My School Days

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For Tammy, Eugene and Mandi, school wasn't supposed to be so complicated.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My School Days

Submitted: August 14, 2014

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Submitted: August 14, 2014





Summary: Because for Tammy, Eugene and Mandi, school wasn’t supposed to be this complicated.


Roy smith- 18 years old

Lives in Westwood Avenue New York

Light brown hair

Intense gray eyes

Plays Soccer

Roy is an obnoxious rich senior. He bullies and hates everyone except his friends and brother. He loves racing and watching movies. He receives little affection from his parents and works a lot as he is a plutocrat. He finds Tammy interesting and takes a liking to her.

Christian Colin- 18 years old

Lives in Westwood Avenue New York

Black hair

Dark blue eyes

Christian is also as obnoxious and bullies like Roy. He joins Roy to bully others and pities no one. He considers himself a loner and gets into lots of fights. His parents hate him and because of this he condemns himself. He is amused by Eugene’s boldness and wants to discover her.

Mason Vickerman- 18 years old

Lives in Westwood Avenue New York

Dark brown hair

Ice blue eyes

 Soccer player

Mason is the sweetest and most lively person in his group. Although he is also considered a bully, he is far different and just enjoys spending time with his friends. He is the youngest in his group and also a joker. He adores Mandi and loves Tammy and Eugene immediately.

Tammy Cartwright- 16 years old

Red curls

Hazel eyes

Tammy is the nerd of the group. She is obsessed with having good grades and she is the only one who wears her uniform right. She is a goody two shoes and hates it when her hair gets frizzed. She later becomes a cheerleader.

Eugene Reynolds- 16 years old

Dark brown hair

Light blue eyes

Eugene is the most confident in her group. She is the only one without parents and lives with her 22 year old brother. She works three jobs and hates rich brats. She is a bad-ass but always loves her brother and friends. She loves eating and shop-lifts sometimes.

Mandi McCarthy- 16 years old

Lives in Westwood Avenue New York


Blonde hair

Dark brown eyes

Mandi is a fun loving girl. She is boy-crazy and has dated a lot of boys. She is the only rich one in her group and she gets everything she wants. She prefers to be treated like an average girl and prevents her bodyguards from following her around. Her hobbies are shopping, boy-watching (as she calls it) and makeovers.


Author- me of course ;)

Editor-in-chief- my lovely sister

All thanks to my lovely readers and reviewers ;)

Tags: Bad boys. Bullying. Rich kids. Roy. Cheerleading. Plutocrat. Romance. Humor. School. Friendship. Military. Stalkers. Drama. Suspense. Love. 


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