Robert & Duncan

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Duncan

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



Duncan was mystified. He'd called up the L.A.P.D. the very night he'd found that his cabinet had been smashed. He'd expected his old friend officer Ned to show up on the scene, as he'd been the one who arrested a teenage Duncan when he'd been caught breaking and entering. However, he saw no sign of him. That hadn't bothered Duncan much, but this definitely did.

Hours after the police had canvassed his home, Ned had been found murdered in his home, along with his visiting uncle and aunt. The housekeeper, a man who looked suspiciously familiar to Duncan had done it, and was now absconding.

He wanted to believe this was a mere coincidence, that what happened to Ned had no connection with the incident at his place. He even began worrying for Catheryn and Sean's safety. Eventually, he decided to call them.

The voice on the other line was furious, much to his shock and amazement. "You have quite some guts, calling over here after what you did!" Catheryn said.

"Huh? What are you talking about? I never contacted since you came to visit me yesterday."

"Then who dropped this letter in my mail yeasterday, huh? Who else could possibly know I was your...your 'Cherry Bitch?'"

Duncan felt the wind go out of him. That day had given him nightmares ever since he'd realized what he'd done. He'd been in a drug-fuelled haze, and his wife had come screaming, bleeding and naked, with some fiends he used to called his friends following her. They'd kicked her down and raped her right in front of him, as she'd screamed to him for mercy, to tell those fiends to let her go. He'd instead leaned close to her bleeding face, and spoken softly, "You'll always be my Cherry Bitch."

He'd woken up the next day, with no clear memory of what had happened last night. The moaning, bleeding woman by his side had brought it all back to him, along with a wave of nausea, anger, and hatred against himself, against those who'd raped her, against what he and his family had become. The man he was today would have called an ambulance and sold his entire gang out to the police. The man he was back then took out his pistol, went to the shack where all of his rapist friends lay stoned and sleepy, and killed them all.

An anyonymous tip brought the medics to a bridge just above his neighborhood, where he'd abandoned Catheryn, whom he'd patched up to the best of his abilities, and Sean. Most of his partners would have still been asleep or stoned at that time of day, but he'd decided not to take any chances. He'd taken $200 worth of change, an ugly Chevrolet, and made his way away from the neighbourhood, never looking back.

"Look, Catheryn, I would never-"

A shrill scream from the other line stunned him into silence. The voice that spoke to him now made his blood run cold.

"Hey there, old pal! We all have really missed you for so long. Come and pay us a visit, would ya? For old times sake?"

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