I had trouble keeping my hands off him.
“Anna please” Asher begged.
“What?” I asked shocked.
“Keep the fantasies down please. Remember are walls are down right now.”
“Right sorry Ash.” I laughed.
“What’s he talking about?” Sam asked confused.
“He seeing inside my head more often now. He just seen me thinking about you.”
“In a way I didn’t want to see you” Asher laughed.
Sam cocked a brow and I laughed. “Our first night together. I was thinking of that night.”
Sam’s eyes opened wide then he blushed. “Oh.”
“Yeah not a pretty picture.”
“I think it’s an amazing picture” I teased as I deliberately sent him the picture of Sam laid out on the bed in my house on the beach with just the silk sheet of the bed covering his torso.
“ANNA” Asher growled. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to cry. Sam just looked even more embarrassed and that made me laugh even harder.  “I’m about to put the walls back up.”
“No, no I’ll stop. Promise.”
“Fine.” he sighed. “I’ll be right back” And he vanished up the stairs.
“Why did you do that to him?”
“Because it was funny. Baby your hot.” I laughed.
“To you maybe.”
“Nope. Everyone thinks your hot. Ask half the girls at school.” I laughed. It was true. The first week I followed Sam half the girls I listened to wanted him. And the other half hated him. But most of them just wanted to think of him naked. And I knew back then I wouldn’t have minded seeing him either. And now I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like not to see him naked again.
“Whatever” he laughed.
Asher returned soon after that and handed him one of Sam’s shirts. It was just a plain red shirt that looked amazing on him. I really don’t like guys in red but Sam can pull off any color. Well not yellow. No man should wear yellow. I hate the color yellow on a guy it’s way to bright and makes them look gay.
“Thanks” Sam sighed and sat up. “Maybe we should go lay down upstairs.”
“Sounds good” I smiled and stood up.
I took Sam’s hand and Asher helped him up. We went upstairs and Blaise was at the top of the stairs with Ivy. They both smiled when they seen us and we half smiled in return and went into our room and shut the door. We laid down on the bed and I wrapped my arm around Sam’s torso as his arm wrapped around my back.
“So did he explain why you are going through these changes? Why your powers are gone and why you don’t need blood anymore?”
“No. He just said he was the one making the changes and after he’s born I’ll understand why they were needed.”
“That’s not cryptic” Sam laughed.
“I know. He seems to talk in riddles. But he says there’s some things he’s not aloud to tell me yet. He doesn’t know why he just knows he can’t.”
“I know annoying” I laughed.
“Just a little.”
“But I’m sure we’ll understand soon. With how fast I’m growing and he’s growing. I think he’ll be here within the next week or so.”
“That soon?”
“Yep. Your mother said I was close to six or seven months now. And it’s only been two weeks.”
“Well hopefully everything will go fine” he yawned.
“It will. I can feel it” I sighed an kissed his cheek and curled myself around his side.
“‘Night” I sighed and closed my eyes and he was out before me but I was out soon after and I was saddened I didn’t get another visit from Gabriel. I was looking forward to thanking him. But I guess he can’t be here all the time. Not yet anyways.

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