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Chapter 9

Asher stood against the door. Arms folded over his chest. He looked different from the last time I seen him. Of course I guess everyone would look different after a two hundred years. His hair was shorter but still that charcoal black and his blue eyes were as bright as ever. Like blue fire. His body was still as toned maybe even a little more lean and muscle. He was happy now. Well not at this moment but I could tell just by his essence he was.
“So?” Asher started out his voice like hard ice. “Is it true?”
“That you changed your evil evil ways” he taunted.
“I like to believe I have.” I mumbled. “But like I told Sam, nothing can change the things I’ve done. Especially to you.”
“Your right. It doesn’t.”
“I know that.” I agreed. “I’m not going to apologize because that would just be disrespectful of me. Because I don’t deserve your forgiveness. What I did to you and your family has haunted me through the years.”
“As it has me.”
“I’m sure.”
“And Alexander how did he turn you?” Asher asked shoving his hands into his black jeans. He was in all black. No shocker. The last time I seen him he was in a black suit.
“Like most are turned” I shrugged. “He was the perfect gentlemen. I was even stupid enough to trust him and go into the night with him. He started talking about death then he revealed what he was too me and I ran. The last person I ever seen was the worried look on my brothers face as he looked for me before Alexander caught up to me and killed me. Well turned me. We’re not really dead are we Ash, we’re just undead.” I half smiled to myself. “He pretty much did what I did to you. Left me alone for a couple years not as long as I did of course. He found me after a hundred and fifty years. We fought like we did. He almost killed me but well a hunter showed up. I’m sure you know her. Sandra Star. I knew who would win that fight. He did of course. Took her as his little play thing. I guess we’re all connected in the end. Alexander, Me, You, Blaise and her family. All family. If that’s what you call it anyways. But being a vampire is never easy. Blaise is lucky she has you.”
“So you did what you thought was suppose to happen after the change?” Asher asked. His voice hiding his emotions. I wasn’t sure if he was sorry for me or he was pissed still. But I guess that’s how he wants it.
“I’m not sure what was going through my mind back then. I was consumed by hate. Hating who I was, how I died. I hated humans for centuries and took my anger out on them. You caught my interest the moment I seen you. Your mind was blocked from me. You didn’t know this of course. You were human, you didn’t know you were blocking me I could tell. After a week or so watching you my anger consumed me and my wanting of wanting to understand you pushed me over the edge and well you know the result of that.”
“So your with child?”
“As shocking as it is, I am. I don’t understand it. But I can hear his heart beating as we speak.”
“So can I” he sighed. “Does Sam have any idea why this happened.”
“I guess it happened like most babies are conceived. Sex.” I laughed, and I was shocked to see him crack a smile. “But seriously no. We don’t know how it happened. Sam I don’t even think thought he could have children. He’s half vampire you know.”
“I know.”
“But he seems happy about it. But I don’t know what he’s going to do now. I don’t like being protected like I’m helpless. I feel human again.” I shook my head in disgust. “You know what I’m talking about I’m sure. Feeling human again is the last thing we want to happen to us since we were so weak when we were human. I feel that way now. I hate it.”
“I do understand” Asher sounded sorry now. He was pitying me. That almost made me growl at him but I suppressed the urge. I didn’t want to break this connection we were having now.
“Well I guess I have no choice. If I want my baby safe. I’ll have to do as told. I’m not one to take orders.”
Asher laughed. “Well neither am I. But I think Sam knows what he’s doing. He’s smart for someone as young as him.”
“Yeah. I really take the cake with the robbing the cradle jokes humans do these days.” I laughed.
“Yeah same. Blaise is what three hundred and seventy eight years younger then me.” He laughed freely.
“Yeah we’re a couple pedophiles.” I sighed and wince. I had shifted then and it felt like someone stabbed me.
“Something wrong?” Asher asked noticing my discomfort.
“I’m not healed yet.”
“How’s that possible. We heal quickly.”
“Well the blade Kyle used was stronger then most blades. He said he had magic put on it so where the wounds would take weeks to heal and would make me bleed more. It almost killed me but Sam’s mother healed me. She’s a healer you know. She couldn’t get them to close because I’m a vampire. But I guess just stopping the blood probably saved me. But their still healing slowly.”
“Ah. Well maybe if we get more then one healer to work on you at the same time it would heal you completely.” Asher mussed.
“We don’t have any other healers around.” I noted.
“Lucky for you I have a mate that knows tones of them” He laughed. “I’ll speak with Blaise she can get in touch with her sister and she’ll bring a healer with her.”
“Why are you trying to help me?” I asked confused.
“As much as I hate what you did to me and my family I see you’ve changed. I’m not saying I forgive you for what you’ve done but I’m willing to put it behind me to protect that baby and getting another healer here would help and get your stronger so if it happens you can run.”
“If a battle comes I’m fighting not running.”
“No your not” he hissed. “You have that baby to worry about Anastasia. Your life is more important then anyone’s on this earth at the moment.”
“He’s correct.”
We both looked at the door as it opened and Sam and Blaise appeared. She was pretty. Black hair like Asher’s. She had this old time beauty to her. Almost like snow white. She was breathtaking and I wandered if she looked just as beautiful before the change.
When she seen me she laughed. We all looked at her confused. “Sorry it’s just uh Ash doesn’t she look like she could be Ivy’s sister instead of me.”
His gaze went back to me and he laughed. “Your right. Same shade of hair, the model looks, yep. We found her real twin.” They both laughed and left the room holding onto each other. So didn’t want to know what they were going to do when alone.
“So everything went okay?” Sam asked as he slid onto the bed next to me.
“Like you weren’t listening” I teased and laid my head on his shoulder as his arm went around me shoulders.
“I was. But I thought I’d give you a chance to explain what happened” he chuckled. “But I’m glad things worked out.”
“Me too” I sighed. “Do you think the healer thing will work? You know what Asher suggested.”
“It might.” Sam shrugged. “I guess we’ll find out when the healer gets here.”
“Yep.” I sighed. “I’m hungry.”
“Still you drank three packs.”
“I know” I laughed. “But I’m drinking for two remember.”
“Right” he laughed. “You drank all the packs we had. We’ll have to get more. But until then here.” Sam rolled up the sleeve on his flannel shirt. And put his wrist out to me.
“You sure?”
“It’s not the first time you drank from me.” He noted with a sly smile.
“Can I drink somewhere else?” I smiled. “Like here” I said pressing my fingers to the artery in his neck.
He smiled and kissed my lips before he bared his neck for me and I kissed his throat before sinking my fangs into his neck and drank. His blood rushed my mouth and tasted like the sweetest wine but as I drank more and more the hunger didn’t subside. I pulled from him and licked my lips.
“What’s wrong?” He asked confused. I hadn’t drank that much.
“I’m still hungry. The bloods doing nothing for me.”He looked at me confused. Then his brow shot up. “What?”
“Hold on. I’ll be back” He was gone in a flash and I followed the sounds of his movements and I heard him in the kitchen and he was flashing around like a bat out of hell till I heard him coming up the stairs once again.

