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Chapter 2

When school was over and I was staring up at the big ball of fire and gas we call the sun when the sound of a humans heart caught my attention. There were always a beating heart around me in this place but this one was beating slower then most, just like a dying heart. I glanced around for any sign of a hurt human but didn’t find one. I knew they were there so I followed the sound of this slow beating heart and came around the corner and expected to find someone near death standing somewhere next to it. But all I found was a human boy standing against the wall.
I remember every face of every human in this school and he wasn’t one I recognized. I stepped towards him and he glanced at me and shifted his weight as he stood straighter.
“Can I help you?” he asked.
“Are you new here?”
“Yeah. First day.” He half smiled.
So there it was he was a new student here. But that didn’t explain why his heart was beating as if he was moments from death. I looked him over his cheeks were flushed and his body heat radiated off of him and brushed against my skin like a soft feather. His vanes pumped with warm human blood and his cheeks now flushed as I looked him over.
“Name?” I questioned.
“Sam.” He answered smoothly.
“It is nice to meet you Sam.” I put my best smile on as I forced my mind into his. I reached in for his memories but I was pushed out with full force. I gasped and stepped away from him. “Who are you really?”
“I don’t think I understand” he admitted. And he meant it.
“I must go.” I turned and rushed off.
I didn’t look back at this boy but that didn’t stop me from reaching my mind back to him. But it was like he wasn’t there anymore. There was something about this human that wasn’t right. He had no idea he was keeping me out of his head. Like he didn’t know I was trying to get in.
When I got home to my mansion on the beach I looked out at the ocean and thought about that boy. I couldn’t get him out of my head, he was something different. Out of all the years I’ve been alive there has only been one person that has ever been able to keep me out.
I had changed him of course but he was just like any other vampire after I did.

The day I meet that boy all those years ago I was an evil being. Killing and taking what I wanted was everything to me. I remember every detail of that year like it was yesterday.
It was 1845 just fifty one years after my own change. I was walking through a small village when I had spotted him with his family. He was nothing I had ever seen before. I was smitten with just one glance. His face is what interested me first then it was when I tried to listen to his mind but I couldn’t get in. He was blocking me some how and only vampires have that ability.
I followed him for weeks after that, following his every move and watched him through his window at night. He was magnificent. He had shoulder length black hair, blue eyes that looked like they would kill you with one glance. He was tall 5'9 at most, his body was built and toned, he was a perfect male.
I regret a lot about the night I changed him. I was pure evil. I killed his family slowly. The little sister I had felt jealous of because he loved her. I had tied every single one of them up. I put the boy across from them so he had a front row seat at what I was planning to do to these little humans.
“Why my lady? Why do you wish to hurt us?”The father had begged for answers that night. He had begged for me to spare his family but I had not such idea of doing that. They were my entertainment for the night.
“I wish death open you three.” I laughed my back to the boy.
“Don’t touch them.” The boy yelled.
I turned around to face him.  His blue eyes were like blue fire as they bored into me with so much anger. It made me want to take him right then and there. The fear was the best aphrodisiac there is on this planet.
I walked up to him and sat down on his lap and slid my hands up to his neck. He jerked his head away and I laughed. “There is no need for you to fear me.”
“I don’t fear you,” he lied. I could hear his frantic heart that gave him away.
“Which one should I kill first?” I questioned him first, glancing back at his family.
“Don’t touch them. Just tell me what you want” he ordered.
“Them dead and you for all eternity.” I laughed and gripped a fist full of his hair yanking his neck to the side.
I bared my fangs and sank them into his skin. He yelped in pain but soon fell quite as I drank his blood and moans slowly slipped through his lips. I took enough blood to satisfy myself before sliding of his lap. His eyes opened and he watched me I stepped behind his mother and untied her.
I laughed as they all started to scream for me to release her and the woman started to cry even harder. Her heart raced so fast in her chest I expected her to pass out any minute so I knew I had to start my fun.
I threw her to the ground and straddled her. She looked up at me and I smiled showing my fangs and she screamed and thrashed under me.
“Please my lady, spare my wife” the father begged.
“I shall do no such thing.” I smiled back at him and he cringed.
I pressed my nails to the woman’s arms and let my sharp nails slide down her arms. She screamed in agony as blood dripped down her arms. All the people around me screamed for her and I bent down and licked her wounds. She cringed away from me but I took her right arm and snapped it.
“STOP” the little girl yelled. “Momma”
I reached for the woman’s head and snapped her neck.  Her eyes went blank and I dropped her body. One down two more to go. I tortured the father next. The two children cried over their parents deaths and I laughed and danced around their bodies like it was Christmas.
“Now sweetie.” I smiled and got on my knees in front of the little girl.
“Please miss don’t hurt me” the little girl sobbed.
“What’s your name?”
“Samantha” she cried.
“Well Samantha I’m sorry but I can’t spare you. I like to kill to much.” I explained to her with a sweet smile.
Tears ran down her little red cheeks as she spoke. “What are you?”
“A creature of the night my dear,” I answered her. I ran my finger tips over her cheeks.
“Are you going to kill my brother?”
I glanced back at the boy who was struggling to get out of his seat to get to his sister no less. “No.”
“Then why my pappa and momma?”
“Because my dear they are not worthy of the change and you are to young” I laughed.
“Kill me quickly then.” The little girl chocked out. I was shocked at her request. She knew she was going to die. I had to admire her for her carriage.
“Fine my dear.” I stood and went behind her. “But I must show your brother something first.”
“Don’t touch her” he seethed.
I ran my fingers down the little girls neck and pulled her blond locks behind her shoulders and slid my fingers along her neck. I took one sharp nail and slashed it across the little girls throat. She would no longer be able to talk and she would die slowly. She would feel tones of pain but would not be able to warn anyone of it.
“Now my dear Asher would you like for me to change you.”
“No.” He yelled. “Kill me so I can join my family in heaven.”
“I’m sorry my love but that is just not in the cards for you.”
I walked up to him touched his cheeks softly before going behind him and titled his head to bare his neck. I didn’t hesitate to sink my fangs into him again. I drank his blood and exchanged mine with him. I had to force the blood down his throat but it would be enough to let him go through the change. I untied him and threw him down onto the floor and straddled him.
“Sorry my dear boy but you need to grow up. I will see you soon.” I kissed his lips softly and left him there to deal with the years to come alone.
I glanced back at the house and smiled and knew I would see him sooner then I probably think and I couldn’t wait for that day.

