The Hybrid Theory

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Hybrid Theory

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‘If I had known you would be the death of me I would have let you drowned that day.’
The words of my dead husband echoed through my mind as I boarded the plane leaving for America. There I would start my new life. A much better life than I had before in Germany. With all the things that have happened in my life it is hard to believe that only a month has passed since my now late husband's murder.
Six years ago while I was swimming in Egypt, my foot got tangled in a fisherman’s net and I began to drown as I struggled to free myself. I remember my arms becoming tired and my lungs filling with water before someone came and freed me from the net and pulled me from the sea. He was so handsome. He looked at me with his sky blue eyes and told me he never saw a woman look so beautiful this close to death. Though his words were quite morbid his smile bought me comfort and I felt safe.
Thinking about Egypt was making me homesick and I was tempted to run off the plane and back home except I couldn't face my family now. I had left without even saying good-bye and now I had changed too much. I was no longer human. Taylor, the man who had rescued me was a Vampire. I went to his home to surprise him with a dress I had made and found him with another woman in his living room. He was holding her close to him and his lips were pressed against her neck. I thought he was kissing her. Needless to say I was upset. We weren't dating but I had developed a crush on him and this scene was very upsetting. I turned to walk out the door but it wouldn't open. I turned back towards him and saw his teeth pull away from inside her neck. They were  longer than normal and sharp and coated with blood. He looked at me with snow white eyes as he let the dead woman's body fall to the floor. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. He kept me locked in his home for a long time before I understood what I saw and that I didn't need to fear him. With time I fell back in love with him. We married and moved to Germany where he had opened a new blood bank.
Two weeks before my husband was killed, he had finally decided to change me into a Vampire like him. Vampires were apparently not what I saw in American movies. There were different types of Vampires. 
The most common Vampires that roam the world were those that were bitten by the Original Vampires and sold their souls. They were strong but most Vampires of this type didn't last too long. After 100 years or so madness would set in and they would lose all reasoning and go on a killing spree until they were found and killed for the problems they caused. 
The second type of Vampires that weren't quite as common were those that were bitten but kept their souls. They lived much longer than the bitten and soulless but often became depressed and lonely. Because they still had their soul, they had a strong connection to humanity. They still had human emotions and thoughts and sometimes would find ways to end their lives if they felt nothing was worth living for.
The last and most powerful and most dangerous Vampires were the Original Vampires. It is said that Satan was so jealous of God that he created Vampires so that he too could offer humans eternal life but as humans on earth. These Original Vampires were nothing close to human. They were too beautiful and too fast. They were demons in the flesh with the keys to Hell. They walked the earth finding humans in desperate situations and tried to take their souls. They could fly using their black wings. Some could move earth while others caused a storm. Though the Father these Vampires was strictly a Vampire Demon who fed of the life of others, his children had diffent mothers. All of the women were purely Demons with different gifts and each Original Vampire child took on the gifts of their Demon mother.
Taylor was an Original Vampire.
When it was decided that I was to become a Vampire, Taylor made it clear that he was not going to take my soul. He didn't want me falling into madness. He told me that it would be painful at first but the change shouldn’t last for more than a few days as long as I didn’t fight against the change. When the day came for him to change me he asked me one last time if I was sure I wanted this life and this time I hesitated.
I was reluctant because though my mind was certain about this, my feelings for him had changed. Yes, I loved my husband but I was in love with another man. A man that loved me the way I should be loved. A man that loved me like I loved him. A man so passionate he lit a fire in my soul that burned only for him. Even with this being so I told Taylor to change me and he bit me right then.
I felt the venom travel and burn in my veins. He was right about the pain. It felt like I was being set on fire and stabbed at the same time. I could feel my body fighting for survival as the venom was slowly shutting my body down and changing me. On the second day of my change, my husband left me to the care of my maid, Greta and went away on business. I complained to him about the pain and he told me that it would be over soon and left. It was times like this where I didn’t feel guilty about the affair I was having with Aleksander Ivanov.
Almost three years ago I met him while shopping for a new coat  and then again while taking a walk in the park. When I saw him staring at me from his table in a coffee shop I walked up to him and asked him if he was stalking me. He laughed and smiled at me. He had such a great smile and the most beautiful green eyes. He told me that he wasn't following me at first but wanted to be near me when he did see me. I asked him why didn't he just come up to me and say hello. He laughed and said that he saw the ring on my finger and decided that an introduction would not be appropriate since he had bad intentions.
