A Glimse of Sparkle

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - A Little Surprise

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



I glanced around my room full of anger.I then glanced some light in myDoll house.I exspected a flashlight taped on a mouse or rat since all the scurrying.I opened the walls that opened and closed so you could play with it or store.I then saw something strange.Dad's flashlight,the one that was to high for even ME.I just stood there confused about to stand up when a tiny head peeked out of the window."AHHHHH!"I screamed wandering if I was dreaming.The small creatured zipped up threw the air covering my mouth.It had two small pink wings,Blonde hair,blue eyes,a cute little face,clothes made out of leaves and flowers,and she was about 2 inchs tall.Yep she was a unrealistic makebelieve fairy.I stood struck with fear and confusion.All my life I haven't believed in fairys since well I was 5.I stared at the creature All the sudden it spoke in a nomal vioce,"Don't scream!"I followed the demands and then heard a bunch of footsteps coming up the stairs."Whats wrong!?"My mother asked,I nervously held my back to them ran to the window and whispered"Sorry,but they can't know!"I then threw the fairy out the window,turned around and said,"Oh it was aaaa what you call it!""cockroach?"My sister said with curiosity.,I nodded then pushed them out my door and locked it just incase if I get caught.The fairy then flew back up to my face,Her face was red and full of anger.I tried my best not to laugh,but I just couldn't help it.I then stopped and looked back at her.I then asked,"Wait fairies are not real so how are you real?"I then noticed how stupid that sounded and blushed with embarresed."We are real,Actually alot of fairytale creatures are real we just hide from humans."She said with a proud smirk,I then ran over to my dollhouse opened it up to see my dolls little bad had been sleeped on.the fairy blushed and gave my a little pityful look."ok fairy you can stay just keep hidden or else my parents might tell the magezines."I whispered,She nodded with agreement."Oh yeah don't just call me fairy,my name is Lilly."She said witha attitude,"Ok good night Lilly!"I said,turning off the light so I could sleep this over.

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