Chapter 8:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 8

After the revaluation of finding out that I was pregnant everything seemed to go in slow motion. Sam was up and around calling as many vampire friends that he had and hunters that would help him protect me from the enemy we had no clue when was coming. We only knew they were coming and huge numbers to kill me. That should have been frightening on it’s own but I wasn’t frightened of that. Seeing Asher was what I feared. I had worked for years trying to block our connection so he couldn’t find me and now we’re bringing him here.
“Maybe we should move her upstairs” Sam’s mother suggested.
“Right.” Sam agreed coming to my side.
“I can do it” I said trying to act tough but I was still in severe pain.
“You can barely move I doubt you can walk love.” Sam laughed.
“Fine” I huffed and lifted my arms and he lifted and cradled me in his arms. I winced in pain as my wound pressed against his chest.
“Sorry” he murmured as he slowly started to walk towards the stairs.
“Lets go vamp speed. This is killing me” I sighed.
“Of course” he said worried and in a flash we were upstairs and I hadn’t thought the pain would be worse but it was.
Sam laid me down on his bed at once and I shifted to center myself in the bed and he slid the blankets over my body. I didn’t get cold so I didn’t get the point but it was still nice to have it around my body. Sam sat down next to me and pushed the blanket back away from my stomach and lifted my shirt. I watched him as he placed his hand to the center of my stomach. At first all I felt was the warmth of his hand then I felt his mind stretching out to feel the babies and that’s when it happened, the sound of the babies heart was all I could hear. I looked at Sam and he seemed to be hearing it too. He pulled his hand back and the sound was gone.
“What the?” I mumbled and reached for Sam’s hand again and placed it back where it was and just like before the sound of the babies heart intensified.
“Incredible,” Sam smiled. “Do you think he did that because he knew it was me or-”
“I don’t know.” I interrupted. “Maybe.”
“This is why we met” Sam said in almost a dazed tone. Like he was talking more to himself then to me. “Our connection was so we could bring him into this world.”
“I never thought I’d be a mother” I sighed. “It’s quite frightening to think about” I admitted.
“Don’t worry Anna” Sam smiled touching his hand to my cheek. “You’ll be an amazing mother.”
“If I survive through the birth.” I noted.
“You will survive. I know it in my heart.”
I smiled and laced our fingers. “I wish I had your confidence.”