  "Is that so?" I smirked. 
  He didn't respond. He just stared at me with those green eyes. 
  "Well Mr...."
  "Ivanov. Just Aleksander please."
  "Well Aleksander, I am a grown woman who can take care of herself. There's nothing wrong with friendly conversation. I'm allowed to make friends."
  "I don't want your friendship. I want you naked in my bed, screaming in pleasure."
I took a step back and frowned at him. In my mind I could see myself wrapped up in him but in my heart I knew it was wrong. But I was lonely. Taylor was always away at work and it had been a while since he touched me.
  "You are a forward man." I told him.
  He took a step towards me, closing the gap between up and wrapped his arms around me. They were big and quite strong.
  "I am a man who knows what he wants. Why don't you join me for coffee and tell me a little about yourself."
 I could tell by his tone that he wasn't asking. I shook my head at him and smiled. "Are you sure you don't just want to take me bed and try to make me scream."
  He flashed a wicked grin at me. "Oh I will make you scream but first I want you to be comfortable around me. I am a stranger to you. Sex is more fun when you know more than the other person's name."
  That day we had coffee, the next day dinner and the following days we had evening walks in the park. Taylor didn’t notice because he was always away on business and Greta was sworn never to tell. One day when I was walking alone in the park to meet him a man grabbed me and attempted to take my purse. I heard a growl and saw Aleksander run to me with inhuman speed and yank the man off me and throw him to the ground. The man laid there, alive but unconscious. Aleksander asked me if I was okay. His voice was deep and raspy. I turned to him to answer him but his eyes stopped me. They were no longer the lovely green I loved, There were golden and bright. 
I felt my body shake with fear and he frowned at me and closed his eyes. 
“Because your husband is a Vampire I can tell you what I am.” 
"How do you know my husband is a Vampire?" I began stepping away from him.
"Other than I can smell him on you and seen you with him when he's in town."
“Smell him on me? W-What you are?” I stopped backing away from and looked him in his eyes.
“I am a Wolf." He replied.
For a moment neither of us said a word. I stood there staring at him trying to remember how to breathe.
  "When you say Wolf, do you mean...?"
He nodded. "I am a Wolf. You Humans call us Werewolves."
First Vampires, now Wolves. I felt my knees go weak and my world went dark. It wasn’t until I woke up in familiarity of his bedroom that had realized that I had fainted. He was there when I awakened, sitting in a chair beside the bed. He green eyes watching me intensely. My eyes caught his and I quickly looked down at my hands resting on my legs.
“You don’t have to be afraid of me.” he said. “You never have to be afraid of me.”
He reached his hand out and slowly ran his hands through my raven hair. His hand brushed across my cheek softly and I felt myself relax a bit. This was the same man who laughed at my jokes and held me at night.
We spent that night together, talking about what he was and what that meant to me. Aleksander was one of the very first Wolves created by God to protect his human children from the Vampires. It seemed to make sense because canines were man's best friend. 
There were only two types of wolves. Those born and those bitten. Those bitten lived long healthy lives if they adjusted well to being a wolf. However if they were not born and were bitten then they were not immortal. The longest living bitten Wolf died at 436 years old. The second oldest bitten Wolf lived to be 352 before he died. The only wolves that are immortal are those born but being immortal doesn't mean you can't die, it just means it takes a lot to destroy you. 
  He took a moment to show me his wolf. It was black and almost three times the size of a normal wolf with longer sharper fangs and claws. I gathered enough courage to pet him and he licked my face before changing back to human. That was the other difference between the bitten and born Wolves. For a Wolf that is born, change is easy,painless and almost instant. But for those that are bitten it's longer process and they have to deal with the agony of their bones changing, bending and breaking and fur pushing through the skin.
  But like Vampires whom they hated, they too had the potential to suffer from madness. Anyone who lives too long could beak down or snap. 
Man or Wolf, my heart did not change. The affair continued until that night after my husband bit me.
Taylor had left for another business trip. This one was in France. I was laying on the chaise in bedroom in too much pain from the venom to move when Aleksander came to see me. Needless to say he was far less than pleased with my situation.
