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Chapter 16

The thing about death is that it’s unpredictable. As I drifted into a dark obis I could hear everything that was going on around me. I could hear Sam’s cries and Asher’s pleads with them to help me. And Blaise’s cries of sorrow. Is this how it ends for me? I’m like a vegetable for the rest of my life or well existence.
I had no idea what Marigold was doing to me but it felt like she was putting heat to my skin. What kind of freaking healing is this. It felt like I was on fire now. Like I was so hot I was going to burst into flames and I was going to hear everyone’s screams when they rush out of the room forgetting about me in the flames.
“She’s not responding to anything” Marigold sighed. “Sam I’m sorry.”
“No” he cried. “She can’t be gone.”
“I can’t sense anything from her” I heard Asher speak saddened. “I should be able to feel something.”
“No. Maybe she’s just blocking you. She can’t be dead.” Sam spoke in denial. I felt his fingers run along my cheek and his lips touch my forehead. “She wouldn’t leave me.”
“NO” He screamed. “Just leave us along. Get out” he growled.
“Sam-” Asher began.
“Just give him time” Marigold said sadly.
I heard everyone’s footsteps and I was being pulled up and I was in Sam’s arms. His soft cries in my ear. I wished I could move to tell him I was still here but I couldn’t. I couldn’t feel any muscle in my body. I couldn’t get anything to move not even a pinkie.
“Come back” he whispered in my ear. “Please come back to me.”
I wanted to scream at him that I would. That I’m coming back to him. But I couldn’t and I’m not sure if I would.
“Our son needs you, I need you. Anna you hear me. Please. I know your in there and I know in my heart you want to come back to us. So please just fight. Come back.” He cried.
If I was able to cry I knew I would be balling my eyes out. I didn’t want to hear him in so much pain. I couldn’t even imagine what his face looked like. The pain that was probably on display there would brake my heart on its own.

