No more jewels

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A 15 year old freshman at Anderson highschool falling in love wih the popular guy at school and finds out he's bad news.*warning if your reading this be ware of description upon rape*

Chapter 1 (v.1) - No more jewels

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



I looked around the corner and I saw his beautiful blue eyes from the corner of my eye. He looked so flawless and handsome almost like an angel. All the girls in home room drools over him. I have no chance with him I sighed and kept on walking ignoring his beauty. He had that long black hair and a great body and he was popular. But me I'm not I'm a low class citizen. I started to open my locker. A hand stopped me from continuing opening my locker.\" Jazz you scared me\" I said angrily. Your still day dreaming about that guy huh? Jazz said. \"He doesn't even know I exists\" I said with a stutter and leaned back against my locker. Jazz looked at me puzzled and took in a deep breath. Me and jazz has been best friends since we were real young. Our friendship grew everyday stronger then ever. And now we are growing closer because we are both striving to find that one special person. \"I don't see what makes you girls go crazy over that guy he's nothing but an\" he paused. \"J-jet\" I managed to spit his nickname out! Jazz turned around \"look what the cat dragged in \"he said. \"He's all yours tiger \"jazz said to me and walked away. I watched him walk away and jet put his hands on my locker and blocked my way on getting out. I felt like a fish stuck inside a tiny bowl with no escape. \"My life is over he obviously knows that I like him\" I thought to my self. \"Want to be my chemistry partner and make static electricity\" jet said with a smile. The bell rang \"uh I have to get to physics I said nervously. I squeezed out of his arms and he grabbed my arm before I could escape. He pulled me back against the locker I didn't stop him I was scared to try and escape again because he might hurt me.he kissed me gently I kissed back the first time. And he got a little aggressive with the kissing and he started to feel against my body. \"No\" I yelled escaping his kiss. He forced another kiss in and pulled my shirt off. I tryed to escape he pulled me back again and this time tryed to get inside my pants I wouldn't let him. I fought back and he finally let me go. \"Come on now jewel baby\" he said. I sighed I was left there with no shirt on \"I didn't want a relationship with you like this I said.

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