The Thorns of my Soul

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012






Chapter 2


Almost as soon as I swerved into the new street, the atmosphere about me swiftly became heavy, warm and damp. The angry black clouds above gave way, letting out their rage by hurling gelid raindrops at me, buckets upon buckets of freezing water; – surprisingly cold considering the warm atmosphere – soaking my clothes and making them cling to the curves of my body in a pathetic fashion.

Further up the street (which was completely empty of other people now), I could only just make out a small alleyway which was partially protected from the wrath of the sky, and my legs propelled me there as quickly as they could. The atmosphere unexpectedly changed as I entered the alleyway, and I was almost thrown backwards as I took it in. Everything was silent and I had been engulfed into a world of darkness. It was almost as if this desolate corner of Earth had been forgotten in the time of creation.

I scrambled around in my workbag, suddenly remembering that my boss would be angry that I missed work if I didn’t call in sick.  Funny… My phone, along with my money, along with my travel card, along with my keys was gone. Oh shit… How could I be so stupid to fall asleep on the train for God knows how long? Somebody must have taken them on the train! That was the only rational explanation. I couldn’t possibly go back out in the rain, so I would just have to seek help after it stopped. I checked my watch as that was the only thing I seemed to be smart enough not to lose – just 5 o’ clock. Well, I thought to myself, at least I got an adventure!

I slithered through the alleyway, stopping occasionally thinking I sensed movement in the fairly large bushes ahead. Soon enough, the imaginary movement ceased.

I kept at a steady pace, would this alleyway ever come to an end? trying vainly not to tread on what looked like dead animal carcasses that lay everywhere on the floor. Before long, raindrops once again made their way to my skin. I was cold and staggering. Could I hear footsteps?  I started to wonder if the movements in the bushes were actually figments of my imagination as I became absolutely certain that there was someone else in this endless alleyway with me. I could hear footsteps. Quiet, delicate footsteps – as if done by a barefoot child through long, wild grass. Do I recognise those footsteps?

All of a sudden, an invisible force clasped its icy fingers around me, and with every step, I found it becoming more and more difficult to walk. Soon every step resembled climbing a mountain, draining all my energy and will to carry on going, forcing my eyelids to grow heavy.

The air reeked of damp, dirt and death. My heartbeat rang loudly and obstreperously in my ears – as if it were screaming something so important but something I just could not perceive. The world around me spun round and round.


A shadow loomed ahead of me, waiting for me to crawl into it. But how, there was no light to cast one…

Cruel, hot breath melted my tense skin but when I turned to see which stalker was following me, I surprised myself at seeing nobody. Nothing, just the same black world that creation had forgotten.

Struggling to keep my eyes open, I accidently fell on all fours and sat in the same vicious merry-go-round blurring the spinning world. My head pounded in a clamorous way and I squinted to look for the shadow again. But instead of the looming shadow, there, looming above me was a person.

A girl.

A silhouette.

A blur.

A line.



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