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Chapter 5

The days after I found out what Sam really was, was mostly consumed by us figuring out a plan of attack. We had to take Alexanders coven down and I knew exactly how many there were. With the ability to sense Alexanders presence more then other vampires was a very helpful tool when it came to these kinds of things. I was able to figure out how many vampires he came in contact with over the week we last ran into each other. Sam was ready to go in and attack now but if I knew Alex he was expecting us to charge in and I wasn’t going to risk Sam’s life.

As I stood in the middle of the town square I stared up at the moon that shown bigger then any time of the month when it reached its peek at full moon. It was beautiful in its own and the stars around it made it ten times more magnificent. There were one of the many wanders of the world, I still don’t get how the world even came to be, evolution or the big bang theory. There was really no way to really know, only god knows in the end.
“Following me again?” I asked glancing back to see Sam standing only five feet away from me.
“Yes and no” he laughed.
“Anything new on Alexander?”
“No, he’s still hasn’t shown his face around town. None of the other hunters have seen him in their town either.”
“Maybe he’s run away.” I laughed. That wasn’t likely.
“I doubt that” he chuckled. “Come on lets go back to your place.”
I looked down at his out stretched hand and I took it gladly. We walked in silence just letting the gentle breeze of the spring night wash over of us. We didn’t run or walk at any vampire speed. We just walked like any human couple that just wanted to be with each other in the night.
It only took us a hour to get back to my beach house and once inside we tangled our bodies together on my bed kissing each other fiercely. His hands caressed my cheeks slowly and gently as mine slid over his strong arms pulling his body closer to mine. These were the times I now lived for. The moments when we could be this close and not worry about the battle we know was soon to come. I wasn’t sure of the out come and I was afraid for Sam. He wasn’t as cautious as I wish he would be. He was so confident in the prophecy that he wouldn’t die because it would go against it. I wasn’t to sure of that. It made me want to lock him up somewhere, where he couldn’t get out and I knew he would be safe. That was the only thing that really mattered to me.
Sam pushed me onto my back and let his lips flow across my jaw like a feather and continued to touch me while this hands ripped at my clothes and mine his. When I made love to Sam it wasn’t like anything I had ever experience. It was intense, passionate, loving, it was everything and more. I knew that when we first touched that some how I was changed into this monster so one day I would find him and we would be together. It was our destiny.
“I love you” I whispered running my fingers along his smooth pale skin on his back.
“And I you” he whispered back just as his lips came into contact with my throat and his fangs slid into my skin.
I enjoyed the sudden rush of pain and was intoxicated with the feeling after. Yes vampires still felt the effects of vampire venom but it wasn’t as strong, or at least it wasn’t suppose to be. But when Sam bit me it always felt stronger then when I had been changed so many years ago. It almost felt like it could make my heart beat again.

When the sun peered into the room as it rose above the horizon I felt at peace. I was still wrapped up in Sam’s arms and I felt like it was the safest place to be. There wasn’t much I feared and losing him would be my greatest fear.
I shifted till I was able to see his face, he was still sound asleep and looked gorgeous as ever. I lifted my hand and brushed my fingers along the small strands of hair that hung over his eyes and pushed them aside.
Sam always looked at peace when he was asleep, but when awake I always thought he looked like he was hiding something, like his inner demons. I wandered how much of a tole it took on him when he was a kid to know that he was meant to do greatness. That no matter what he couldn’t back away from his duty. He had to know that even as a child there were things that would hurt him if he didn’t learn to fight back. I couldn’t imagine growing up that way, it had to be a hard way to live.
I slid off the bed and out of his arms and grabbed my clothes and took a shower. I let the water heat up till it felt like hot coils against my skin. Hot water always felt ten times hotter against my cold skin. But it always made if very relaxing in many ways. I titled my head back and let the water sock my long blond hair till it stuck to my wet back. I washed it slowly and then my body. I would spend most my mornings in the shower if I could, but as we all know school was a factor in my so called life. Even as a vampire it has it’s draw backs, school would be one of them. But it was spring brake so I had the pleasure of spending at least an hour or two in the shower till Sam got up or I had to go out on a lead on Alexander, so a girls job is never really done.

I got out of the shower and found Sam gone. I called out his name and looked around the house and he seriously was gone. I ran back into my room and grabbed the blade he gave me from under the mattress and slid on my shoes and planned to head out the door when I seen a note sitting on my pillow. I flashed over to it and scooped it up off the pillow.

Morning love,
My mother called while you were in the shower.
She needed me home for something, she wouldn’t say.
I would have told you but I know how you like your
morning showers so I didn’t want to disturb you.
I’ll see you tonight.
Love, Sam

I fell back on the bed and breathed a sigh of relief. I was freaking out for no reason, but I wasn’t use too caring about anyone besides myself. This was all new to me and I had no idea how to just be able to relaxes and not worry about him.

The rest of the day I spent in my weight room. I maybe a vampire but I still need to train. You just don’t wake up one day and know how to fight. It’s just like when your human, you need to train and you need to hone your skills. So I worked on your basic staking skills and diverting targets. I had set up a obstacle corse that would rig things to drop from the ceiling if I stepped in a certain spot. It very helpful and very fun at the same time, unlike real fights.
Real fights you have to worry about if you actually make a wrong move it could be the end of you or someone close to you.

When night fall came I was out the door and at Sam’s before the moon was up in the sky. I knocked lightly on the door and stood waiting for him or his mother to answer the door. I never liked to just let myself in, it was rude.
“Come on in Anna” Sam’s mom Marigold urged me in as she opened the door.
“Is Sam home?” I asked as I entered.
“No he’s not dear I’m sorry.”
“Where is he?” I asked worried.
“Another hunter came into town and he went to go meet him on the outskirts of town. He should be back soon. Come sit and wait with me.”
“Why didn’t he call me?”
“He doesn’t know this hunter well. He was afraid he might try to harm you.” Marigold smiled as she reached over and poured herself a cup of tea and offered me some. I took it even thought I don’t like tea.
I can still eat and drink human food but it doesn’t taste that good to me. The only thing I ever like to drink is wine and food well I rarely ever ate that kind of food.
“So that’s why you called this morning then?”
“Yes the man called the house this morning with information on a coven in Seattle.”
I glanced around the house and wandered what it’s like to be her. To have a son that goes out at night and risks his life and has a vampire girlfriend. I would go crazy if I was her.
“Can I ask you something about the prophecy, about Sam?”
“Sure dear.”
“There was a part I didn’t quit understand. It’s says that time and days won’t hold him. What’s that mean?”
“I’m wasn’t sure at first I figured it would mean at a certain age he would stop aging and become a vampire truly, but that just doesn’t seem right.” 
“Maybe. But is it possible he isn’t the baby they prophesied.” I could only hope that it would be true.
“I think he is,” she half smiled. “There hasn’t been anyone like him. He has to be that child.”
“I guess, maybe I was just hoping he wasn’t. I don’t like him fighting.”
“Neither do I,” she chuckled. “You love him more then me if that is even possible.”
“I do love him, but I can’t compare my love to a mothers.”
“Maybe there isn’t any thing to compare, maybe it is possible to love in same amount but in different ways.”
Love may not always make sense to people. Like when a mother has a child and loves them at first sight or when a man and woman come together and at first glance they know they love each other. I feel like that with Sam. I knew there was something that drew me to him that day and would like to think it was love at first sight, he is my soul mate.

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