Chapter 15:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 15

Another two weeks passed and Sam followed lead after lead to find Alexander. With me growing so quickly and my visits from Gabriel were coming more often now. He told me it was almost time two nights ago and I was freaked out. I mean I was excited to see my baby born but I was scared of what will happen after. I remember him saying that he wished I could be there with him as he fights to save the world. But I never gave much thought to till now. What if I do die? What if I leave my baby to grow up without a mother? I couldn’t live with that thought these past couple of days. It tore me up inside and I cried most nights. Sam just held me and never asked what was wrong. He asked the first two night I cried but refused to tell him why. I didn’t need him worrying with me. That would just make him distracted when he goes on these leads. Asher I had a feeling knew my worries. I could feel his sympathy through the bond and every time I was done he seemed to be down and I tried to block my feelings from him as he does with pain but I’m not as good at as he is.
It was almost summer now. School well we hadn’t been there since Sam and I first got together and the school never even called to see why. They probably figured we dropped out or something. Which we sort of did. We didn’t need school when we were to busy trying to save the world from being over run my evil vampires.
It was June fifth to be exact. Sam and Asher were downstairs trying to figure out where Alexander could be hiding. Ivy was laid out on the bed next to me. She was prattling on and on about how Alexander would go down before we knew it. But I didn’t share her confidence. I had a feeling that the only one able to kill Alexander would be Gabriel. I think that is why Alexander is hiding he knows that Gabriel will be his end and he needs to gather his strength if he is to fight Gabriel. But I know after Gabriel’s birth that the battle will get worse. We will all need to be on are guard.
“Have you talked to your mother?” I questioned Ivy.
“Two nights ago. She said she was attacked by a few of Alexanders men. Wanting to know everything about what’s going on in this house. But of course she has no clue what’s going on. We don’t trust her with that information.”
“Huh. Well I don’t think your mother would risk the prophecy to get back at Asher for killing Blaise or turning or whatever she thinks.”
“Yes well you don’t know our mother. The woman can hold a grudge.”
I laughed and tried to roll on my side. Which was harder with my belly being so huge. But when I turned I stopped and stared up at Ivy’s face. She looked at me confused and that’s when the screaming started. At first it took me a second to realize the screaming was coming from my own lips as it felt like something just ripped through my body.
“Anna!” Ivy screamed sitting up quickly as the door burst open and the room filled. Savanna and Marigold where on either side of me with in seconds turning me onto my back as I clutched my stomach.
“It’s time” Marigold called over my screams. “Sam, Asher hold her down.”
“What?” Sam asked confused.
“She’ll thrash we can’t have her thrashing. She’ll hurt herself that way.”
It was obvious Sam’s mother had seen something in her vision that she had been holding back from all of us. She knew the pain was going to be greater then she let on. I was sure it would hurt but not this much. Scream after scream was leaving my lips as it felt like someone was ripping through my body.
Anna you’ll be fine. Asher’s voice spoke in my head and for a fraction of a second I met his wide eyes.
Everyone in the room was in aw. They had no idea what to do. Savanna was chanting something as she had her fingers pressed to my temples and I realized she was trying to block the pain by making my brain not register it. It worked a little. The pain wasn’t as bad and I was able to stop screaming. But I was breathing so hard I thought my lungs would burst.
“I need the room cleared. This is going to be awkward enough for her without all of you watching. Sam, Asher, Blaise you can stay. The rest of you out.” Marigold commanded and they listened.
I was barely aware of Marigold as she moved to cover my legs with a white sheet and my shorts and panties were pulled off. I got a glimpse of them and tears screamed down my cheeks faster as I seen they were covered in blood. Was I suppose to be bleeding that much.  As I looked at Sam I knew he was thinking the same. He came to my side on the bed and took my hand and brushed his fingers through my already sweaty hair and kissed my forehead. Savanna had moved to put pressure on my pressure points on my stomach to stop the pain there. It was helping a little where I could breath again.
“You’ll be fine” Sam whispered in my ear before he kissed my forehead again.
“What if I’m not” I panted out. “He said I would understand after the birth. What if he meant because I’ll know I’m dying” I cried.
“Anna please you can’t think that way” Asher spoke up. “Not after I just got my family back.”
I half smiled at Asher. “I don’t want to leave you either nephew.”
After that things seemed to go by quickly. Savanna and Marigold started chanting something around my stomach as their hands pressed to my sides. Sam held onto my hand tight like if he thought if he held on tight enough I wouldn’t go anywhere. But I had a feeling I wasn’t going to make it through this. I wasn’t going to live forever with him and my baby. I was going to die just like every human, just like I should have.
“Okay Anna we’re going to need you to start pushing.” Marigold said calmly but the look on her face told me she was anything but calm inside.
I nodded my head to let her know I understood. I hadn’t been saying much. I was just concentrating on breathing in and out. Sam’s arm wrapped around my shoulders and helped me push up and I clenched my teeth as a hiss seeped through them showing just how much pain I was in when I pushed. I don’t know how mortal woman feel when they give birth but this can’t be normal, right?
It felt like centuries that I pushed and took brakes then pushed again before I heard those little set of lungs crying. I looked towards my legs in relief that the pressure was gone and the baby sounded health to my ears. 
“Is he okay” I panted out.
“He’s perfect” Marigold smiled. “Sam come and cut the cord and hold your son.”
Sam kissed my head quickly and Asher took his place helping me sit up a little to watch. When Sam snipped the umbilical cord his face looks so bright with happiness I couldn’t help but smile through the pain I was still feeling. They wrapped Gabriel into a small blue baby blanket that I knew use to be Sam’s when he was a baby and Sam sat on the other side of me and slid the baby into my weak arms. I couldn’t tell them I was having trouble just keeping my eyes open because I wanted to hold my son and I knew if they knew I was that weak they would take him from me.
“Gabriel” I whispered and ran my fingers over his little plump pink cheeks. He was really light skinned like me and Sam. I guess that would be a vampire side effect. He had a full head of hair that look like it was light brown. So maybe he wouldn’t be a blond like me. I guess that was one of the things that wasn’t going to stay.  But one thing was obvious his eyes were the same. He stared up at me with adult eyes that shined like two emeralds. He was breathtaking.
“Sam take him” I panted out.
“Anna?” Asher asked worried.
I couldn’t seem to find my voice so I opened the gates I’ve been holding up against him since the pain started. Letting him see and feel just how much pain I was in and how weak my body really was. He laid me down at once and yelled at Savanna and Marigold to help me. That I was dying. He knew that much was true. He just didn’t know how this could be. The only way to kill a vampire is stabbing them through the heart or bleeding them dry and I still had a good amount of blood in me.
Marigold and Savanna went to work at once. They checked to see if I was still bleeding but I wasn’t. I just to weak now. I couldn’t hold on to the world around me. I could hear Sam’s soft cries of despair and wished he wouldn’t cry over me. I could hear Blaise reassure Asher I’d be fine but she wasn’t feeling what he was and he wasn’t stupid.
“Sam” I whispered. My eyes felt like heavy weights.
“I’m here” he whispered still holding Gabriel.
I looked at them both and touched my hand to our sons little hand then to Sam’s cheek. “It’s up to you now.” I whispered right as my eyes dropped.
“ANNA NO!” I heard Sam cry out as I was pushed down into deep sea of darkness. 

Submitted: October 17, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Priscilla Collard. All rights reserved.


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