The Whisperings of Oblivion

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After haveing his Life pulled out from under his feet, Luc VanHoff has moved to londen with his famaly. During a visit to the Tower of London, Luc realises something strangeis going on. There are secrets here, secrets that will change Luc's life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Whisperings of Oblivion

Submitted: September 30, 2010

Reads: 130

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Submitted: September 30, 2010



The Whisperings of Oblivion
By: Peter Thomson
Chapter 1
It was late October in England. The skies were an unfriendly shade of gray with a few dark clouds promising rain. A chill wind blew through the streets of downtown London lifting up fallen leaves with arms of cold air and spreading them around like a thin red and gold blanket across the landscape. Lucas VanHoff stared disinterestedly out of the cab window. Lucas, or Luc as he preferred to be called, was a tall, pale skinned athletic teenager with dark green eyes and messy blond hair. He was listening to his increasingly bored sister, Anne, argue with his mom, Jackie. His Dad, Tom, was chatting with the cab driver who looked as though he would like nothing more than for Mr. VanHoff to lose his voice for just five minutes. Mr. and Mrs. VanHoff were both very tall, fair skinned people. His sister, on the other hand, was short and had dark hair and skin. Looking at her you would never think that she was Luc's sister. Luc previously lived in Miami, Florida, but had moved after his dad had gotten a job that had forced him and his family to pack up and move to London.
"Trust me it's going to be worth it" Luc's father had assured them, "Besides I'm getting paid twice as much as I did at my old job"  Luc had been less than enthusiastic about the move, he had a large circle of friends and had a steady girlfriend. All of that was gone because of one stupid decision. Luc felt a rush of nostalgia for his old home and went back to staring out the window, feeling as gray as the sky.
In an attempt to make himself popular with his family, Mr. VanHoff had arranged for an outing to the tower of London After they had gotten into the tower of London, a bleak fortress-like building made out of the same color stone, Anne decided that it was a good time to throw a tantrum and started screaming about her cold feet. While Luc's mom tried to calm Anne, Mr. VanHoff attempted to talk with Luc.
"Nice day for sightseeing, don't you think?" he asked. Luc glanced up at the ominous looking sky with something that might have been despair.
"Tom, could you come help me with Anne?" Jackie called. Tom walked away from his son with a shrug and went to help his wife on the front against Anne.
"I'm going to go see the weapons exhibit" Luc called over his shoulder to his parents. Too involved with Anne, it appeared the didn't even hear him. Luc shrugged and walked into the exhibit.
As Luc was wandering around, halfheartedly looking at the displays, he heard something. Pausing, he listened closely and could make out a faint chant. The chant lead him by a long snaking corridor and down a flight of steps. Luc was so enrapt with listening to the chant, that he almost knocked over the sign leading to the gift shop. It was a loud yellow poster that was adorned with a flamboyant cartoon knight holding aloft a sword and shield.
"Can I 'elp you?" Luc turned to see a heavyset woman with dark brown hair regarding him with unfriendly piggish eyes.
"Umm... I'm just looking thanks" Luc muttered. There was something unsettling in the way the women looked at him. It was the same look Anne gave a big plate of cookies when they passed her bye. He shuddered. Luc was a little disappointed to find that after his brief conversation with the saleswomen, he could no longer hear the strange chant. He backtracked to find his family milling about in the exhibit. They had finally calmed down Anne by buying her some sort of baked good, most of which was finding its way onto her pink "Hello Kitty" shirt then her mouth. They exited the exhibit and crossed to the Traitors gate, it was a large, rusted iron gate that had been used to ferry the prisoners into the Tower of London. As they passed it, Luc heard the chant, louder this time, and he was able to make out some words
"Gwaed, mêr, cnawd, ac esgyrn yr ydym yn eu casglu hi i wneud iddo ein ouwn. Dros saith tiroedd ni ddod trwy'r hwn byddwn invoke ei enw Gwaed, Mêr, cnawd, ac esgyrn"
The words were in a different language, he couldn't make head nor tail of it.
"Can you hear that?" Luc asked his mom
"Hear what, honey?"she replied
"The-never mind" His mother gave him a strange look and went back to reading the informational plaque. The chanting grew steadily louder in his ears finally, when he thought he could stand it no more, the chanting ceased and heard a few words spoken, solemnly as if in prayer.
"Rydym yn galw am iddo" There was a flash of golden light and Luc knew no more.

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