When Sam returned I had to suppress laughing. He had a plate of chips and a sandwich in hand. He sat next to me and offered the plate.
“You know I don’t eat human food” I laughed.
“You might not but are little beater in there might” he said tapping his fingers on my stomach.
“You think?” I asked skeptical.
“It wouldn’t hurt to try.” He shrugged.
“I guess” I shrugged and took the plate from him. I stared down at the turkey sandwich a few seconds before lifting it off the plate. I sniffed at it and my stomach growled. I put it to my lips and took a small bite and something happened to my tongue and I took another bite, then another and another till the sandwich was gone. I felt the hunger subsiding and I ate some chips till I felt- well full.
“Well?” Sam asked once the plate was empty.
“Uh I guess your right” I said shocked. “I’m not hungry anymore. Maybe the baby needs both.”
“Maybe” Sam shrugged. “Or maybe he doesn’t need blood at all.”
“But I need blood” I noted. “So he needs it.”
“Right” he laughed. “But I’m saying is he might not need it once he’s born.”
“We’ll just have to wait and see then now won’t we” I chuckled.
“Yeah I guess we will” he smiled and kissed my lips slowly. I wrapped my arm around his neck and kissed him just a little harder. “I love you Anna.”
“I love you too Sam.” I smiled and kissed his lips one more time before laying back on the bed.

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