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Chapter 7

“Oh god Anna.”
“Where’s...Sam” I panted out. The light in the house was burning my eyes and I kept having to shut them.
“He went out looking for you,” she spoke worried.
“So predicable.” I half laughed.
“I should get you to the living room.” She said lifting my arm. She threw it over her neck and I was being lifted off the ground and I tried to help her so I wasn’t dead weight. My legs felt like jelly and I was having a hard time moving them. So I wasn’t really any help, but she got me to the couch and laid me down.
I watched as she ran from the room and come back with towels and bandages. I wanted to tell her it was a waist of time but I knew she wouldn’t listen.
“I can heal these.” She said looking at the marks on my arms.
“I don’t...think so” I panted out.
“I must try” she said gently.
I closed my eyes as she went to work. I could feel her magic trickling on my skin. Healers aren’t suppose to help vampires. I didn’t even think they could heal us, but she was trying.
“I can’t get them to close” she panted out. This was hard on her, it takes to much energy from her to heal them.
“Don’t worry about me.”
“No dear you’re Sam’s life, if you were to die he would be heartbroken. Besides I care about you too I have to do what I can,” she spoke. She sounded so motherly and it was nice. I haven’t had a mother in so many years.
“Thank you” I smiled.
She smiled and continued her work. I wander how sad Sam will be when he comes home and finds I’m dead. He would probably hit something or even cry and it broke my heart to know that I would have that effect on him.
“Anna I’ll be right back” I heard her speak next to me but I didn’t feel like opening my eyes to see her. I was still thinking about Sam and that’s all I wanted to think about.

My mind was sucked back in time. I remember the last time I lost someone. It was winter of 1773 I was only fourteen when my mother passed away. There were many diseases you could get back then. She had cancer I soon found out a couple years back when they actually did medicine more. I remember her symptoms to every detail, the pale skin, nausea, the headaches. She had a form of brain cancer that killed her slowly and painfully. It killed me to know that back then.
“Anastasia” my mothers raspy voice came from the bed.
“I’m here mamma” I whispered coming more into the room. I was afraid to go near her, afraid I would hurt her.
“Come sit with mamma” she said patting the spot next to her.
I did as my mother said and slid onto the bed next to her and she held out her arms and I hugged her. She was weak but she held onto me as tight as she could.
“Are you scared?”
“I have had a great life. I have rased two beautiful children. There is nothing to fear knowing they are well.”
I lifted my hand and whipped my tears away as I looked out the small window in her room. “Pappa is very sad.”
“You will need to take care of your pappa when I am gone.”
“Yes mamma” I reassured her.
It was only a couple hours later that she passed away. I was left as the woman in the house and had to take care of my brother and pappa’s needs. It was a big task for a little girl of my age but I was very smart and I knew how to take care of others.

