Chapter 18:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 18

When I got out of the shower I shouldn’t have been surprised that Gabriel was sitting on my bed waiting patiently there for me. He didn’t speak as I walked around the room throwing my dirty clothes in the closet hamper or when I pulled the brush through my long locks.
I sat down next to Gabriel and took his small hand into mine. “What is it Gabriel?”
“Mother you know we only want what is best for you. And to have you safe will bring me and Father peace of mind.”
I smiled and shook my head. “Gabriel you may sound like an adult but your not an adult and you don’t know what is best at all times. You changed me into this and it was something I didn’t want.”
“I thought you missed humanity. I knew you did. I felt it in your soul.”
“Gabriel me being human was something I wanted but that was just a dream. It was a nice thought but in reality having a Vampire boyfriend and a vampire son puts a downer on things. I can’t be with you and your father forever like I wanted. I will die of old age.”
“That is how the world is suppose to be” he sighed rolling his eyes.
“Gabriel I never wanted to be human again.”
“I thought it was what was best for you. And I know I’m right mother. I just know it.”
“Gabriel what is best for me is to be able to protect you and your father.”
“We can take care of ourselves.”
“And I use to be able to do the same but now I can’t. I’m powerless.”
“I’m sorry” he mumbled and tear leaked out from the corner of his eye.
“It is not your fault you thought you were doing what was best for me and I love you for that.”
He looked at me with sad eyes. “I’m sorry momma.”
“Oh Gabriel” I sighed and pulled him into my side and he laid his head on my chest and I kissed the top of his head. “Thank you.”
“I want you forever Mother.”
“As I you” I whispered
“Dad want’s you too” Gabriel whispered.
“I know” I smiled. “Your father is everything to me and so are you.”
“I know” Gabriel smiled.
“Go get your father for me.”
“He’s listening” Gabriel chuckled.
“Sam” I called and surely enough a second or two later he appeared in the door way with a sheepish grin on his face.
“Couldn’t help it.” He shrugged.
“So where do you and Asher plan on stashing me then?” I asked giving up. Either way I knew I was going to have to hide out till this all blows over.
“Asher has a place a few towns from here that he said is safe. He and Blaise just bought it so no one knows about it.”
“Good” I sighed. “When do I leave.”
“Tonight” Gabriel answered. “The sooner the better mother. Not taking any risks when it comes to you.”
I smile and kissed his head again. “You are a good boy Gabriel.”
He smiled up at me and laughed. “I try.”