“Don’t look at me like that.” I told him.
“Why would you do this?” he asked. I could see the pain in his eyes.
“Fear. Fear of sickness. Fear death.” I answered.
“How selfish of you!” He snapped at me. “How dare you make this decision without telling me?”
“You mean asking you! You Wolves can be so controlling, so possessive. This is my body. I will do with it as I please!” I argued weakly.
“If you were so afraid of getting sick or dying I could have changed you! That way you could still live, still change, still…grow but just at a slower pace. Not frozen in time, dead and dependent on blood!”
“I never thought to ask you because I never thought you would. I had made this decision long before I met you. It’s already done. It's too late now.”
He paced the room for several minutes before kneeling beside me.
“I love you Jendayi. I love you so much. Pack law states that I cannot take a Vampire as my mate but I don‘t care. I‘ll try to get them to accept this. To accept us.” 
“I am not above pack law but I think I can change it. I’ll find a loophole. Write a compromise or something.”
“Why would I think you were above pack law?” I asked him.
“I told you I was here on business?”
I nodded.
“That was the truth. The business was that a pack here was having some trouble that needed to be straightened out. A problem that required a person of my status.”
“Your status?”
He paused and took a deep breath. “King.”
All this time I was having an affair not only with  a Wolf but the most powerful Wolf there was. I had won the affection, the heart of a King.
“You are King of the Wolves?”
He nodded. “I am King of the Russian and American Wolves.” he explained.
I stared at him in disbelief.
“The laws of both Wolves and Vampires are old and not all would be willing to accept change. Especially a change like this.” I tried thinking rationally. A change like this could get us killed. We both knew it. The affair was dangerous enough.
He paused again then held my hand.
“I have a brother, Nikolai. I will give him the throne and live a life with you. If I have to choose between being a King and living a life of love and happiness then I choose you. I want you Jendayi. Leave your husband and come away with me. You know how I feel about you. I'll make you happier than he makes you. Please, come with me.”
Neither one of us was paying attention to anything but each other so when my husband barged into the room, we both jumped. Outraged he charged into Aleksander and knocked him through the wall. Then he stomped over to me and picked me up off the chaise by my neck and hissed in my face. He proceeded to shake me like a rag doll and yell obscenities at me. He stopped shaking me when he heard a howl and threw me against the other wall. He turned around and saw Aleksander finish shifting into a beautiful black and gray wolf. He was almost three times the size of normal wolves but ten times more dangerous.
Taylor's eyes went white and he let out a fierce yell. I felt the house shake.As long as we've been together I never once saw his power. He raised his right had which began to spark.  He swung his hand towards Aleksander and a lightening bolt shot out but Aleksander lept off the floor out of the way and onto Taylor’s chest. Aleksander looked at me and then back at Taylor. He growled.
“If I had known you would be the death of me  I would have let you drown that day.” Taylor hissed.
  I knew what was about to happen and screamed out in protest but Aleksander ignored my pleas and unleashed his fangs on my husband’s neck and ripped his throat out. He proceeded to rip apart my husband as I sat there in pain, helpless and crying. When he was done, Aleksander, still in Wolf form, came towards me and nudged my arm with his muzzle. I yanked my arm away. He shifted back into his human self and begged me to come with him.
“There’s nothing left for you here.” He said.
“You are a monster!” I cried. He looked as if I had slapped him.
“He was hurting you. He was trying to kill you! What was I suppose to do? Sit there and watch?” He yelled at me.
I looked at the mutilated body of my dead husband. Only a monster could do such a thing.
“Go away Aleksander. I never want to see you again.” 
He looked at me with those loving eyes and asked me several times to reconsider and each time I told him no.
“I don’t want to be with you anymore!” I snapped at him. “I don’t want to be with a monster.”
Feeling hurt and defeated he left me there in the room with Taylor. Greta, who had gone to visit her cousin had returned the next day and found me in the corner of the room screaming in pain and agony. She cleaned up the mess as I told her what happened. Shockingly she continued to take care of me. Apparently she wasn’t a fan of Taylor. For the next few days my broken heart was still beating and my body was still alive. Two weeks had passed and though the pain wasn’t as intense as before I still hadn’t changed into a Vampire. While talking to Greta about food cravings she hushed me and put her head down towards my stomach.
