Psycho Man

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This book is about a man who discovers a power he has after a near death experience. He discovers how he can expand his power to something that is unheard of. He chooses to use his power to the greater good but becomes greedy. This is only the beginning and not all of it. This will begin the book. I will update it when I get more.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Psycho Man

Submitted: April 26, 2007

Reads: 247

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Submitted: April 26, 2007



Chapter 1

As Xavior sat in his first class of the day, discussing with his class their new project, he was at first unaware of the sound outside the room. He was talking while everyone listened, about his idea for a great topic for the project. He heard the door open and naturally looked towards the long hallway before the door. The room was oddly proportioned. It had a dungeon feeling, especially when there were drawings of knights on the wall. This classroom was the senior English classroom and they read a book that involved knights and the teacher had them make drawings of the knights and put them on the walls. The desks were all at the front of the room, with the teacher’s desk at the back. The room looked as if it had been built off the side of a building and then turned into an inside room. There was a hallway that led into the classroom and the door was at the end of the hall.

When the door opened, everyone looked in that direction, Xavior’s breath was taken away. The girl of his dreams suddenly walked into the room and he couldn’t believe it. Her name was Kelsey. Xavior had gone to church with her, but he hadn’t seen her in a while. She had beautiful green eyes, long curly hair, and a strong chin. She was well proportioned, she had a beautiful voice and she was hard to not look at. She was gorgeous. For a second Xavior wondered why she had transferred schools. The next moment he knew. Her brother had gotten expelled so they moved. She was a senior, and didn’t like the move. She knew she would have to get used to it, but it bothered her that they had only a few months left at school and she has to graduate at a different school than the one she went to all of her life. She looked at Xavior and thought, at least there is someone here that I know. I had better sit by him. All this knowledge came to Xavior in a split second. He never understood how it happened, but everyday anytime Xavior wondered about anything, he knew all the answers. He had been this way since he was seven years old. This made him quite knowledgeable. This also got him in quite a lot of trouble at home. Like when his parents came home from a long trip and he didn’t as about it because he already knew all the answers. Another time, he was talking to his mom and all of the sudden, he wondered what it would be like to speak German, and before he knew it, not only did he know, he was also speaking it to his mom. His mom never made sense of this because she thought he just learned a few lines in school and was speaking it. He passed all his classes, however, with a one hundred percent in everything. All he had to do was wonder what the answer to the test was and he knew it. He was also very efficient at fixing things because all he had to do was wonder what he had to do to fix it, and he knew.

When Kelsey walked in, she looked at him and smiled. Xavior smiled back very warmly. She spoke for a moment to the teacher and then sat down next to me. I had expected this since she didn’t know anyone else. The class discussion began again, and I started talking to Kelsey.

“Hey,” I said quietly.

“Hi,” she replied, “I guess you want to know why I’m going to this school now.”

“No, I don’t need to know, it’s none of my business,” I said solemnly.

“Thanks,” she said sounding very appreciative, “everyone has been asking me.”

“Well maybe they need to learn to mind their own business.”

She didn’t say anything, though I could tell that she was very grateful. She and Xavior began chatting for a while. Xavior was extremely happy for her being here. He began going throughout his day normally. When he got to lunch, Kelsey sat with him and he introduced her to his friends. Shortly afterward, the trouble began. A strong looking guy, whose name Xavior was sure was John, came over and began to chastise them,

“Hey beautiful, why don’t you come over and sit with me rather than this loser,” said John maliciously.

“I don’t want to, Xavior is my friend,” she replied with confidence.

“Come on sweetheart, you don’t want to be caught up with these nerds do you?”

Xavior stood up quickly knowing what was on this guys mind. He wanted her body. Xavior was taller than John but did not have as much muscle. He felt very brave at the moment, because he knew he must be if he wanted to be with this girl. John went on the offense.

“So you’re goanna fight huh?”

“If that’s what it takes”

At that moment John hit Xavior on the back of the head with such force that he next thing Xavior knew was that he was heading for the floor, in a blurred and darkening view.

When Xavior was seven years old, he had one friend who was in his second grade class. His name was Christopher. Xavior and Christopher would do everything together. They would play on the “big toy,” or they would play tag, or just run around the playground screaming at the top of their lungs until they lost their voices. There were also times when they had to stick up for each other when the big bully came. This was the hardest thing they had to do.

At least once a week, the bully came along to torment Xavior and Christopher. He was much bigger than them (mostly in fat but he was still intimidating) and he liked to take their lunches that they brought from home or chase them around the playground or even beat the snot out of them. Usually when this happened, they would run as fast as possible, but every once in a while they would stand their ground and get beat up. They didn’t like it but they knew that they would have to deal with him sooner or later.

This was one of those days that Xavior and Christopher wanted to stand up to the bully. The bully was coming towards them with a menacing look on his face, and Xavior just stood his ground, glaring back with a confident and serious look.

“Wanna get beat up today Xavior?” The bully asked mockingly, “Xavior Wavior, ha ha.”

“Not today fatty,” replied Xavior.

“Fatty am I?” asked the bully angrily, “We’ll see about that.”

He came running as fast as he could but because of his weight, he couldn’t slow down fast enough when Xavior moved out of the way and put his foot out. The bully went flying through the air and then came crashing to the ground. Xavior laughed haughtily and Christopher looked stunned at Xavior’s fearlessness. At that moment the bully got up looking angrier than he had ever looked, and when he looked at Xavior, it made Xavior cringe. The bully got up onto his feet and walked towards Xavior with a sinister smile on his face. He reared back a fist and punched Xavior as hard as he could on the head.

As Xavior fell down, he could feel a horrible throbbing in his head. He lay on his face for a moment, trying to let the pain go away naturally. He began to lift up when suddenly he felt another blow to the back of the head. The last he remembered was that he was heading for the ground but he never remembered landing.

When Xavior woke up, he could feel the warm bed underneath him. He opened his eyes and saw that he was in the hospital. His mom and dad were at the other end of the room. He was about to ask them what happened when a very unfamiliar feeling came over him. He knew what had happened, but that was impossible because he had been knocked out. After he fell to the ground, Christopher had run off to tell a teacher, and when they came he told them everything. They called Xavior’s parents, and he was rushed to the hospital. The doctor had said he would be just fine but there might be some amnesia. All of this he had seen in a split second, and he had no idea where it had come from.

Xavior’s mom had noticed him awake and came over to him. “Oh are you alright?” she asked him concernedly.

“Yes mom I’m okay,” he replied, “I just feel a little light headed.” Something told him it was best not to tell her what had just happened.

His dad came over and stood quietly looking at him as if judging what he was about to say. “Son,” he said in a fatherly tone, “I am very proud of you. You stood up to that bully and took it like a man.”

“Thanks dad,” Xavior said with appreciation. His dad had never said anything like that to him before. At that moment, Xavior wondered where Christopher was, and that same feeling came over him that had moments before. Christopher was at home talking to his parents about what had happened that day. His parents were worried about Xavior because it sounded like he wasn’t going to be okay. Once again Xavior didn’t know how he knew this he just knew.

Just then the doctor came in and said, “Xavior, I’m glad you’re awake, I was wondering, do you remember anything that happened today?”

“Of course I do,” Xavior replied confidently

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