A Glimse of Sparkle

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Whats Next!

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



I woke up to a sunny saturday.The day I get to go read in the forest,With a fairy.Moaning I got out of bed and dressing into my jeans and shirt grabbing a book I knocked on the doll house."Wake up!"I whispered,a tiny yawn anwsered me.Lilly walked threw the tiny door and slowly flew up to my hand.I grabbed her and put her into my pocket.Running down stairs I grabbed some toast.I dashed out to the forest.Ifinally found my favorite spot to read,And sat down letting Lilly out of my pocket.All the sudden Lilly got up and was full of fear."Whats wrong?"I asked,Lilly gulped and turned to me."Meet my mom!Hehe."She said with fear,I turned to see a fairy with white hair,blue eyes,long red flower dress,a crown,and she was about 3 in a half inchs tall.I then said,'Umm helloI am Layla."The fairy then turned to Lilly with anger,"HOW DARE YOU SHOW YOURSELF TO A HUMAN!"She yelled at Lilly,I thengrabbedLilly and said,"WOW!Calm your little old buity_.""The fairy queen."Lilly interrupted,I gulped and apoligized.The queen then saw my book."Wanna read?Its about a dragon!"I said,trying to get her to forgive me.All the suddenMy book was abeing chewed by a,a,Unicorn!"Oh My Go__!"I thenbumped into a giat scaley creature.I turned around and there was another make believe creature,A dragon."OK WHATS NEXT A DWARF IS GOING TO KICK ME!"I yelled,I then was kicked by a,you guessed it!A dwarf."Come on!Whats Next!?"I screamed,

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