Robert & Duncan

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Robert

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



Robert stood at the alleyway again, waiting, watching. People came, and they went, but he stood still, hidden in the shadows, his gaze never wavering.

He'd never been such a patient man. Indeed, when his life was truly his, he could never stay at one place for long. Every day had its demands, demands which must be met. He'd always been pushed around, stepped on, and stabbed in the back, until all his enemies learnt what he was capable of the hard way. From then on, he'd had a meteoric rise, from which he never looked back. Until that fateful day. That day he lost everything.

Patience was a necessary evil now. It was not like him to negotiate with others, to allow them to meet his demands in their own time. Whenever he wanted something, he took it. He took it by force, or he took it by coercion, but he never waited. He won victories in an instant and lost battles in an instant. He just never saw the point of drawing things out.

Now, however, he saw. Cornered animal that he was, he knew that this mission of his was too important. Too important to rush, lest it fall to pieces. Everything step in his plan needed to be carried out with care. And if being careful required waiting, so be it, he thought.

He did not keep track of how much time had passed. But the man he was looking for made it eventually.

"Hello, Aaron." he said, as he shook hands with his long-lost friend. "Come. We have much to discuss."

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