I regret everything about my past. I have found an inner peace you might say. I have found that humans are more entertaining then I had thought. They have evolved over the years and got more sexually confident. Boys are more easy to sway to follow a girl with good looks then they were back when I was young. With one flutter of my eye lashes they melt in my hands and they let me do anything to them.
I’ve had many lovers over the years and many of them had no clue what I did to them. I never had to alter their minds one bit but sometimes I did just to make them think the pleasure they had was sex.
My eyes flickered to the door as I heard a footsteps coming up the driveway. The person was human there was no doubt about that. I was at the door within seconds and I opened the door as the persons foots steps got closer.
I slid the door open and smiled as I seen Mr. Tremor walking up the three brick steps.
“Can I help you Jason?” I knew why he was here. He as still feeling the attraction to me. He must have went to the office and got my address. 
“Come in” I stepped aside from the door and he walked passed me.
I glanced around outside before closing the door. He stood in the living room staring out the window with his hands shoved in his jeans. His heart was racing quickly, he had a bad feeling of coming here. I could hear it in his head. It wasn’t fear of me, it was a fear of getting caught.
I came up behind him and slid my hands up his back and over his shoulders and down the front of his chest. My chest pressed against his back, my lips kissed his neck. His body shivered at my touch and his breathing and heart rate quickened.
“Undress me Jason” I whispered in his ear.
I spun him around and his trembling hands reached towards me and he pulled the bottom of my shirt up and over my head he dropped it to the floor and went for my jeans and slid them off as well. His hands ran over my smooth pale stomach and around my waist. I gripped his tie and pulled him down the hall and into my huge room that had huge windows that showed the pool that was just outside the sliding door. I pushed him down onto the bed and yanked open his dress shirt and slid off his tie. I straddled his waist and kissed his lips softly and his hands wrapped around my back and he flipped me. His lips were all over my body and I was enjoying ever minute of it. I wasn’t planning on letting him make love to me but that’s where it led. I was on top as I liked it and his eyes closed and I bent down and let my fangs sink into his left breast. He groaned then moaned as I let his blood flow into my mouth. The pleasure he was already getting doubled as I took his blood. His heart was racing so fast that it sounded like a humming birds wings and I drank till he passed out under me.
I drove his car back to his house and placed him in his own bed and decided to wipe his memory of tonight and what happened in class.
“Forget this night, in the morning you will think it was all a dream.”

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