Robert & Duncan

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Duncan

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



Duncan came back home, to find his son Sean waiting for him along with his estranged wife, Catheyn.

"Hey there, kiddo!" Duncan was overjoyed by this surprise visit. He'd once thought he'd lost his family forever, back when he was a different man. The loss hadn't seemed to be much at the time. Indeed, he'd pretty much browbeaten his wife and kids into such a terrifying state of submission, and it was hardly a surprise when they ran off, unable to take it anymore.

Now, however, he was committed to make amends. He wanted his son back. He wanted the love of his life, Catheryn back. He wanted to be together with them so badly.

His wife came over and hugged him. "I missed you so much." Duncan said, almost in tears. "Come, have a seat you two."

They went over to the table. "You must be thirsty," he said, and went to bring some glasses of water for them.

They had a quiet meal, with nobody but Duncan's son making much noise, but Duncan knew that everything was falling in place. He knew it by the way his wife looked at him, the way his son radiated more energy and joy than Duncan had ever allowed him to earlier. He just needed to keep working, keep loving Sean and Catheryn till they finally belonged to him again.

It was evening when they decided to leave. Duncan saw them all the way to their car, watched them drive off, then went back home, ecstatic. He decided to take a look at one of the picture albums his wife had prepared back then, back even before he had revealed his true colors. Instead, as he went back to his room, he found his cabinet smashed beyond recognition, and the album ripped to shreds.

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