The Thorns of my Soul

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: June 13, 2012

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Submitted: June 13, 2012




Chapter four


Once again, unwilling impulses shook my attention to the ghastly figure standing in front of me. Holding back tears, my eyes skimmed over the disgusting body, but this time they recognised a face. A face I knew. Think Melody, think… A face from my childhood. A face I didn’t want to remember.

I had already seen her face, but now it looked altered, but identical. I saw a child’s face; a seven year old girl trapped in a world she never asked to enter. A face of innocence… But there was something evil lurking behind her eyes, the shadow of her soul; something stealing the beautiful light of her eyes, and replacing it with darkness – darkness so intense, so intense that she had allowed the shadow of her soul take over her entire physical and mental self.

“Please can you help me?” My thoughts that were being allowed to drift away now came to a halt as she suddenly spoke, “Please can you help me? I need help, your help, please.” That was not the voice of child, that was a broken record. What did she mean by ‘your help’? I needed to get out, I needed to escape, I needed to breathe – to allow clean oxygen to replenish my shattering soul. I shouldn’t even have been there. I looked around swiftly, but my findings were not what I hoped for: I was trapped between her and the locked door I had ran into. Nowhere to go. Nothing I could do. No-one to help me. I had never felt so helpless, so alone.

“What do you want?!” I hollered in her face in a shallow and afraid rage, spraying spittle over her facial wounds. She stepped towards me and cocked her head thoughtfully to one side again in that manner that tore me apart mentally.

“Life, my sister, life. Your life, the one you stole from me in the womb, so hello. And goodbye.” She whispered softly. It was all so clear now. This was all a dream. Not just this, but every second of the life I have lived. I had a twin. She had died at birth. She never even took her first breath. She just died. But she had spirit and soul. Mother sometimes blamed me for her death when angry. But it wasn’t my fault; I was the stronger one, the survivor. But not now. Not anymore. I closed my eyes and prayed for my soul, for heaven, to hear the feel the warmth and love of heaven, to see the gates open just for me. I knew this was my death. I knew I was going to die.

It wasn’t an exciting death. It was over quickly – no pain. She rushed forward and wrapped her arms around me all at once, pulling me closer and closer… I stared into her eyes once more as my last desperate cry for help, my instincts rebelling against my mind which was trying to soothe its howls away. She forced her lips into my mouth and extracted my life essence. A kiss, the kiss of death.

Draining, draining, dead…

When she had taken it all, she dropped my limp body to the floor, my last breath still leaving my lips. She began to grow into a normal seven year old girl. Her hair became long, untangled and light-brown, falling perfectly around her chubby cheeks, making her eyes look bigger. Her eyes, hazel and green, sparkling with light, light pushing the darkness out, banishing it and killing it. Her smile made from rosy red lips, a half-moon engraved onto her new face. The colour on her arms and legs sprung into life. The transformation was finished. She was the face; the face I didn’t want to remember. My reflection, the shadow of my soul, the evil lurking behind my eyes.

She was me.

She walked away. She walked and walked and now it was all perfect. The grassy hillside tickling the back of her neck as she lay down and stared at the beautiful sunset – a flower blooming backwards, slowly allowing its red loom to occupy the autumn air about it. Crimson leaves flew majestically on the light breeze, chasing each other in circles above and around her.

She was me.

Now it would last…

* * *

 “Do you remember anything else?”

“No, nothing.” Lie.



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