Robert & Duncan

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Robert

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



Robert sat near the window, smoking another of his pack of cigarettes. He watched as the cars came and went by the street below, again and again and again. He could see people walking by each other, completely indistinguishable from one another at this distance.

When he heard what his usurper had done yesterday, it had been too much for him. He'd made a rash decision, and nearly exposed himself in the process. However, as the usurper moved about in his uneasy sleep, Robert felt a sense of relief. It wouldn't be long now, before his plans came to fruition. Before he got back everything he once had.

His cellphone began to ring. Robert picked it up. "Yes, Aaron."

"It's not going very smooth down at the 'hood, Bob. Snatcher took over the ring after you disppeared, and says I've turned. They're watching me right now, as I'm making this call. You better come over, if you don't want me and the plan dead."

"Well, I would if I could, but they wouldn't recognize me."

"Seriously, man. Get over here! This isn't a time to be kidding around!"

"I'm not kidding around Aaron. You're no longer relevant. Goodbye." But instead of hanging up, he put his cell on speakerphone, and listened. After a few nervous pleadings, gunshots rang around the room. The usurper stirred, but didn't wake up. And Robert smiled.

"Are we even now?" Robert said.

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