Chapter 20: End of Series

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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All the sounds around me had went out not ten minutes ago. I knew the change was taking place in my body shifting back to the way it was. I was glad and sad at the same time. I tried to hold on to the innocence I had before the change started but it was no use. I was filled with anger now. Anger at Alexander for hurting me. For killing Jason and hurting Marcus. I wanted to hurt him and torture him till he begged for death.
When the sounds started coming back around it was silent except for Alexander and Gabriel’s voices. I could tell Gabriel was still below us on the bottom floor and Alexander was still standing beside me. It was like fighting I heard before didn’t even happen.
Asher? I called out with my mind channeling it just to him.
Anna. Thank god. He sent back in relief.
Where’s Sam?
He’s fine. He’s next to me.
Thank god. How many are left? I asked curiously.
Seven. Three below, four above.
Can I take them?
Maybe. It’s risky. But I think if you get Alexander they’ll stop in their tacks. He’s only a foot or two away from you.
Okay. Tell everyone to get ready.
I listened closely to the foot steps closes to me. Two males next to me. One closes was Alexander the farthest wouldn’t be able to catch me in time. The other two were a little distance away blocking the stairs. Like we needed to use stairs.
Move. I cried out two Asher and my eyes sprang open and with one flip I was on my feet and my fist when straight into Alexanders chest. I took hold of the bars on the railing and flipped down onto the ground right between Alexanders men and mine. I glanced up to see Alexanders pleased smile. He knew this was going to happen he let it.
“Blade” I yelled and looked back just in time to see Blaise throwing me one of her extras and I ran for the wall as every one dispersed running in different directions for different vampires.
My foot hit a steal wall and I shoved from it sending me into the air and I landed right behind the other male who had been closes to me and stabbed my blade right through his chest. He dropped like a fly.
I faced off with Alexander and he grinned at me as she flashed Kyle’s blade at me.
“Something you didn’t factor in was it” Alexander laughed.
“I didn’t need too” I laughed and sprang for him.
Our blades scrapped against one another’s till we were face to face. Our arms touching and we snarled at each other before we both flipped backwards away from one another and smiled.
“Very good Anna” Alexander approved.
“I told you before that I wasn’t the same girl you knew.”
“Obviously” he laughed.
“ANNA!” Sam’s voice broke through from down below. “Lets go.”
“Yeah listen to your mate Anna. He knows what’s best for you doesn’t he” he laughed.
“Not always” I snarled.
I let my blade loose and I flew towards Alexanders chest and landed at his feet. He grinned thinking I missed on ascendent so when he bent down to get it I was already flipping so I was going to be right in his face. I landed just right and with one flick of my wrist his blade when flying.
“Your getting rusty” I laughed and shoved my hand against his chest and grabbed my blade and flipped again and was down on the bottom floor where I had threw his blade and picked it up. “You loose this round.”
“I suppose so,” he shrugged with a grin. “Yet I’m sure you realized something is missing.”
My head shot around and my eyes were frantic. Where was Sam? Gabriel stood to the side with Asher and Blaise but no Sam.
“You lost your mate” he laughed.
“Where is he” I snarled.
“The boy for your mate” Alexander grinned widely.
“Where is he?” I yelled.
“Marcus” Alexander called and a huge vampire the size of a linebacker appeared with his arm wrapped around Sam’s body and a blade over his heart.
I stepped forward and stared up at Sam. His eyes were blazing green and his lips were set in a hard line. This was my fault if I just came when he asked he wouldn’t have gotten caught.
“Don’t do anything stupid” Sam snarled at me.
“Alex let him go” I growled angrily.
“No my dear that would just take up all the fun,” he laughed.
“If you hurt him you will not walk out of here alive” I snarled. “So help me.”
“Anna” Sam called my name and my eyes shot to his. “I love you.”
“Sam no” I yelled and before I could step to stop him he shoved his chest into the knife and Marcus dropped his body. I screamed and yelled his name and just stared. His body didn’t turn into ash. I looked back at Asher for explanation but he had none.
“That’s not possible” Alexander snarled. “Make sure he’s dead.”
I snarled from deep in my gut and was moving before anyone could see me. I landed on the plate form above next to Sam’s body and struck out at Marcus my blade slid between his ribs and right to his heart and like vampires are suppose to he crumpled to dust.
“Sam” I bent down keeping my blade up and turned him onto his back. His eyes were open but all wrong. They were distant, unseeing. “Samuel answer me.”
“Shit that hurt” he growled.