It was almost eight when they had everything packed. I was sad that Sam was coming with me. I wanted Gabriel to come hide out with me but Sam was training him in how to yelled a blade. I hated thinking of my baby boy holding a hunter’s blade but I knew he had too learn. I was shocked when I found Asher wasn’t even taking me to this hide out.
“Marcus and Jason will be taking you to the safe house.” Asher explained. “We would come with you but Marigold feels that we are better here protecting Gabriel.”
“I understand. Don’t worry about me. I trust Marcus and Jason. I’m sure I’m safe with them.”
“You are Anna we promise” Jason spoke up. Jason was a tall bulky hunter with thick red hair and freckles. He would look like a total nerd if it wasn’t for the fact he was kind of terrifying at the same time.
“Yeah Anna listen to the child we can take care of you,” Marcus laughed. I rolled my eyes at the two hundred year old vampire. Marcus was what you called a jock of sorts. He had this whole Brad Pitt meets Jude Law thing going on. He had purple eyes due to his mother being a witch before he was turned. From what he said he looks a lot like his mother.
“Well we better get going old wise one” Jason teased.
I rolled my eyes and crossed the room to Gabriel and got down so I was level with him. I took him into my arms and hugged him tight. “Take care my dear boy.”
“I will” he whispered into my hair as he hugged me back just as tightly as me. He was going to miss me I could tell. As I would miss him. This is the first time we’ve been apart since he’s been born.
I kissed both of Gabriel’s cheeks before I stood and found myself in Sam’s arms. His lips were pressed to my neck as he hide his face there. I took in his scent and the way his body felt against mine. I was going to miss him so much.
“God baby I’m going to miss you” I whispered in his ear so low I knew only he could hear.
“Me too love.” He sighed heavily and pulled back. He kissed my lips and traced my face with his smooth finger tips. “Be safe.”
“I will” I smiled and felt tears welling up in my eyes. “I love you.”
“I love you” he grinned and kissed me once more bringing up the tears I was trying to hold back. He wiped them from my cheeks as he released me. “Now go before I change my mind about letting you leave.”
“Fine” I grinned. I quickly leaned down and kissed Gabriel’s cheeks one last time.
As I went across the room and hugged Ivy, Blaise and Asher goodbye. Then followed Marcus and Jason out the front door. 
We got into a black four door Saturn that was waiting outside the house and headed on our way. I watched the house as it vanished from sight and then the lights that lead us out of town till I was looking at nothing but black fields.
We drove for hours passing through two towns when we came to the outskirts on the third down. It was mostly a farm area and I was sure that Asher’s place was way out where no one would find it besides someone that knew it was there.
“How much longer?” I asked tiredly.
“Just a few more hours.”
“Hours” I whined.
“Come on Anna you were a vamp once hold in there.” Jason chuckled.
“Was being the key word” I said rolling my eyes.
They both laughed and I felt the speed accelerate. I pulled off my seat belt and scooted back in the back seat and laid my head on the cushions. I listened to the boys talk up front about random boy stuff. Sports, girls, even the mission as they put it. I rolled my eyes at one point and turned my back towards the seat away from them. 
I was half asleep when I felt the car jerk and I was thrown forward my back hitting the arm rest and then the hole car was flipping and I heard Jason scream for me to hold on but I had nothing to hold onto. The car flipped five times from what I counted and skidded across the pavement upside down. When it was all over I could feel blood dripping down my forehead and my back felt like it was just hit my a jack hammer.
“Anna? Anna are you okay” I heard Marcus ask frantically. I was sure he was the only one not hurt during this crash.
“Fine” I chocked out. “Jason?”
“I’m okay.” Jason answered. “Marcus get us the hell out of this car.”
“Working on it” Marcus growled and I heard ripping metal.
I looked around and seen that Marcus’s door was ripping off. I sighed wishing I still was able to do that. Then I heard another ripping sound and Jason’s door was ripped off.
“Okay Jay braise your hands against the hood of the car.” Marcus instructed. “Okay ready?”
“Ready.” I watched as Marcus snapped the seatbelt and Jason dropped to the ceiling like me. Marcus pulled him out and Jason stood up. I could see both their feet. I looked out the rear window and panicked.
“GUYS CAR” I yelled. There was no way a car would just randomly show up out in the middle of no where.
“Shit. Get her out of the car Jason.” Marcus ordered.
Jason leaned down and pushed the passenger side seat up all the way it would and ducked down to look at me.
“Give me your hand Anna.” Jason ordered putting out his buff arm.
I reached out and scooted till I could reach his hand and he slowly started to pull me out. I whimpered in pain and he stopped. “You okay?”
“It just hurts” I sighed. “I think I broke a rib or something.”
“Okay uh we’ll go slower.”
“We don’t have time for slow” Marcus yelled. I looked back at the car and it was now pulling to stop.
“Jason pull me out now” I yelled scared.
“Okay nice and fast” Jason warned. He took my hand firmly in his hand yanked me as hard and fast as he could till I was half way out of the car.
“We have company” Marcus growled.  I looked up at him and he was in his defensive crouch.
I glanced around but didn’t seen anyone besides the headlights of the car.
“What a surprise to run into you guys here.” I heard a all to familiar voice laugh. I groaned knowing it was Alexander.
“You could have killed her.” Marcus snarled.
“And I care why” Alexander chuckled. “Poor little girl. Human now I hear. What a tragedy.”
“Your not hurting her.” Jason snapped.
“And you my boy think you can stop me.”
“Alex why are you doing this” I chocked out between the pain.
Alexander looked down at me and smiled. “You’re my key to getting to that precious little boy of yours.”
“Stay away from my son” I snarled.
He laughed and shrugged. “Either way I know he’ll come for you.”
“He’s just a boy” I cried. “Alexander you can’t be this cold.”
“Actually I can” he laughed.
Things happened so fast I couldn’t process it but two other vampires showed up and Jason and Marcus were fending them both off. I watched in horror knowing I had nothing to defend myself with and I had not way of helping them. I wept as I watched. I tried to move out of the car more but flinched when ever the flighting got to close. I was so human it sickened me.
“JASON” I screamed as Alexander popped up behind him and took Jason’s head in his hand and snapped his neck like it was a piece of plastic.
Marcus was one vampire down it was down to Alexander and this other vamp. I watched as they danced around the open road in a deadly dance.
“Alex stop take me just let him go” I begged.
Alexander turned to me and smiled. “That’s what I loved about you my dear. So fearless.” He laughed. “Chris stop let the vamp go.”
“You can’t have her” Marcus snarled.
“Marcus please” I begged. “I can’t see you die too” I sobbed.
“No please. Run now go home.”
“You heard the girl” Chris snarled. “I only have so much patients before I kill you.” 
“Like you could” Marcus laughed evilly.
So fast I didn’t even see it Alexander had Marcus by the throat. “He might not be strong enough but I am. Now go” Alexander snarled and pushed Marcus away so hard he flew across the road a few feet.
“Sam’s going to kill me” Marcus sighed.
“No. Just tell him this is my choice.”
Marcus stared at me for a long while before he turned and vanished into the night. I knew with his speed he’d be back at the house within an hour or sooner. I looked up at Alexander who was standing next to me and was watching where Marcus vanished.
“I’ll get her in the car” Chris sighed reaching for me. He gripped my wrist so hard I screamed.
“You idiot.” Alexander snarled and smacked Chris away.
Alexander reached down for me and he threw my arm around his neck and lifted me from the car gently. I moaned in pain and he didn’t show any indifference and walked us back to the car he had came in. He slid me into the back seat and got into the front seat where Chris was now pouting at. What kind of vampire pouts about being smacked down by their coven leader. Come on fucking pansy.
“Where you taking me?”
“Home” he grinned. “Now sleep” he ordered and he pushed his mind into mine and I blacked out. Knowing I wouldn’t wake up again till he wanted it.

Submitted: October 17, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Priscilla Collard. All rights reserved.


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