Chapter 19:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 19

When I woke up I had a bandage on my head and my chest was wrapped tight. I was in a plush bed with black covers that were silk and totally Alexanders style. I groaned. I was hopping it was all a very bad dream but it obviously wasn’t.
“How are you feeling?”
“Why do you care” I snapped looking over at Alexander who was sitting with his feet crossed and propped up on the edge of the bed.
“Having a little pitty party are you. The big bad vampire got me” he mocked.
“Shut up” I snapped. “Why don’t you just kill me already.”
He laughed and stood and slid in the bed next to me. He ran his fingers down my neck and smiled. “Do you think I really want you dead?”
“Then what do you want with me?” I asked annoyed. I really wish he’s stop touching me.
He grinned and kissed my cheek. “My dearest Anna you were my best work. My best change and now look at you. Human once again. Well not completely human your mind still thinks like a vampire.”
“So what?” I mumbled.
“Yes how hard it must be to not have your powers anymore. What a downer” he chuckled.
“Yes but a least I have my soul back” I sneered. “I have someone who loves me and an amazing son.”
“Well love is over rated and you dear boy will be dead soon if I have any say in it.”
“If you weren’t so god damn evil he wouldn’t want you dead.”
“Well I can’t help what I am. I like being the big bad demon in the horror stories that parents tell their children at night to keep them in bed. It’s quiet thrilling. You use too share that point of view with me once.”
“And now I don’t so fuck off.” I snapped.
He laughed and slid off the bed. “What fire you have. I think when I change you again it should be such a reward to see you try to kill me again.”
“You what?” I said shocked.
“Oh right. I’m not going to kill you my dear child. Changing you into a vampire is so much better then killing you. Then well you know one day your dear boy will kill you. He won’t be able to help it.”
“I’ll let him kill me if it comes to that. I won’t stand in his way as I wouldn’t have stood in his fathers way if he had been the boy from the prophecy.”
“Yes well aren’t you just a noble one. But you see when I changed you I plan on having an audience.” I glared at him and he smiled. “What a show it will be for your lover and your son. They’ll cry I bet. I can’t wait and see” he said joyfully. I wanted to barf he was making sick.
“Well until then my dear. Have fun.” He laughed and left the room. I was left there staring up at the cold dark ceiling of his room. Great now I have to figure out how the hell to get out of here.

It had to be days I was here. Alexander would come in to torment me from time to time but he called it keeping me company. Yeah like I wanted his company. He also told me about Sam and Gabriel. I was sad to hear they agreed to meet Alexander in an abandon warehouse. I knew this couldn’t be good. I just wished I could get them a message telling them not to come but I knew I couldn’t.
Thanks to the fact I’m human my wounds and bones healed pretty slow. I was still not back to normal but Alexander made sure to give me pain meds. Of course I was sure if they were worse I would have died. I’m sure most humans can heal from my injuries so I knew I was in the clear either way.
It was the sixth night I was here when Alexander told me it was time. I fought against them when they tried to drag me to a car with black out windows. Alexander slid into the back seat with me and draped his arm over my shoulders. If it wasn’t for the fact I was handcuffed I would have smacked his arm away.
“Don’t be so sad my dear one. You’ll see your beloved and your son soon.” I said nothing to this. “Come on stop acting like your not going to be over joyed when you see their faces.”
“Shut up” I snarled. “I don’t want to talk to you.”
He laughed and pulled me tighter to his side. “Such fire. I love it” he laughed again.

We got to the warehouse ten minutes later. The place was empty so when we got there we just went straight in and Alexander had vampires waiting. Tones of them. I was shocked at just how many. I counted at least fifteen. We’re totally screwed.
We only had to wait an hour before I heard Asher’s voice in my head warning me that they were coming in. I glanced around and heard a big metal door open and focused my eyes on that door. Asher and Blaise walked in first and at once Asher met my worried gaze. He smiled reassuringly and continued into the room followed closely by Sam and Gabriel. I was shocked to see that Gabriel grew again. I missed so much while I was gone. He looks about eleven now. God that’s six years in a week. He’s growing faster now.
“Nice of you to join us” Alexander spoke with a smile in his voice.
“Hand her over” Sam snarled.
“Now now. I never said I’d give her back did I” Alexander laughed and reached for me and pulled me into view and to his chest. He wrapped his arm around my waist forming and iron gate around my waist. “My dear say hello.”
“You shouldn’t have come” I spoke.
“Are you hurt?” Sam questioned worried.
“No.” I reassured. “Samuel you shouldn’t have brought him here” I said glancing at our son.
“Mother you’re here because of me. I had to come” Gabriel spoke up.
“No son this is all me.”
“How sweet” Alexander laughed. “Gabriel is it. How nice to finally meet you in person.”
“I wish I could say the same” Gabriel snarled.
“Just like your mother. Full of fire. It’s not as nice in you as it is in her” Alexander sighed. “Well lets get this show on the road.”
“What do you want?” Asher asked.
“Youngest Asher please I didn’t ask you to speak did I.”
“Your not his sire Alexander you have no control over him” I snapped. “Leave my nephew out of this.”
“Ah yes how funny it is that you never knew he was your nephew years ago. I knew the moment I met him. He has your fire. Even your pathetic brothers eyes. I was almost gitty with joy when we met.”
“You knew?” Asher snarled. “And you never thought to mention this?”
Alexander laughed. “You were off to kill the girl. I couldn’t give you any reason not to go through with hit. Of course what a waist. You could have killed her years ago but you let her live because you somehow knew deep down there was something about her.”
“Just let her go” Gabriel interrupted.
“Actually my dear boy I have other plans for her. As you know she was mine first. And well you changed my little blossom. I really don’t like the changes so I figured I’d reverse the effects your blood had on her.”
“Don’t she doesn’t want it” Gabriel begged. “She thinks she wants to be but I know her better then herself she wants her humanity.”
“Well I don’t want her to have it” Alexander snarled and his fangs sank into my skin so hard I screamed out in agony.
“NOOO!” Sam screamed.
“Don’t father you can’t help her now” Gabriel was warning him.
I opened my eyes a little and seen Gabriel holding Sam back with just one hand. I could see Sam struggling to get loose. My son was stronger then I thought. 
“Now my dear drink” Alexander whispered in my ear.
I turned my head away from his freshly cut wrist. I clamped my mouth shut.
“Open her mouth” Alexander ordered someone.
“STOP IT” Sam cried.
A woman came up to us and got on her knees and pride my mouth open with her fingers. She could have easily snapped my jaw so I didn’t resist to much. Alexander’s blood dripped into my mouth like a waterfall and I chocked on it till I was forced to swallow it down. When Alexander was sure I had enough he dropped my weak body on the floor and stood.
“Now shall we wait till she returns to us or do you want to get right down to business?”
“Business I think” Gabriel answered indifferent. My brave boy.
“My dear ones bring me the boy.” Alexander ordered his vamps.
I heard snarling and clashing. But most of all I heard vampires screaming in agony. I wanted to open my eyes to see if it was my side or his. I wanted to know if my love was still alive. I wanted to know my baby was okay. I just wanted to open my eyes instead of letting the darkness take me. God I hated the first time I changed I knew I would hate the second just the same.

Submitted: October 17, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Priscilla Collard. All rights reserved.


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