I laughed despite myself and touched his cheek. “Are you okay?”
“I think so god he was right.”
“Our boy” he laughed. “He told me to drink from him before we came. It would protect me.”
“Stay here” I ordered knowing he was okay. I glanced down at our son who was staring up at us with proud eyes.
“That’ impossible that thing should be killed” Alexander snarled staring down at Gabriel.
“Why don’t we give this one last shot” I spoke up and threw a dagger and it landed right between Alexanders legs. It wasn’t the bewitched blade I wasn’t stupid enough to hand over that but it was a powerful one as was the one in my hand. It was Sam’s dagger and I planned on ending Alexanders existence with it.
“Your fool I’ll kill you” Alex snarled.
“Bring it” I laughed.
We shot at each other like bullets shot from guns and our blades scrapped on impact and our chests hit throwing us both off balance for a second before we were full on fighting. Fists hitting into each others faces and bodies. Alexander held nothing back because I was a woman. I had an advantage I was newly changed again so I had my human blood still in me or well my immortal human blood and it made me faster and stronger. I let my foot kicked out and slam into Alexanders knee knocking him down and his dagger dropped form his hand. I grabbed onto his chest and yanked him up enough to where my blade was right over his heart.
“You tried to kill my son tonight and my mate I don’t take that lightly and you turned me again and that kind of pisses me off.”
“Fuck you” he growled.
“No where your manners” I growled.
My head shot up and I turned my head to seem Gabriel standing behind me.
“Don’t I need to do something.”
I nodded and stepped back and around so I had Alex from behind and my blade was still in place. Gabriel stepped right up to Alexander and was face level with him.
“I’ve seen you past Alexander Corvin and trust me it wasn’t pretty” Gabriel sneered. “I will thank you for one thing and that would be changing my mother years ago. For if you hadn’t I wouldn’t be here now and my father would never have found his one true mate. Now I must say sorry for what I’m about to do.”
“Do go ahead kill me” Alexander snarled. “Full fill the prophecy.”
Gabriel grinned his fangs extending. “You think I’m going to kill you?” Gabriel laughed. “Heavens no that wouldn’t be punishment enough for you.”
“Starve me then I could care less.”
“No no starving will be had,” Gabriel lifted his wrist and bit into it.
“Gabriel what are you doing?” I questioned at once.
“Trust me mother.”
I nodded and watched anxiously as Gabriel put his wrist over Alexanders mouth. Alexander latched on hard sending Gabriel to his knees but he didn’t so much as whimper in pain he just grinned and laughed at how greedy Alexander was drinking. When Gabriel pulled his wrist away he rose to his feet and licked his wrist closing the wound.
“You have no idea what you’ve done” Gabriel laughed happily. “Mother you may release him.”
“What!?” I said shocked.
“Trust me” Gabriel smiled and put out his hand for me.
I hesitantly stepped away from Alexander and took my sons hand. I watched Alexander and he glared at us both. He shot to his feet slowly and lunged for us. I let my hand slip out and as Alexander tried to dodge I got to him way faster then he could move. He dropped like a sac of potatoes and was bleeding from the wound.
“Enjoy mortality Alexander Corvin” Gabriel grinned at the man on the floor and pulled me to Sam.
“He is human?” Sam asked sitting up.
“He is” Gabriel nodded. “I have much power in my blood and killing him wouldn’t have been enough for what he’s done. He will suffer as a human and feel the remorse of his past every day till he dies off all ago.”
We left Alexander where he landed passed out from my blow to his face. I couldn’t believe it Alexander got what I’ve always wanted, his humanity. But maybe one day I’ll ask for that gift from my boy. Maybe one day Sam will ask for the same. One day we will grow old and die the way god had intended but for now we will fight with our son till we can fight no more.

Submitted: October 17, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Priscilla Collard. All rights reserved.


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oh is this the end? can you make more?
KMU please if you your going to make another story. love it

Tue, October 18th, 2011 2:47am


Yup it's the end. It was the first vamp story i ever wrote. Like back in 2009. But nope sadly i won't be writing anymore for this story. I wouldn't have a clue where to go with But thanks for reading. Glad you like it that much that you'd want me to write more. Mean's the world!

Wed, October 19th, 2011 11:17am


Hey girl any news on your upcoming novels?


Fri, December 9th, 2011 12:51am


hopefully soon. i'm working on a little something called The Dark Society. I have three installments done. Just putting some finishing touches on them. Then i'll start to post the first one.

Fri, December 16th, 2011 9:54am

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