“We must get you out of the country!” She whispered harshly.
“What for?” I demanded.
“You‘re pregnant. Can’t you hear the heart beat?”
We both got quiet and for the first time I heard a faint thump, thump sound of a beating heart that wasn’t my own. My happiness soon turned into fear. If I were truly pregnant then that meant that not only was Aleksander the father, because Vampires having children is very complicated, but that this child had absorbed the Vampire venom in my body. This child with a Wolf for a father and venom from a Vampire in it’s veins meant only one thing. Hybrid. Aleksander and Taylor had both told me stories about Hybrids and how it was forbidden and anyone born a Hybrid was killed when discovered.
Greta suggested that I move to America for a fresh start. She knew some Wolves there who wouldn’t mind helping me out. They were friends of hers and didn’t have the same Vampire/Wolf prejudices that others had. So now I am here on the plane leaving and heading to Pennsylvania to meet Wolves Rupert Bauer and his wife Anya.  
When I got off the plane I noticed a man with salt and pepper, short wavy hair, gray eyes and glasses. He wasn’t too tall nor was he too short and he had the body of a lumberjack. Strong.  He walked over to me and smiled. 
“Anya! Over here!” he said in a thick German accent as he waved a red headed woman over to us.
She skipped over to us with a big smile on her face. She was the definition of beauty. She was fair skinned with wavy red hair that stopped at the middle of her back, freckles that covered her cheeks and the bridge of her nose and green eyes.
“Jendayi?” she said asked with an English accent.
“Yes. And you must be Rupert and Anya Bauer.”
“We are.” She looked down at my stomach. “No need to worry, darling. We’ll take care of the both of you. I have herbs that’ll help you with the pain.”
Rupert chuckled and my nervousness subsided.
“That woman has herbs for everything. We got the directions to your new home. The furniture you ordered is all here and has already been assembled and put in the house.”
“Oh thank you but I’ve could have done it. I honestly didn’t do that to work you.” I apologized.
“Oh darling, it’s fine. He put all the pieces and I decorated. You’ll want to relax during this type of pregnancy.” Anya suggested as she looked around the airport.
“Is this all?” she asked.
I nodded. 
“Good.” smiled Rupert. “Then let’s get going to your new home.”
Rupert drove an older Chevy truck which was quite nice and in great condition. As he drove he and Anya explained some American laws which differed from the laws in Germany and where they lived and how she would check on me daily.
When we pulled into the driveway of my new home I smiled. It was a nice two story home made of ivory colored stone. Rupert assisted me out of the car like a proper gentlemen and he and his wife gave me a tour inside my new home. She told me to feel free to change anything around if I didn’t like where it was and that it wouldn’t hurt her feeling.
“It’s perfect Anya. I wouldn’t change a thing.” I saw her blush.
The next couple of months as my stomach grew I drank herbal teas and ate more than a pregnant human woman could. Anya told me that it was the Wolf side of my child that made me eat so  much and was convinced it was a girl. I hoped it was a girl. 
With a balanced diet of meat and blood ,I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. The moment she was born, I died and became a Vampire. Anya and Rupert took care of her for the next six months until I adjusted to my new body and cravings. When we all agreed that I was no longer a danger to my daughter, I held her for the first time and she squealed and giggled at me as she grabbed for my face and hair. When she smiled at me I noticed that her teeth were already in.
“Teeth already?” I asked Anya,
“Hybrid children are born with tiny teeth that will fall out eventually. All of them except her fangs. Those will continue to grow.” she responded.
I held her in my arms and ran my hand across her soft, warm cheeks and smile.
“So what will you name her?” Rupert asked.
“I was just about to ask you. I thought you named her already.”
Anya shook her head.
“We would never take away that honor from you.”
I looked down at my baby girl with hazel eyes. She was a mixture of Aleksander and I. From her Hazel eyes to her caramel skin.
“Bianca.” I told them. “Her name will be Bianca Garret.”
Rupert smiled and held his wife close to him.
Here I was in a new country, starting a new life with my daughter and new friends and I was happy. I could never tell her my past and each time I looked into those curious eyes, I prayed that my past would never come to hunt us.

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