Robert & Duncan

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Robert

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012



Robert Fletcher had watched helplessly as his body had stormed into the shack, and raised his gun at his dear friends.

He'd screamed out loud as the gunshots had boomed, and Georgie, Rabbit, C Seed and Faraday had begun bleeding. From one wound, then another, and another, until they all lay limp. They'd been too high to move, to even raise an arm, and he'd killed them all.

He would have done anything, anything to stop his body from destroying everything he'd worked for. He'd have raised an alarm, woken up Snatcher and the rest of his boys, even shot himself. But that day, Robert had lost control. He'd become a spectre, a ghost powerless to do anything about the horror that was unfolding right before his eyes. His screams could no longer be heard because his very humanity had been taken away from him.

The spectre had followed his old body throughout its journey across L.A. He'd seen that vile man Ned arrest it, had been in the courtroom as the judge convicted it to 13 years in prison. Had spent 7 of those years in paralysis as his body removed every trace of Robert Fletcher from it. He'd watched helplessly as it got paroled early for good behavior. As it legally got its name changed to Duncan James. As it settled down into a job as a crane operator. And as it tried to take away even his Cherry Bitch from him.

And then, he'd made a wonderful discovery. As he tried to ram into his sleeping body out of sheer frustration, he'd managed to possess himself again. To become human again. And from that day, he'd worked to destroy Duncan James once and for all, and take back his rightful place.

And now here he stood, alongside his friends of old, as Duncan made his way back to the old hood where he and Robert and been one. His Cherry Bitch lay bound and gagged beside him. She looked up with a terrified expression on her face, but she could not see him. No one could. Except for Duncan.

"Make sure he's clean when he gets out of the car." he told Snatcher, who nodded in approval. "Who're you talking to?" Cherry asked Snatcher, yet again.

Nobody could see him. But Snatcher and all of his surviving friends could hear him. He'd initially come back to them in Duncan's body, and told them his bizarre story. They'd been forced to believe it was true, as Robert hadn't forgotten one minute of the life he once had. But during future communications, he'd tried to contact them even outside of his body. It had taken a great deal of training, but after sometime, he could lift up light objects such as cellphones. And his friends had trained themselves in the occult as well, to the extent that he could walk up to them and they'd hear even his footsteps.

Duncan's car stopped right at the gates, where Robert's men were present. They patted him down and checked for arms, like Robert had instruced. They then dragged Duncan over to him, as he savored the way his face transformed.

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