Chapter 6:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 6

It wasn’t till three in the morning that Sam came walking through the door. I was in his arms in that second and was kissing him with passion and worry.
“Thank god your ok” I whispered.
“Anna you worry to much” he chuckled. “I had to go meet someone. It took longer then I expected.”
I smiled and brushed my fingers across his right cheek. “Your mother told me. You went to meet another hunter. That doesn’t mean you were safe.”
“Kyle wouldn’t hurt me. He wouldn’t think of it. He knows of the prophecy and he wanted to help.”
“So don’t worry so much.”
I huffed and hugged him tight. “I’ll try not to, but you have to realize you’re the first person I’ve ever loved and I would go crazy if I lost you.”
“I know and same here. But you have to realize this is my destiny and I can’t let even you get in the way of it.”
“I know and I promise I won’t. Just make sure to bring me along with you next time.”
“I would have I just wasn’t sure if he would try to kill you if he seen you were a vampire.”
“That’s what your mother said,” I laughed.
“Let’s go upstairs and just lay down. I’m tired.”
I took his hand and he lead me up the stairs. We never really stayed at his house together, he was always with me. We laid across his bed and he pulled me into his side and I just listened to his slow heart beat in his chest.
“What did the hunter have to say?”
“He had a lead on a coven near here. I was hoping it was Alexanders but it wasn’t. We went and checked it out.”
“You went in alone” I asked sitting up.
“I went in with Kyle.” He rolled his eyes. He seriously wasn’t taking this seriously.
“I have to go” I slid off the bed in one of my fast fluent movements and reached for the door.
“Anna come on. You know I can take care of myself.”
“Yeah apparently. Well have fun taking care of yourself.” I hissed and ran down the stairs and was out the door with in the second the words left my lips.

I didn’t go home. If he was going to follow me he was going to go there first. I knew he would try to give me space to avoid a real fight so he wasn’t going to come searching for a while.
“Trouble in paradise?”
I stood still and didn’t turn. “You must be Kyle.”
“The one and only” he chuckled.
“What do you want?”
“What do you think? I’m a hunter you’re a leech. What else would I want to do?”
“Looking for a fight, that’s rich” I laughed. “You don’t even know who I am.”
“Sam’s vamp.”
I laughed and finally turned to see the man behind me. He was at least in his late twenties with short blond hair and dark brown eyes. He had a scar running across his chin and down to his neck running under his shirt.
“Does Sam know you were planning to come after me?”
“No that boy is in love and nivea. But the prophecy is the only reason I haven’t killed him yet.”
Blood boiled in my vanes as his threat hit me. “Touch him and your dead.”
“You wont be around to stop me if I wished to kill him.”
“Then come on I could go for a good fight.”
He stepped towards me and he reached back and lifted his jacket a little till his blade was raveled. I smirked at him as he had this devious smile on his lips. He really thinks this will be an easy fight.
“You know the difference between my blade and other hunters?” He asked as he started side step making us go into a circle.
“What’s that?”
“You can’t heal as fast from my blade. You’ll bleed a lot more then you will expect.”
“Aren’t most blades like that?” I chuckled. This guy is an idiot.
“No my dear. Other blades let vampires heal like two hours after, this will take days and trust me I know where too hit your vanes. I will make you bleed out.”
“Well lets get this game on then” I taunted.
He lunged at me and I was quick I had him by this throat and his wrist in my other hand.
“Now I thought you said you could fight” I chuckled and threw him away from me. “Now lets try this again.”
True it was stupid of me not to just kill him right then and there but I needed to let my anger at Sam out. Kyle came at me again and I swung and his blade sliced across my forearm and a deadly hiss broke from my lips and I was momentarily stunned but that didn’t stop my attack.  I kicked right in the middle of his chest making his body fly across the small area and into a near tree. I glanced down at the wound and blood dripped down it quickly and glanced back up and he was on his feet and charging at me again.
I quickly slid my own blade out and  attacked slicing it right across his chest. I could smell the blood flow from the wound and my fangs came out and I let my thirst get to me. I reached for his neck and forgot about the fight and his blade sliced through my side. I brought my own blade up and stabbed in right through his stomach. He cried out in pain and dropped him.
“That was a mistake” I hissed as I looked down at my side. I lifted my shirt and it ripped right through my skin all the way to the back.
“You’ll be dead soon anyways” he laughed.
“So will you.” I hissed and started to walk away.
“Your not going to finish it yourself?”
“No I don’t drink from someone as ugly as you.” I smirked and walked through the town.
I pressed a hand over to my side and tried stop the bleeding but I knew I wouldn’t be able to. I could feel I was losing to much. I had three fatal wounds that could make me bleed out and die. When I thought about how I would die this definitely wasn’t the way I was hoping to go out. I thought I would be going to against Alexander. If I was to die then I would want to go down taking him with me, but I guess that’s not going to happen.
I couldn’t tap into my power for speed.  I was to weak. But I had to get at least half way back to Sam’s so I could at least try to get into his mind to let him know I was sorry for being mad at him.
“Oh my god miss are you ok”
My head snapped up as I heard a mans voice I could hear his pulse and see the blood flowing in his vanes. “Get away from me” I growled.
“You need a hospital.” The man reached out for me and I pushed him away with all my strength and he fell to the ground.
I tried to run. I needed to tap into my power and it was going to take everything in me. I thought hard and I was running. I wasn’t going as fast I usually do, my speed was knocked down to human speed.
I fell to the ground only a few feet away from Sam’s house. I was right across the street from his house. I could see his mother’s light on from here and I used what I could to see if Sam was home and he wasn’t.
I pushed against the ground and I felt weak, I hated it. I don’t like being weak. I glanced back and forth and I realized I would have to crawl across the street. I started out as fast as I could. The feeling of the concrete hurt my skin, another sign I was moments from death.
Once I was at the porch I had to stop, I could barely breath and I was in so much pain. My hands were shaking and I could feel the blood in my body was very low. Another perk of being a vampire you know when your almost out.
I kept moving till I was at the door and I reached for the door handle and lifted myself up till I could reach the door bell and hit it as many times as I could till my body felt to heavy for me to keep up. I slid down the door my back leaning against it as my hand hit against the door
“Hell-” I heard Marigolds voice and I went down.

Submitted: October 13, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Priscilla Collard. All rights reserved.


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