Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 3

As the days passed my curiously about Sam lingered in my mind. I followed him from school to his home and when he went to work I went there. He had no idea of my presences and I had no desire to let him know I was there. It was better to resist the temptation of wanting to decipher this boy.  I found it easier to resist if I kept my distance and just watched him.
When night fell on the night of the schools spring dance I stood outside staring at the kids as they entered. Boys and girls entered arm and arm and smiling at one another like little kids with candy. I laughed at the thought of wanting to be one of those girls that could just be normal and human. That was the last thing I wanted to go back to, to be human again would kill me. I’ve seen so many things over my lifetime to want to be helpless in this deranged world.
“Going in?”
I spun around quickly. I was shocked to see Sam standing behind me. I didn’t even hear his approach. I had all my senses on the kids going into the dance to worry about my surroundings.
“No” I simply answered.
“Then what are you doing here?” he asked.
“Just watching. You?” I eyed him he was in a suit. So he was attending this dance.
“Thought I would at least check it out,” he shrugged. “If your not going in then why are you here in a dress?”
I smiled and laughed lightly. “Maybe I was waiting for someone interesting to ask me to go to this dance.”
“Well I don’t know about interesting but I’ll go in with you” he said shyly.
I came to stand at his side and slid my arm through his. “Lets go in then.”
We walked across the parking lot of the school in silence. The dress I wore was knee length and sky blue. It formed to my body showing all the right curves of my body. My bare shoulders were covered by my long blond hair that was half pulled back by a butterfly clip covered in diamonds. My legs were smooth and led down to my matching blue heels that made me just and inch shorter then Sam.
We walked through the doors of the school and eyes were on us. I was known as an uncatchable star. Guys glared at Sam for having me on his arm and girls glared at my beauty. It was funny and I kept my smile on my lips as I walked with Sam.
We entered the dance that by day is the school gym and I was a little surprised. I didn’t think this small town knew how to decorate. The place was covered in stars and arches. They went with a Paris theme this year. Oh, Paris. I miss it, it was such a romantic place to live, but I came to the states in search on new surroundings.
“Would you like to dance?” Sam asked awkwardly.
I laughed at his tone and asked “can you dance?”
“I can try.” He laughed.
“Then I would love too.” I smiled and slid my hand into his and lead him to the dance floor.
I had taken many dance classes over the years but I had to remember that I was suppose to be like any other teen girl so I threw my arms around his neck as his hands went to my waist and we slowly did a one, two, three step dance. It was a simple way to dance and it was nice to just stare into Sam’s green eyes.
Sam was very attractive. The cutest human at this school for sure. His short brown hair was clean cut and his chiseled jaw was breath taking. His body was well toned and obviously he had played some sport when he was in high school where ever he had come from before this. He was well dressed in a simple black suit jacket and slacks with a white button up with no tie under the black jacket. The look was classy.
“I didn’t take you for the dance type.” I spoke to him as another song started.
“I’m not” he shrugged. “But I wanted to come to this one.”
“I was hoping to see you here.” He smiled and blushed.
“Have a little crush on me do you?” I laughed jokingly.
He smiled at me and locked eyes with me and lifted his hand up to my cheek and brushed a stand of my hair out of my eyes. “Just a little one” he admitted.
“Well I’m not a good person to crush on.” I warned only half joking.
He looked at me curiously. “Why you say that?”
“It’s just the truth. I’m not a very good person.”
“I’ll take my chances.”
He wasn’t taking me seriously that was for sure but I wasn’t going to stress the topic tonight. I was enjoying myself way to much to let anything bring me down tonight. Sam was a wonderful person and he makes me smile so I’ll take my chances and be with him.
We danced to another song before leaving the dance floor and went to a table and sat down. We sat talking about different things. Mostly I asked about himself. I was still trying to figure out what was wrong with his heart. I didn’t want to flat out tell him I think you might have a heart condition. How would I explain that?
“Do you want to get out of here?” I questioned him.
“Uh sure.” He looked confused at my sudden question but stood and took my hand.
We left the gym and walked down the long hall of the school and out the big yellow double doors that were painted the school colors. We walked around the school and I pushed him up against the wall of the gym and kissed his lips softly. His arms went around my waist and pulled me tighter to his body. The heat that he was radiating towards me was like fire but very enjoyable. I let my lips travel away from his and down his smooth tan skin of his neck and let my fangs graze against the soft skin before sinking in.
“Anna” he groaned but gripped my hips tighter.
I drank his blood and it sent shock waves through my body. It was not like any human blood I have ever tasted. I sucked in more and more, it was intoxicating. Who was he?
I let my mouth release his neck and licked my lips before pulling back completely to look at him. He looked dazed but aware of everything.
“You bit me” he said seriously.
“There’s something I need to tell you.” What was I doing? I can’t tell him the truth.
“What?”He asked touching his hand to his neck but the marks were already gone.
