Chapter 17:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 17

It felt like I could just blink and Gabriel would grow. Two months passed and he looked like he was five. He talked to me like an adult. Told me stories about what he had dreamed about the night before or something he read in a book. He was so smart that if it wasn’t for the fact I was over 300 years old it would make me feel stupid. But I knew just as much as he did. Sam on the other hand was sometimes at a lose for words.
“Why must Father go out every night?” Gabriel complained one night.
“You know he has no other choice Gabriel. He is just trying to make sure we’re safe.”
“We’re safe. Alexander will not come here. I sense it.” Gabriel said seriously. “He is scared.”
I smiled and tucked Gabriel into bed. “Son you are such a smart boy. But you must sleep now and when you wake again Father will be home.”
“Read to me please.”
I smiled and looked at the book shelf. “What would you like?”
“An American Tragedy” Gabriel smiled.
“Again” I laughed.
“It’s a good read mother.”
“Maybe but wouldn’t you like something about love and happily ever afters.” Gabriel smiled and shook his head no. “Fine.”
I slid onto Gabriel's bed and he cuddled up to my side and listened as I read to him. I heard him whisper the words as I read them aloud and I smiled and kissed the top of his dirty blond locks and continued on reading till I heard his light snoring. I laid him gently down on his pillows and tucked him into his bed nice and tight. I made sure his windows were sealed shut nice and tight before I shut of his bedside lamp and left his door cracked open as I left. Arena one of the many vampires that took up inhibitions here to protect Gabriel stood outside his door when I exited. 
“Watch over him.”
“Always” she smiled and I went into Sam’s and my room and slid under the covers and tried to sleep.
It was rolling around one am when Sam walked quietly into the room thinking I was asleep. He slipped out of his boots and jacket and his jeans and t-shirt.
“I’m up you know” I laughed as he jumped a little at the sound of my voice.
“Did I wake you?” He asked apologetically as he slid into bed next to me.
“No” I smiled and slid over into his warm embrace. “Couldn’t sleep.”
“Everything okay?”
“No everything’s fine. I just couldn’t sleep. You know one of those nights I guess.”
“Hmm. So you want to sleep or-” he trailed off suggestively.
I laughed and moved up till my lips found his in the dark and we were kissing. Hot, sweet passionate kisses. His fingers tangled in my sleek blond hair and mine trailed down the smooth warm skin of his back till I ran my finger tips over his side. He shifted so I was pressed into the bed and his warm body laid on mine. I could feel the heat of his skin through my thin night shirt as he pushed against me. I moved my fingers up his back again till my hands wrapped around his face and I pulled my lips from his and turned his head so I could kiss his neck. I wasn’t taken over by that urge to bite him anymore but that didn’t stop me from nibbling on his flesh playfully. He yearned for the bite these days. Missing the way it made him feel. That was one of the many things we lost when I became human. But he didn’t miss it to much once he got to take his bite. But I wasn’t going to give it to him to easy tonight. I like teasing my little vampire. I moved my neck out of his reach and kissed down his chest. He growled from deep in the back of his throat and I smiled and bite him playfully again on his stomach. I moved around kissing every surface of his wash board abs till he got frustrated and took me by the shoulders and flipped me onto my back and his nose was skimming the soft skin on my neck. I breathed out a deep shy as I waited for him to take the bite he was desiring. He kissed and licked around my throat till I felt his lips part and his sharp fangs sank into my flesh making me gasp out in pleasure.
I ran my hands down his bare back and dug my nails into his flesh as I pulled him tighter to my body. I didn’t want any space between us none at all. His bite became for intense as he took in more of my blood and I was gasping and moaning. I couldn’t help it. The way this feels was amazing. No wander guys I use to have as my lovers over the years always wanted more. This was the most amazing feeling on the planet.
When Sam’s lips left my neck I was a little disappointed but I knew he could only take so much blood before I passed out and neither of us wanted that to happen. I flipped us again and found Sam’s lips as I pulled off the rest of his clothes which was just his boxers. He slid my nightie off and moved over me. I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt our bodies connect and we made love. The feeling was just as amazing as his bite was but wasn’t as aw inspiring. But still freaking amazing. Second best thing on the planet is being with Sam like this.

When we both woke in the morning it was to Gabriel’s voice yelling at us to wake up. I groaned and rolled over hiding my face in Sam’s arm. Sam kissed the top of my head as he lifted up to a sitting position.
“What is it Gabriel?” Sam yawned.
“Gran told me to wake you.”
“And why is that?” I asked sitting up. We had changed back into our clothes for just this reason last night.
“She said breakfast is ready and Asher wants to talk to Mother.”
“Alright then. We’ll be right down.” Sam reassured sliding out of the bed.
“Hurry.” Gabriel ordered and ran out of the room.
“I swear that boy is getting taller every second.” Sam yawned.
“He is Sam.” I laughed. “I want our baby to stop growing” I wined.
Sam turned around and slid back onto the bed and pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight. “So do I. But we both know that no matter how much we hope and pray for our son to be normal, he isn’t.”
“I know and I hate it. I want him to be safe. I want all of use to be safe.”
“We will be my love. Just give it time.”
“Times not the same to me anymore. Life is to short. At least mine is anyways.”
Sam gave me a sad look and kissed my lips. “Come on we don’t want to keep him waiting. You know how impatient he gets. “
“Gabriel or Asher” I laughed.
“Both” Sam smiled and pulled us off the bed. I pulled on my robe and followed Sam out of the room and downstairs to where everyone was sitting around drinking blood and eating pancakes. I was glad to see Gabriel picked pancakes this morning instead of a glass of blood.
I strolled over and kissed the top of Gabriel’s head and sat down next to him as Marigold handed me a plate of pancakes and sausage. She handed Sam the same but also gave him a half a glass of blood.
I stabbed my fork into my pancakes and without looking up I sent a mental message to Asher. So I’m here what’s so important?
Gabriel said he sense that Alexander is getting closer to his plans. Gabriel asked me to take you somewhere safe.

I looked up at that in shock. “Why?” I said aloud making everyone turn to look at me.
“He thinks it’s safer if your not in harms way.” Asher shrugged. Obviously he agreed.
“What’s going on?” Sam asked confused.
“Our son apparently has been keeping things from us.” I said glancing at Gabriel who looked to into his food now.
“Gabriel?” Sam questioned.
“Father it’s nothing.” Gabriel shrugged. “I just had a vision that Alexander will be attacking in the next few days and I asked Asher to take Mother away till things are settled.”
“Ah well my love maybe the boy has a point.” Sam agreed.
I groaned and pushed back from the table. “I’m going to go shower.” I glared at Sam then Asher. “No one follow me.”
I stomped up the stairs annoyed. I hated being treated like, like I was- well human. I hated it. I wanted to be able to protect myself I wanted to be able to protect my son. I wanted to be a vampire again.

Submitted: October 17, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Priscilla Collard. All rights reserved.


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