“Anna. Anna” I heard a voice from the outside trying to get in. “Anna can you hear me?”
I tried to drowned out the frantic voice so I could just sleep in peace for once. I won’t be at real piece till I’m in heaven with my family.
“I don’t think she can you hear you son” a woman’s voice spoke close by.
“Anna please let me in” a male voice begged.
Let him in? Let him in where? I couldn’t get out on my own so how I was suppose to let him in. The only thing I could see was my past and nothing else besides darkness. When I thought I could get to the surface I was always pushed back down.
I don’t know how many days I was here in this darkness alone. I could only hear sounds around me. I couldn’t see anything. A steady slow thumping is all I heard every second I was in here.
“It’s been a week” A stressed voice spoke.
“Are you sure she’s in there?” The woman’s voice from before was speaking closer to me now.
“Yes I just can’t get her to respond back to me.”
“She just needs to rest.”
I could feel someone touching me. The skin was warm and I knew this person was human. The hearts were beating steady only one was beating faster then the others. The thought of their hearts made my throat burn and it only got more intense till it felt like I was on fire. I started gasping for air, I wasn’t even sure I was really breathing.
“Sam” I heard the woman’s voice strain.
“Anna baby can you hear me?” His hands touched the skin on my shoulders and he was shaking me. “Anna.”
Sam? “Sam,” my eyes slowly opened and the light in the room was bright. Soon I focused on the face above me. It was Sam.
“Anna oh thank god.”
“I...I need to feed” I chocked out.
“We got blood here” his mother spoke running from the room.
I watched the spot she was once in and it took everything in me not to grab her and feed. Soon she was back and with two packs of blood. I snatched it from her as quickly as my body would let me and I ripped open the top and chugged down the warm blood. She must have heated it up.
“Anna how are you feeling?”Marigold questioned.
“Thirsty.” I chocked out sucking down the second pack. “More.”
She left the room once again and I was panting out. The burning wasn’t as bad but it was gone.
“Anna who hurt you?”
“Kyle? Kyle did this too you” his hands clamped around my arms tight but it didn’t hurt.
“He should be dead.” I admitted as images ran through my head of that night. “I hit an internal organ he should have bleed to death.”
“They haven’t found any bodies around.”
“We- We were on the outskirts of town. Near the woods.”
“You think his body could still be there?”
I shook my head and laid back. “I don’t know.”
He touched my cheek with his soft hand. “I’ll check it out later.”
“Here you go dear.” She handed me another pack of blood.
“Thank you” I smiled. “For everything .”
“Don’t mention it” she smiled and touched my shoulder and went to sit in the seat across from us.
“So who was here?” I asked curiously.
Sam chocked his head to the side in confusion. “When?”
“I heard three hearts. There was someone else here with you.”
“No the only ones here was us,” Sam reassured.
“You sure?”
“I must have been hearing things. Besides the heart sounded more you like yours.” I shrugged and drank the rest of the pack of blood.
The rest of the night Sam stayed at my side and held my hand as I tried to rest and not to move. I wasn’t all the way healed but I was almost back to normal. But I still think I was hallucinating or something because I kept hearing that third heartbeat in the house and it was really starting to freak me out. I told my worries to Sam but he just said I was probably picking up the neighbors heart but I don’t think it was.
“Sam. Anna.” Sam’s mother appeared at the door eyes wide and shaking.
Sam was up on his feet and at his mom’s side in a flash as I tried to right myself. I was still weak but I was able to sit up straight but not stand.
“What’s wrong? Did you see something?” Sam asked frantically. But the hole time his mothers eyes were on me.
“What?” I asked confused. Sam glanced at me as well.
“Your not the one from the prophecy.” His mother whispered.
“What? What do you mean?” Sam asked even more confused then I felt.
His mothers eyes finally came to meet his gaze and she touched his cheek. He look startled and he was pleading with his eyes to have her explain but she just stood there. Staring.
“You’re the parents of the one.”
“What?” I asked shocked. “I- I can’t have kids. Dead remember.”
“A son of man and demon.”
“Man? Sam is half vampire.” I noted briskly. There was no way I was pregnant. Vampire. Hello.
“I don’t quite understand this myself but you are in dead carrying a baby boy in your whom.”
I glanced from her to Sam to my stomach and let my hand rest there. My eyes closed and I let my mind listen. And there it was that slow beating heart. It was just like Sam’s heart. And I knew she was right. There was a baby in there. I just didn’t now how it could be.
“You’re vision showed you this?” Sam questioned returning to my side.
“Yes.” His mother sighed sitting down across from us in her tan colored recliner. “I seen his birth. You my son were there.”
“What happens to me during this whole event?” I asked confused.
“The vision didn’t show me. You were in extreme pain but that is all I seen.”
“So there is a chance I could die from this birth.”
“I cannot say. But I do know that you must be protected at all costs. Their will be others who will try to kill you before the birth can happen. I’ve seen that much. I think it’s time to call them.”
“Call who” I asked confused.
“Vampires.” Sam sighed. “Over the towns I’ve been in I’ve made friends. Vampires. They were the ones I spared and they devoted their lives to me.”
“Like the couple you met?” I asked Marigold.
“Yes. Asher and Blaise.”
“Asher?” My eyes bugged out. I only knew of one Asher and there was no way he would help me. He would soon kill me first. “This Asher wouldn’t be tall, black hair, blue eyes. And kind of acts like a modern day King Arthur would it?”
“Uh I think so why?” Sam looked confused.
I changed him.
“What?” His mother looked confused.
“I’m the one that changed Asher. There’s no way he’ll help. Not after what I did to his family. There’s no way.”
“He will if it is to protect the child from the prophecy.” Marigold sounded confident in that assumption but I wasn’t to keen on getting him anywhere near me with anything silver or anything sharp.

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