I don’t know how long I laid there in his arms. He held me to his chest as he laid next to me. He whispered things here and there as time drifted off. I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted too and I didn’t want too. That was the last thing I wanted to do. I didn’t want to miss a thing.
But I couldn’t deny the pain I was starting to feel again. Well still, it really hadn’t gone away it just was easier to not think about when I had Sam to think about but now the pain was getting so bad I couldn’t pretend it wasn’t there. It felt like my body was scorched and I was sure if I was to see myself it would look like a pile of ash. Suddenly I realized I could hear voices like they were closer to me now. Not like I was hearing them from a tunnel like I was before. I could almost feel myself again and suddenly a light showed behind my eye lids and I heard a faint voice. “It’s time to wake mother.” It was Gabriel’s voice. But how is he doing it. He’s just a baby now. He wasn’t connected to me anymore.
A tightening in my chest started and it felt like someone was pulling my heart right out of me. The burning was moving and running through my blood till it heated my heart till it gave a squeeze and popped. My body shot up and I gasped for air as my eyes flew open.
“SAM” I screamed. I had been wanting to say his name for hours and now I was finally able too.
“Anna. God Anna” Sam spoke shocked next to me. He took me by the shoulders and faced me towards him. My eyes met his shocked ones before he pulled me into his arms and held me as tight to his body as he could. “I knew you’d come back. I just knew it.”
“Sam” I whispered wrapping my arms around his neck and wept into his neck.
“I love you. I love you so much” Sam cried into my shoulder before he was kissing my neck up to my jaw till he found my mouth and he devoured my lips.
I kissed him back with just as much passion and wanting till I couldn’t breath and that was a shocker because I could go hours without breathing but now I couldn’t go longer then five minutes before my lungs felt like they would burst.
“I love you too” I panted out as I pulled back to look into his deep green eyes that glistened with tears. 
We hadn’t even noticed the door was open till I heard Asher’s voice say my name in shock. I looked up at him and untangled myself from Sam and pulled Asher into a hug and he held me tight to him.
“You’re okay” he whispered.
“I think so” I whispered back.
We all turned to look at Blaise when she spoke. She sounded shocked so she had our attention at once. She was staring at me with her head cocked to the side a little like she was listening to something.
“What? Blaise what’s wrong?” Asher asked worried.
“You don’t hear it?” Blaise asked confused.
“Hear what?” Sam asked even more confused.
“Her heart.”
All their eyes were on me and I listened but how was I suppose to hear my own heart. I put my hands to my chest right over my heart and suddenly realized it was beating. I gasped and met Sam’s confused gaze.
“How- how is that possible” I whispered confused.
“I don’t know” Sam said shocked.
“I- I’m alive” I cried. “I’m human.” This couldn’t be happening.
“You smell human” Blaise said from beside Asher who had moved closer to hear my heart better no less.
“Gabriel? Where’s Gabriel?”
“With mom,” Sam said dazed.
“I want to see him.”
“I’ll get him.” Blaise spoke up and left the room. I watched the door where she vanished from. He did this to me. This was what he meant by me not being able to help him. I was human now. I had no abilities. I was going to die like all humans do. But what about Sam? He’s still a vampire. He will never age. He won’t want me now that I’m human. Not when I get all old.
Blaise returned with Gabriel. I wasn’t shocked that he looked bigger then most babies. She placed him in my arms and I smiled down at him as I brushed my fingers slowly across his pink little cheeks. He stared at me and I swear I could see a smile in his eyes.
“You did this to me huh” I whispered to him knowing I wouldn’t get an answer but it was still nice to say.
“How could he be capable of turning you human?” Blaise asked confused.
“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “He told me he was making them. He just didn’t tell me how. And I hadn’t cared then. I didn’t really understand it then and I was just happy to see him.”
“It’s okay love. We understand.” Sam reassured running his hand up and down my back reassuringly.
“But I guess he was right about one thing.”
“What’s that?” Ash questioned.
“I won’t be able to help him now. Or any of you. I’m useless.”
“Anna your not useless” Sam spoke sympathetically.
“I’ll help as long as I can” I sighed. “But once he’s grown I’m just going to be a liability.”
“No your not.”
“Sam I’m human. I have nothing that you guys have. I’m weak.”
“No I’m done talking about this. I just want to hold my son.”
“Okay. Guys can you?”
“Yeah uh we’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Asher spoke as they backed up to the door and left the room.
I moved onto the side and put Gabriel down on the bed right between me and Sam. Sam scooted down and laid on his side like me and let Gabriel wrap his little hand around his pinkie.
“Have we figured out what to feed him yet?”
“Mom tried milk first.”
“He took to it.”
“But-” I trailed off. It sounds like something was wrong.
“He likes blood too.”
“Why did you try blood if you tried milk first.”
“Oh we didn’t try blood. He kind of just took it.”
“Okay I’m confused” I laughed.
“He bit mom”
“He bit her?” I asked shocked glancing down at Gabriel who was now sound asleep.
“Yep. She was wiping the milk that spilled down his chin and he snapped at her and made her bleed he like that a lot.” Sam chuckled.
“Well he did have fangs when I seen him the first time.”
“You never told me that.”
“Babe come on his parents were both vampires he was bound to be born one. Well now it’s only one parent but you get what I mean.”
“True.” He laughed quietly. Suddenly he became serious and he looked deep into my eyes. “You know I thought I lost you.”
“I know” I whispered. 
“I love you.”
“I love you too.” I smiled and leaned over and kissed his lips softly. “You know my blood will probably taste better now.”
He laughed and leaned in and kissed my neck. “I guess we’ll have to find out soon when we’re not with Gabriel.”
“Yeah we will. I can’t wait to see how it feels being human.”
“You’ll have to explain it to me when we’re done.”
“Oh I will” I laughed and kissed his lips again before laying my head down into the pillows and just laid there watching Gabriel till sleep took me.

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