Chapter 4:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 4

I woke up the next morning my naked body wrapped in the white silk sheets on my bed. I lifted my head and looked to my side to see Sam laying next to me naked as well. So last night did happen. I rolled over onto my back and stared up at the ceiling.
So my lover is a vampire hunter, that’s rich. How hadn’t I noticed it before last night. I studied him for days and nothing lead me to think he was a vampire or a hunter. True I thought he had something wrong with his heart and there was something different about him with the hole mind thing but I didn’t think it would have been this.
I wrapped the blanket from the bed around my chest and went into the living room and stood in front of the large window that over looked the ocean. I sighed as I thought of what I would do about Alexander being in town and the problem with Sam. He has a duty to due. That was foreseen before I was even changed. When I had read the prophecy back then and I had laughed it off, but I remembered every word.

One shall come to ride the world of evil.
A baby of man and demon.
Days and years won’t hold it till the baby is grown.
The baby will grow stronger then most and hunt them down.
The evil blood drinkers of the earth will parish one by one
by this babies blade.
Not one evil soul left upon this earth.

If he is the baby from the prophecy he will kill me in the end like the prophecy said. It was only a matter of time, but I won’t leave him. I love him. No matter what the prophecy says. I won’t make his destiny any harder then it already is.
I will fight at his side to kill as many of them as we can and Alexander will go down. There is no denying he has to die for this prophecy to be fulfilled. Alexander won’t give up. He will come over and over. Attack after attack till Sam is bleed dry with no chance of being changed into a full blown vampire.

I heard Sam’s approach behind me but I made no move to turn to him. His arms snaked around my waist and his lips pressed against my bare shoulder before he rested his chin on my shoulder and stared out at the ocean with me.
“Morning” I murmured after a great amount of silence.
“Morning,” he greeted back and kissed my neck. “I need to go hunt.”
“Alright” I shrugged. He is free to leave all he wants. Of course I wasn’t all to sure on what kind of hunting he needs to do. Feeding or killing vamps.
“Feeding” he answered my unspoken question.
“Did you just read my mind?” I questioned turning in his arms.
“Yes.” He laughed.
“That’s not fare. You can read mine but I can’t yours” I pouted. That truly wasn’t fare.
“Try it now.”
I looked at him skeptical. If I couldn’t before what makes him think I can now. But I reached my mind out to his touching just the surface before I was pulled in. I could hear his every thought and I was momentarily shocked.
I was blocking you before. He answered in my mind.
That would explain a lot. I laughed out loud.
“See now we’re connected.” He smiled and kissed me softly.
“I guess” I laughed. “You can go feed now.”
“You want to come with?”
I cocked my head to the side and studied him. He was serious. “Should I. You know with the whole feeding thing with you since your suppose to kill me.”
“You don’t kill when you feed. I watched you as you have watched me.”
“You knew I was watching you?”
“Yes,” he laughed.
“I’ve never seen you feed,” I noted.
“I feed when you feed. So you don’t see me.”
“Oh.” I guess that would be one way to make sure I don’t see him. To make sure I was preoccupied myself.
“So lets get dressed and go hunt.”
We went back to my room and I slid into a pair of torn jeans and a Hollister shirt and he got back into his suit. We were defiantly going to have to stop at his place. Who ever he feeds off of is going to think some prince came and attacked them.
I laughed at the thought. “What?”
“Nothing” I shook my head. “We need to stop at your place. I’m not letting you hunt in that.”
“You’ll end up ruining it or someone’s going to think your crazy for walking around in a suit at your age.”
We left my house on the beach and went to his house that was on the opposite side of town. I found he still lived with his mother but she didn’t seem to mind a vampire in her house. She had greeted me like any other girl that would be dating her son. She had to know of the prophecy right. There was no way that she didn’t.
“Mrs. Foster can I ask you a personal question?”
“Of course dear.” She smiled and gestured to take the seat at the couch across the from the recliner she sat in.
“What happened to Sam’s father, the vampire that was your lover?”
“He was killed.”
“When I met Sam’s father I didn’t know what he was at first. Then one night I caught him feeding on young girl in town. I wasn’t scared of him and he didn’t understand that. I had just told him I loved him and accepted him as is.”
“But how could you?”
“He wasn’t evil not like the way they make most vampires out to be. We’ve met a couple, both vampires a couple towns ago and they knew love more then anyone I have ever met.”
“What couple?”
“I don’t remember their names but I remember their story.”
“What story?” Man this woman seems to know more about my own kind then myself.
“The mans lover was almost killed trying to protect him. The only way he could save her was to change her.”
“She was human?”
“Yes a vampire hunter like my son.”
“But why didn’t Sam kill them. The prophecy about him says he is to kill all evil blood drinkers.”
“Key word evil my dear. He doesn’t need to kill all vampires, just the evil ones.”
“But how does he chose who’s evil and who’s not?” I asked curiously.
“He knows in his heart who’s evil or not.”
“No he doesn’t” I mumbled.
“You speak of your past.”
I looked up at the woman in shock. There was no way she knew my history too. “How do you know of my past?”
“I’m not just human my dear. I’m a healer, a witch.”
“Really?” I smiled. I’ve heard of them but in my three hundred plus years I’ve never actually met one.
She smiled and laughed. “Yes. I know your past my dear and I also know you haven’t killed in little less then two hundred years. You don’t kill when you feed.”
“That doesn’t make up for my past.”
“Maybe not. But your soul is no longer clouded by evil. Sam sensed that about you the first time you met.”
“I’m still not sure.”
She reached out and patted my hand that rested on my knee and said,“No one can ever be sure. There is evil in all of use, but it is those that let the evil take over them that must be destroyed.”
I glanced towards the stairs of Sam’s house as I heard his footsteps then he appeared beside me. I still have to get use to the fact he’s half vampire and has the abilities I do.
“Yeah, it was lovely talking to you Mrs. Foster.”
“Please call me Marigold” she smiled and came and hugged me. I wasn’t use to this kind of human contact but I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her gently.
“Thanks you.” I smiled and walked out with Sam.
Sam took my hand and we headed through town. We needed to find a couple and get into their minds and make them come with use. Which isn’t that hard.
We found a couple near the book store and mind warped them to follow us into the alley. There was a curve in the alley that made it hard to see the exits. We took them there, Sam took the short red headed girl and I took the boy with short blond hair. We fed together and it was filled with passion on it’s own. The power of our forces combined made the feeding process more intense. Once we were finished we whispered for them to forget and we left, we had many things to discuss and little time to do so.

Submitted: October 13, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Priscilla Collard. All rights reserved.


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