“I’m not what you-” I stopped as I heard an approach from the shadows behind us. I spun around to protect Sam from the vampire that was now coming towards us.
“Run Sam.” I ordered.
“RUN.” I yelled.
“I wouldn’t do that.” The voice laughed.
“Anna what’s going on?” Sam asked confused. His heart was racing quickly. He was scared. Well fast for him anyways.
“Do what I say Sam please.” I begged.
“No Sam stay where you are.” The voice ordered.
The man stepped out of the shadows and my eyes narrowed at the familiar face. He has some nerve coming here. I placed my body in front of Sam’s and his hands tried to push me out of the way. He could probably feel the danger that stood just ten feet away from us. But Sam could not fight this threat.
“Alexander what brings you to my town?” I questioned.
“He does.” He laughed glancing at Sam.
“Stay away from him” I growled.
“Oh has the lioness grown territorial” Alexander laughed.
“Anna stand aside.” Sam ordered.
“No.” I hissed and glanced back and staggered forward. “Sam” I spoke shocked.
I looked into his now black eyes and the silver blade that was in his right hand. He can’t be. He isn’t a vampire it’s impossible.
“I see Samuel here has been keeping secrets.” Alexander chuckled and stepped closer.
“Sorry Anna but I couldn’t risk telling you.” He answered his eyes met mine and they turned back to his simple green.
“Oh Sam you should know Anna hates secrets.” Alexander laughed pacing the ground across from us.
“One of you tell me what’s going on” I ordered. “Sam your human.”
“Not exactly.”
I looked around confused. “Not exactly? How are you not exactly human?”
“Half human, half vampire.”
“That’s impossible” I hissed.
Alexander laughed again for the millionth time tonight. “Oh it’s possible. As shocking as it is Anastasia he was born half vampire.”
“My father is a vampire, mother a human. They were lovers and I was their outcome.”
“But how is that possible, vampires can’t have children.” I was way beyond confused.
“You heard the legends Anna” Alexander noted. “About the half vampire that would walk the earth and rid the world of us.”
“You came here to kill me” I guessed stepping away from Sam.
My eyes started to fill with tears. I hadn’t cried in years but it was possible still and now my still frozen heart was breaking. “How- how could you?”
Sam’s eyes gazed into mine, saddened. “Anna I don’t want to hurt you.”
“That’s rich” Alexander laughed. “You killed almost every vampire in your last town. Now when you come here and meet our beautiful Anna here you can’t finish your job.”
“What are you doing here anyways?” I hissed at Alex.
“Once I sensed you meet him I came at once.”
“What did I tell you about using that connection.”
“What connection?” Sam questioned.
“I’m Anna’s sire, the vamp that changed her” Alexander said smugly.
“I went two hundred years without seeing you. I could go another two.”
“Oh my dear you haven’t lost your fire.” Alex laughed flashing to my side to stand in front of me. He touched my cheek and kissed it.
“Alex go to hell” I ordered pushing him away from me.
“Let me to the honors” Sam hissed. His eyes were black again. 
“Tonight no one dies” Alexander reassured. “Tonight I just came to warn you to stay away from my coven or we’ll not think twice to kill you.”
“I may not want to kill Anna but you and your coven are good as dead” Sam threatened.
I heard Alexanders thoughts as he started to move towards Sam. I was faster then he and I had my hand around his neck and threw him to the ground before he could get two feet away from me.
“Stay away from him” I growled.
“Your crazy to defend him.” Alexander hissed throwing me across the lot. I was on my hands and knees looking up at him as Sam was at my side as he spoke.
“I’m not that silly little vampire I was back when he fought last Alexander. Don’t test me” I hissed.
“We’ll see about that.” Alexander laughed. “I would suggest protecting your cub if your so strong.”
Alexander vanished back into the shadows as I got to my feet and started to walk away from Sam.
“I knew there was something wrong with you” I noted. My back still faced him. “Then your blood. It had something intoxicating about it.”
“Yes. It’s the venom that humans feel when we feed off them.”
“Your human.”
“But I need blood to survive just like you. Of course I can survive eating human food but I’m not as strong.”
I turned around and he was right behind me. My face just inches from his. “Why aren’t you going to kill me?”
“Because I can’t.”
That’s probably true I can probably take him. “Why?” I asked anyways.
“I don’t know why.”
“Did you plan on killing me tonight?”
“Why didn’t you take your chance before the dance?” I asked curiously.
“I don’t know.”
This hunter really doesn’t know what he’s doing apparently. All his answers are all the same for crying out loud.
“I’ll help you out.” I stepped a little closer to him and grabbed the hand he had his blade in and pressed the tip to my chest over my heart. “Just push and I’ll be dead.”
“Do it Sam.” I ordered pressing my chest to it harder. I could feel the tip slightly go through my skin.
“I can’t.” He shook his head but the blade didn’t move away.
“Come on it will be easier for you. You won’t have any guilt about killing me if I ask you to do it.”
“Anna.” He closed his eyes and the blade twisted against my skin. It stung but I wasn’t going to say anything.
“DO IT.” I yelled at him.
“NO.” He yelled back and let the blade drop from his hand and his other reached for my face and pulled me to him and his lips slammed into mine.
I kissed his lips just as intense as he was mine. I gripped his hair in my hands and pulled him closer to me. His hands wrapped around my waist and he pulled me into the shadows.

Submitted: October 13, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Priscilla Collard. All rights reserved.


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