It was only moments later that his mother appeared and she gave us a brief sad smile before she told us some of the others have arrived. I listened to hear the voices and feel the presence of the vampire below. I knew they were vampires, because no of them had beating hearts.
“Thank you for coming” Sam spoke once he hit the bottom step.
“We came as soon as we got the call.” A girls voice spoke. “But how is it possible. If your mother said is true. The girl is a vampire.”
“Fascinating” I heard another voice murmur.
“Where is she?” This voice I knew and it felt like a bucket of ice was thrown into my face. Or should I say holy water. Well holy water really has not effect on us but you get the point.
“She’s upstairs resting. She was recently attacked by another hunter.”
“Who?” The first girl asked.
“Kyle Blake.”
“Ah yes. We’ve heard of him.”
“He attacked her a couple nights ago. Before we knew she was pregnant. It’s a shock that it didn’t kill the baby.”
“Very.” The girl agreed. “I would like to meet her.”
“She’s resting at the moment. She just woke up not to long ago but she needs her strength. And I must speak to you and Asher alone.”
“Why?” Asher asked confused.
“It’s about your past.” Sam simply spoke. “If you’ll follow me into the kitchen. The rest of you are free to make yourself at home in the living room.”
I followed the sound of Sam’s footsteps as for Asher’s and I’m guessing the girl I heard was Blaise.
“What’s going on Sam?” Blaise questioned as I heard chairs being moved. They were sitting now.
“There is a unique situation here. As you know. But I’m afraid once you see who the mother of my son is that you will hurt her in some way.”
“You have are word that we wouldn’t” Asher spoke up.
“That is something you can’t not promise till you know who she is.” Sam contradicted. And I agreed. “Asher you know my Anna better then anyone besides myself.”
“How so?”
“I believe you know her as Anastasia Night”
“What?” Asher growled. He was on his feet now. His chair slid across the floor at least a couple feet behind him.
“Ash? Who is she?”
“She killed me.” Asher whispered.
“You mean- the one that killed your family?” Blaise asked shocked.
“How is that possible. Anastasia is pure evil. Why didn’t you killer her. Instead of making her your play thing” Asher snarled.
“She is not the same woman you knew. She regrets most of her past. You in particular.”
“I bet” Asher hissed. “Why didn’t I sense her here?”
“She told me she learned to block you from using the connection. She didn’t want me to call you but my mother insisted. She said you would do her no harm. But if you try to kill her I will not stop from killing you myself.” Sam spoke firmly. Nothing in his voice faltered. He meant every word.
“She can’t change.” Asher spoked sourly.
“You changed.” Blaise noted. “I don’t mean to defend her Ash. But you were just like her once. If you were able change maybe she was too.”
“Not her” He hissed. “She was pure evil. Nothing but pain brought her joy.”
“She’s not like that” Sam defended. “Not Anna. Not the new Anna. She’s more worried about this baby then anyone. She wants this prophecy to come true. She even asked me to kill her when she thought I was that child. She sees herself as still evil. Nothing that she does now will make up for her past in her eyes.”
“She’s right.” Asher hissed.
“Ash. She’s carrying a human baby.”
“Meaning we have to protect her. Alexander is worse then anything she ever could be.”
“You’ve heard her story I presume” Sam asked.
“How she was changed, no. I never got to know her like that.”
“Alexander is her sire. She was more unwilling to become this then you were. Of course he spared her family but she was taken from them at nineteen. The same as you. I’m sure she had many of the feelings you had when you did the things you did. You can either forgive her or leave.” Sam ordered. “Blaise was kind enough to forgive you for killing many of her ancestors.”
“That’s different” Asher hissed. I didn’t see how. From what I heard he took more pleasure in torturing his victims then I did.
“Not so different” Sam contradicted. “Wouldn’t you agree Blaise?”
There was a long silence and you could hear them all breathing waiting for her response. “I’d agree. But what she did to his family well she tortured them.”
“As he tortured her. I know the story. She didn’t tell me but I know my mother has seen all of her past and yours. Both of you. Blaise the huntress, killing vampires for pleasure not duty. Asher killing for pleasure as well for the hell of it. Choosing kids off the street. Of course you made sure they weren’t to young. It was no fun killing someone that was so near your sisters age.”
Asher snarled.
“Speaking of little sisters. I hear your sisters coming.” What?
“Yes” Blaise answered. “She and a couple of the Star hunters that still stand beside me are coming. My mother of course is not among them.”
“As excepted.” Sam sighed. “So do we have an agreement Asher?”
“I’ll do her no harm. But I’d like to speak to her myself. To see if this change is real.”
Oh god he wants to talk to me. Please don’t tell me that. Of course I’ll be fine if he doesn’t come up with anything sharp and I was sure Sam didn’t have anything sharp near me at this second so if he was to come up here he would do me no harm that way. But of course we are strong enough to were we can rip each others body parts off.
“I’d have to check with her first but-” He stopped mid sentence when I let my mental voice brake through.
Come up Asher. I spoke in all three of their heads.
Anna you sure? Sam asked.
Yes. Besides your one scream away right? I laughed a little at that.
Not funny Anna. Sam snarled.
Sorry. Well Asher what are you waiting for. I don’t hear you moving.
I’m on my way.

So I waited. It was only a few seconds later that he appeared at the door way. His eyes were blazing with anger, bloodlust, and a hell of a lot more things I didn’t feel like looking at. But he stepped into the room and closed the door. I shifted uncomfortably at that. But I wasn’t going to let him know I was scared.

Submitted: October 14, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Priscilla Collard. All rights reserved.


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