When My Heart Quaked

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Living in the San Fernando Valley was like living in hell for Melony Jenkins. Not only does she have to deal with stuck up barbie doll and brainless jocks, she has to deal with her annoying family.
Christopher Clarke is one of the biggest jocks in school and put up an image that a jock is suppose to have, but underneath he wants something totally different. He wants to be him.
What will happen when Melony ends up tutoring Chris. Will they rip each other apart or will something else do that for them? And will they survive?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - When My Heart Quaked

Submitted: March 24, 2011

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Submitted: March 24, 2011



Hey Booksie People. Im kind of new here so please take it easy on me. I want to kow how I did so criticism is welcome. Thanx. Okay here i go.XD

Survival of the fittest. The strong will live and the weak die. Darwin called this evolution, I call it high school. I was never a total outcast here at Granada Hill High, but i was never popular either and that is a bad place to be because here looks are everything. There are our usual barbie dolls the put on so much makeup i don't think that anyone has ever seen what they really look like espeecially with the fake hair, nails and chest. Seriously who knew that boobs can go past DD. There are also the jocks, a bunch of airheaded jerks, well the way I see them. Hot as they may be they are just as shallow as the barbies. Then you have the geeks, a group of teens that spemd their time working on hw and playing with some yugio cards. Goths and emos no one really talks to and just leave them alone. Then there's me. I practically have my own catagory. Im different thats all, I'm not like the barbie dolls and blast my face with makeup, Im all natural. I have long light brown hair that elegantly falls to my mid back in loose curls that seem to magnify my aqua blue eyes. I have natural light carmel skin so there is no need for tans. I stand 5'5" with an average body, well in my eyes i really don't care as long as i know I'm me. But looks is not what makes me, me. I have a nerdy side,. I have straight A's recieving higher than a 4.0 G.P.A. because of my 3 A.P. classes. I am co-captain of the academic decathelon team and captain of the girls varsity soccer team. Mom trys to get me to be a cheer leader like when I was younger but I really feel right showing to much skin and shaking my ass infront of a crowd of hormonal teenagers and who knows else. My brother Miky always got on my nerves about it. Miky is my twin brother who happens to be 6 minutes older than me and never lets me forget it. We have almost the same features only his eyes are a silver grey, moms eyes. He also happenes to be a jock where his prized possessions are his muscles and his short messy hair. He says that being QB of the football team and on the soccer team you have to keep up with the looks. Its strange most of the time because at home he is the most loving brother but at school he is a brainless jock.

I was studyingn on the bleachers to the football field for my math test and waiting for my friends to arrive. I always come to school pretty early to go running on the track. It destresses me.

"Hey Melony!"

I jumped as I heard Cassies voice from the football field.

"Hey Case I'll be down in a minute!" I called back to her. Cassie has been my best friend since I moved here my freshman year. She was assigned to show me around the school and from then on we were unseperable. It was really hard to believe that she use to be a barbie doll. She told me she got tired of all the backstabbing, drama, and judgment. But Case really was pretty. She has gold blonde hair that falls sholder lenght curled and a body a model would die for showing off her curves along with her chocolate brown eyes that gave her a down to earth look.

I reached the bottom of the bleachers and tossed my thing to case and jumped off the rail in a front flip. I love doing flips and stuff like that in the aid. I took gymnastics when i was younger but had to quit 1) we moved around a lot and 2) we could no longer afford it.

"Show off" Cassie laughed while rolling her eyes. I laughed while catching up to Cassie heading towards the school.

"So, you ready Mr. Castillos test today in statistics?"

"Ugh! I stayed up all night trying to figure out the proper distribution formula for an area of that on diagram."

"So I take it your not ready"

"Hell no, Thats why I was studying on the bleacher"

We both laughed at the way I was wwhen it came to test especially math. I would stay up all night only getting a few hours of sleep . We entered the semi-crowded halls and to our lockers. I grabbed my Statistics notebook and closed my locker. 

"Hey Chickie!" Both Cassie and I looked up to see our best friend Ryan coming over which didn't take too long because he was so freakishly tall overtowering us by a foot. His dancing brown eyes always looked as if he were up to something while his dark brown hair hung just above his eyes. He had a small build and wore some pretty tight cloths.

"Hey Ry your hear early, how come?" I asked as Cassie was closing her locker.

"Yeah well I had to leave early, you know who is here and he brought the stripper."

Cassie and I laughed at what Ryan called his brother Alex, fiance. She really was a stripper, thats where they met, which made the matter 10x more funny. But in reality she was a sweetheart.

"Oh give them a break, at least she knows how to truly entertain him" Ryan and I stopped laughing and raised our eyebrows. That only caused Cassie to burst out laughing eeveen more.

"Well, I guess you have a point there Case" Ryan said while shaking his head. We started to walk to first period.

"Oh how i dread coming to this class" I said dramatically while placing the back of my hand on my forehead as Mr. Castillo was handing out the tests on his desk.

"Oh how you know you dead to fail" he said in the same manner as me. I smirked and grabbed my test. "Tuche" I laughed and sat in my seat. 

Mr. Castillo is one of my favorite teachers mainly bcause he knows how to handle my sarcasm.

Statistics dragged on as I did my best to answer each question. The bell finally rand and Mr. Castillo dismissed the class.

"Ms. Jenkins may i please a word with you?" I looked up at Mr. Castillo then at my friends. They gave a light smile then left to their next class which unfortunately we didnt share.

"Yes Mr. Castillo?" i said a little shaky worried that I did something wrong.

"Calmate Melony you're not in trouble" I let out a huge sigh while holding my chest. "thank God. So whats up?"

"Ms.Jenkins you are on e of my brightest students here."


"I have an offer for you" I raised my eybrows "An offer?"

"Yes, as you know i teach algebra 2" I nodded "well there is a student in need of a tutor. I thought I might run it by you in hoping that you would accept."

"Hmmmm. Whats in it for me?" This time he raised his eyebrows.He smiled and shook his head.

"My offer for you is that if you tutor this student and gets at least a C- on his next quiz, I will excuse you from the next test and you will automatically recieve an A on the test.

"Very very tempting Castillo" I said tapping my index finger on my chin while my other hand was on my hip. "Whos the person?"

Mr. Castillo shook his head "That would be Mr. Clarke"...........

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